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63,002 fitness pornstar FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search.
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Top 20+: Fit & Athletic Pornstars (2021)
Top 29 Hottest Fit and Athletic Porn Stars (Updated 2020)
Популярные порно видео в категории fitness pornstars ! xHamster
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Sam has been working in the adult business since 1997, starting from the bottom of the barrel as the director's assistant, thinking of transitioning to male performer only to resume behind the scenes work, which was the most rewarding creativity wise. As of the 2010s, Sam has been covering top pornstars and best porn sites. Everything I ever say is either a fiction or a joke. Anyway, sharing is caring and there is nothing like helping guys discover hidden talents or porn networks that deserve their attention.
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Top 20: Fit & Athletic Pornstars (2021)
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Sexy abs, slim bodies and a beastly stamina. These are your athletic pornstars.
Ask someone to name their perfect pornstar and you will hear the usual… Larger than average boobs, round ass (tiny or huge) and then it all depends on your taste for hair colors and ethnicities. Only when you replace word pornstar with a girlfriend, do we get another quality added: she must be fit. It’s bizarre how we automatically classify pornstars as fit by default, without adding much thought into it. It never occurred to me that there is a separate group of athletic female actresses in the porn business that look so much better than the average slut. Ever wondered how do CrossFit pornstars or people fuck? What about bodybuilders or fitness models?
To make up for my oversight, I have compiled a list of athletic pornstars that look better in motion than in pictures (quite the opposite of the regular porn). You can figure out the reason behind that on your own, but if your brain is already lacking oxygen and blood due to a hard dick, it’s the abs. They are best visible when girls are moving. So, grab your protein shakes, drop a few “do you even lift” memesGianna Dior, and let’s go for a ride.
Not every pornstar in our top 10 is going to have abs, but there are many other muscle groups. Take note at how much volume there is in those muscles, massive. You have a fit body and the best fuck of your life. This is a God-level combo, like milk and chocolate powder.
This angel is as ripped as today’s jeans and you must wonder what else is in store when we’re just starting the engine… You’re about to be motivated (and dried) for life!
Pull those panties on the side and watch in awe. Gianna Dior is not only fit and athletic looking but shares none of the flatness that you get with skinny chicks. Other than the genes that add some unnecessary body fat on her stomach, everything else is tight and juice. So, while her body is top-notch, Gianna can’t reach the potential or quality of pornstars below. These girls have 8 pack abs harder than titanium and ripped muscles.
Is she fit? Of course. Does she look athletic? For the most part. The weirdest part is those sideways looking nipples.
Here’s a thing about Brandi, she’s floating somewhere in the middle of our scale athletic pornstar scale. At least most of the time. If you’re lucky enough, a beautiful scene like this one will come out occasionally. Not obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, which means that some videos don’t have abs. In the end, instead of talking about a chubby stomach, observe Brandi Love in the best form there is.
Truly solid abs that can be used to wash your clothing aren’t even the best thing! Guide your browser to the source and you will learn much more about this energetic and athletic pornstar. If not abs, what makes Brandi Love stand out? The muscular ass! It’s a sight like no other and you need to see it in action. She has the titan hard mountains that are unbelievable.
Trimmed fat at the center with some wrinkles on the side. Now that’s a neat genetics twist! Khloe’s toned muscles appear in every cut, no matter where you look. Take thighs or ass, move from the back muscles to her phenomenal shoulders. She’s like a sculpture of a fitness instructor. A well-defined jaw is a low-calorie cherry on top. This is a healthy dose of motivation as it’s awesome to be thin!
Perfect curves aside, who fucks with the socks and shoes on? Is Khloe so lightweight that the gust of wind will blow her to the side? Finally, the subject of tiny tits must also be brought into question.
Let’s start with the pros first. Having sex in the gym on the balance ball, with muscular ass and incredible flexibility? Where do I sign-up? LeoLulu is an amateur pornstar although her performance crushes most of the industry sluts.
Her videos will get annoying once you realize that the males face is never visible. I don’t mean that in a gay way, but any kind of censorship or limitation in porn sucks. Same for LeoLulu herself, you can never get a full look, just a segment of lips, hair, or anything in between, which is why she can’t be one of the top 10 pornstars . You can watch her on PornHub Premium, where she actively promotes her content.
With the strength of a Hercules, cat body, and energy of Energizer bunny, Kenzie Reeves is one of the greatest pornstars to fuck, ever. With a fit figure that weighs only 37 kilograms (81 pounds), it’s hard to not fall in love with this heavenly angel from states. She isn’t just an athletic pornstar, Kenzie is the lightest female performer we have seen. Even the skinniest geek could fuck her midair for days.
Her previous alias was Ava Cumz and just within two years, Kenzie bewitched and charmed even the worst of porn critics. Hundreds of thousands of fans, millions of views and this is just her second year.
If you dare to switch things up and require some POV amateur porn, Mia Bandini is here, posing for the camera. She might only fuck one guy for the rest of her life and videos do become less and less exciting, but the buckets of cum that we released during our first views are undeniable. Is this our first bodybuilder pornstar? She works out and judging by the largest abs of any female, competes in fitness competitions also.
Mia Bandini could be used as a role model for explaining the female physique, muscles, flexibility, and billion other things. Female bodybuilders tend to be manly, but she must be an all-natural, bodybuilding pornstar.
Let’s go back to reality with fit pornstars that don’t just fuck in their bedrooms, with a single guy. Flat stomach with abs that pop as she moves, round breasts, and one of the roundest asses. How many squats did it take? The clitoris is unappealing to me due to its cock like shape, but that’s like complaining about a super sports car color. It does not matter in the end. You will take it for a ride no matter what.
Paige Owens is fit, on a diet, and with strong work ethics. Give her some yoga pants and see the gym drown in cum.
The perfection, the example for other fit-looking pornstars. Beautiful curves, nicely shaped butt, some abs for that extra athletic flavor, and the cherry on top, nicely sized fake tits. Paisley could not pull this look without the pair of silicones and these are ideal, not too big or small. Her pussy is so tight that any cock looks huge in there, a petite but with muscles. How fortunate is she?
Let’s see if her athletic figure remains after 5 more years in porn. I hope for even more ripped muscles, bigger butt, rock-solid abs, and appearance in any of the anal porn site scenes. This fit pornstar has a very bright feature ahead.
The worst facial scene in the history of porn. This dude must have a lazy eye or something because he took over ten shots and missed all of them. Inari is not without her faults too, opening mouth only to block cum from entering it.
Not sure why these sluts do it. Either close it or take it all in. It is your carrier after all, and unless you don’t want to reach the best pornstar status, be sure to eat every single drop of that guy’s semen and enjoy it. This bitch is fit as fuck, yet the face is a bit too manly for me. Nothing wrong if you adore these kinds of girls (I am including her in this top 10 after all), but I’d rather drink a week’s old protein shake than fuck her. The chest is very male-like, the facial expressions do look bizarre too, and before I go even further, let me hop into the next girl.
You dreamed of ripped bodies and defined abs, now I present you, Janet Mason. A truly slim pornstar with not six, but eight pack. Watching her fuck makes me jealous of her physique, stamina, flexibility, and skills. This is now the second pornstar that has awful looking tits, and I am not sure if this is due to bad surgeons or fit bodies.
When you have a perfect body fat ratio and proportional muscles, they do look odd and out of place. It might not be a popular opinion, but most of these pornstars would look better with smaller tits. Another solution for her would be to eat something fatty, which could even out the lines between her chest and tits. What do you think?
The saddest part about this list is that most of the pornstars are in their late thirties or forties. One would expect to find young models or something with shiny abs and maintained bodies, but not in the porn world. For those unfamiliar with Alix Lynx, this is our girl on the left side with glasses, slowly rubbing her pussy and just having a grand time.
Now, I did complain about the age thing but as it turns out, Alix is only 29. Must be due to her roleplaying the mom in this scene. Her body was blessed with a great flat stomach and then surgeons did the rest. I can’t say I am impressed, but you can barely see any fat rolls. Does that mean that any petite pornstar is a fitness model too? Not really, but you must trust me on this one, Alix is fit.
This pornstar has been doing her crunches and obliques exercises. A fit MILF is like a virgin, very hard to find. Her tits shape is not ideal, and maybe the whole body could prove to be too muscular or masculine for some of you, but Cory Chase does fit the criteria of an athletic pornstar.
The glutes and even shoulders are ripped as fuck, and once you get her whole figure in motion, it is a treat for the eyes and the bottom part of your horny body. Still struggling to see if I like her or not. Replace her head with someone from our male male pornstars list and would appear that he (or she) is on steroids. Not saying that she does use something, but it does resemble a male. Can you see that too? Could confuse her with a male taking some female hormones.
And here is a fitness couple fucking, which is my first for a porn video. The dude is a bit too buff for me and just too good-looking to enjoy this video. Look at these veiny arms with little body fat and juicy forearms. Both performers must have been eating very client diets, drinking protein shakes, juicing, and other shit.
Amia Miley is the American born pornstar with a fit body and succulent ass. Not everyone has been gifted to the point of perfection, but this whore is getting there. We already wanted to feature her on our Brazzers pornstars list. There is a dilemma when it comes to fucking her. I can understand everyone’s obsession for wanting to blast her pussy either in doggy style or sex position like this, but the weird-ass tattoo on her shoulder is a deal-breaker for me. Looks like it is a face or something, would not want to stare at it while doing anything intimate.
Everyone wants to bang a hot chick, yet when it comes to performing, most of us struggle with premature ejaculation or performance anxiety. My experience with banging the first 10/10 slut from the club was rather embarrassing. I came pretty much instantly, without even sticking my dick in. You could attribute that to me losing the virginity, not masturbating for days and the perfect girl, but that was the result.
Fucking someone extremely hot for the first time does not sound like a truth, but you don’t even know me in real life, and I have no reason to lie. The situation with Sandee Westgate I imagine would be pretty much similar. Her physique is just too good for the average joe. Can you say picture perfect?
You can’t find a vegan that will not stop talking about her diet, and the same goes for girls that go to the gym. I am sure that Franceska’s Twitter, Snapchat and other accounts are filled with post-workout shots, selfies, etc. The porn scene starts with the same shit too, which I am sure was by her request. To clarify, I am not hating her and would fuck the shit out of her, just observing.
There aren’t many pornstars that could do a scene like that (minus the intro). She is constantly using the fitness ropes to support herself, which requires a lot of muscle strength. We love everything about Franceska Jaimes, from her massive ass to proportional tits, love for anal and so much more. I will have to excuse myself for a minute to collect my thoughts and continue with the top 10.
→ Source: Watch it with free PornHub Premium .
The fitness model, Haley Ryder. There is a saying that those always winning beauty contests and other competitions are sleeping with the judges, and I think that she would not have any trouble doing so. Looking at her body before the bodybuilding tournament (with bronzer and dehydrated body) makes me think that Haley would not even need to fuck these lucky pricks, as her figure is spectacular. There is a lot of going on in this scene.
Just focus on any body part and see how well-crafted it is. The perfect abs with little body fat, genuine smile, muscular thighs, feminine arms… I could go on. Lastly, notice the last drop of cum accidentally entering her mouth. She takes it like a true Xena warrior and swallows it. This is how every pornstar should behave.
My gym sessions never look like this, and the times I have sex don’t even resemble what we are both seeing in the video. The best-case scenario is me lasting a few minutes and then crying myself to sleep.
A lot of pornstars that act in these scenes never really go to the gym nor have any clue how to use the equipment. Give them a barbell bar and they will confuse that for a dildo. Abigail Mac is our goddess from the skies. From the juicy butt to those muscular thighs, she is doing her squats and does not skip a leg day.
A professional bodybuilder, Jewels Jade is over 40 yet her strict diet regime and healthy life choices are proving to be of great value. She is the one with black hair and glasses, and you can hate me all you want for not showing everything in this take, but this xxx-movie intro was too great of a gem not to share. These muscular thighs don’t come with genetics, this is a result of hard work. Look hard enough on the internet and there are plenty of her pictures showing flat stomach and abs, the most common trait associated with fit lifestyle and athletic pornstars.
We can play with words and puns all day but come on, Jewels Jade is one of the gems in the porn business. How many older pornstars have you seen that look like this?
For pornstars that love anal, Blanche Bradburry is your girl. See how easy it is for the dick to drown in there? Do you notice any facial expressions indicating pain or discomfort? No. You must not underestimate this blond performer of the porn business. Her face might look innocent, but that asshole is as wide and deep as the ocean itself. This video barely scratches the surface of her capabilities, but this is all about athletic pornstars, and not butt sex.
I was jerking off to her for a long time only to realize how bad her face looks without any makeup. Not that I mind that, just saying. I think that fit pornstars don’t necessarily have to rock-solid abs and there are many other features to choose from: her cellulite-free ass, no body fat, and traces of a six-pack.
Me being an ignorant prick, I did not expect much from Sarah. I am judgmental and chicks with tattoos always give me a bad vibe, which is funny since I do have multiple tattoos myself. This is one of the “don’t judge a book by its cover” stories as Jessie is a true definition of an athletic pornstar.
She could outlift most dudes in the gym and become the undisputable queen of fitness. While other pornstars with abs deserve credit, this body goes beyond that. The abs are not massive and that is a good thing. You don’t want for her body to appear too masculine and resemble a dude. Just tiny, well-defined muscles and low body fat levels. Sarah has one of the best bodies I have seen. If it wasn’t for bad boob job and tattoos that mask some of these ripped muscles, it could be perfect.
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