Sex Work Solidarity

Sex Work Solidarity


Welcome to Sex Work Solidarity, a mutual aid system by and for sex workers created with one goal in mind: to keep our community safe.

The system is simple, there are designated hashtags that you can use to bring attention to various posts so that you are heard and the community can respond quickly and effectively to help resolve your problem. The system will also compile helpful tips & PSAs, harm reduction practices / resources, and designate individual users as people you can contact to seek additional support. Here’s how it works...

There are six hashtags in the sws system that help gather relevant information in specific categories. Simply add the relevant hashtag to the end of your post and be sure to include a location tag (#nyc #atlanta #chicago etc) if applicable.

#swshelp is the general hashtag to ask for help with various issues that do not fit into the other categories. This is where you can ask questions, ask for signal boosts, or draw attention to a situation in which you need support.

#swsdoxx is a hashtag just for doxxing so the community can be made aware and swiftly respond to get the doxx taken down ASAP. Please only use this hashtag if someone is posting your private information without your consent. Do not reply to posts containing actual doxx and tag them with this hashtag! That will only make the doxx more visible and render it searchable by other users. Once the community is made aware you can provide links / account info to trusted individuals who offer help.

#swsharrassment is how you report targeted harassment by one or more accounts. The community can respond by reporting offending posts and accounts, offering resources, and providing individual support.Β 

#swsdanger is a hashtag for highlighting specific dangers and warning the community. Use this to make people aware of dangerous individuals / places / practices etc or to share your experience of assault, stalking, robbery, or other dangerous situations. Please do not use this hashtag to report suspected fake accounts or scammers or to air unrelated grievances, this is to make the community aware of threats to our health and safety. It is not advisable to post identifying information of dangerous individuals publically as this can be considered libel. This information can be provided to trusted individuals who offer assistance.

#swsfyi this is a general hashtag for sharing tips, info, hacks, PSAs, resources, and more. Harm reduction info and mutual aid resources are especially helpful. Please do not use this hashtag for reviews of providers / clients or any unproven accusations. If you intend to accuse someone of impropriety it is expected that you show receipts / proof.

#swssupporter is a hashtag you can use to designate your account as a place people can go for individual support if they do not wish to go public with their situation. Please leave your DMs open while displaying this hashtag so community members can reach out. You are under no obligation to fix or resolve issues, this is mainly for offering support and a sympathetic ear.

In addition to the sws system we have created a Slack channel where members of the community can chat, share resources, and ask for assistance

I ask that community members use this as a positive resource and a way to support each other &help us thrive both as individuals and collectively. Please do not use this system in bad faith or for malicious purposes. We are our greatest resource, don’t ever forget that.

With love and solidarity

@misslysi_nyc and the Sex Work Solidarity team

Resource list for sex workers