Seven Sunny Sunsets Ch. 09: Daybreak

Seven Sunny Sunsets Ch. 09: Daybreak

My name is Sunny Skye. In three days, I'll be 19. I must decide which one of my five remaining girlfriends to marry to gain control of my family business and estate. If I'm not married, I won't inherit any of the fortune awaiting me-- not for another ten years. I had a lot to lose.

So you'd think I'd be proactive, right? That's what I implied yesterday. Monday night, I cried. For hours. I bawled my big blue eyes out over my situation. Over my best friend, Cassidy Black, who I was certain carried my unborn child. Did I mention I had a cock? I've been using that a lot the last week.

Tuesday morning, I fixed my bedroom door that my cousin broke the day before. While I could say my situation was complicated, I knew it wasn't. Brandi had broken Cass and me up quite effectively. If not for her, I'd be married already. Fuck...

By 1pm, I was drunk, stumbling around my room, kicking around the laundry. I paced the area near my bed, struggling to think. That's why I didn't hear Brandi return. Her presence stopped me dead in my tracks, but I said nothing. I let her cup my cheek and kiss me.

"Hey, Sunny." She whispered. "I'm really sorry about yesterday."

I pulled my face away from her warm, balmy grip. "Why did you do that?" I squeaked.

"It's--complicated," Brandi said with some unease. "I just think you and I." She moved my face back to her lips and kissed me again. "You and I should be enough for each other." Her next kiss invaded my mouth. She forced her tongue past my teeth to mash it against mine. It left a thick line of drool connecting our lips as she pulled away. "You don't need Cassidy." She hushed my objections as she guided my back to the bed.

"Okay." I caved with a breathless whisper as Brandi undressed me. There was nothing seductive or playful about it; Simply a means to an end. Before I knew it, her cock throbbed inside me. Brandi's weight kept me from moving as she thrust. I squeaked and fidgeted as my heart pounded. Brandi buried her face in the nape of my neck. Her hot breath clung to my skin and made it crawl.

I eased a long breath from my lungs and tried to relax. My pussy was finally wet enough to take her girth. The sloshing sound in my cunt commingled with our moans. I swear you'd think I was enjoying myself. I occasionally winced with some discomfort. Her rocky abs were crushing my cock. I was so relieved when her muscles tensed with her orgasm-- less relieved when she didn't pull out.

"UGH!" I kicked my legs when Brandi shot her slime inside me. "Brandi, you're coming in me!"

"Calm down, Sunny," Brandi grunted her irk. She took her time, slipping her wilting cock out of me. She rolled away and collected her clothing.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I screamed, scanning my floor for a towel or anything to clean up. "So, that means you own me now?"

"Shut up." The bitch rolled her eyes. "It was an accident."

"No! it wasn't." I cried tears of shame as I shoved my school uniform blouse up my cunt. "You didn't even try to pull out."

"OKAY! I'M SORRY." She turned back with her arms wide open, screaming. "Happy now?"

Such is life with Brandi in heat.

I'm not sure about other futanari, but Brandi and I have short cycles when our hormone levels surge. Procreation and getting off is all we think about. The last time Brandi was in one of her moods. It meant an entire summer week of Brandi coming over and interrupting any movie Cass and I watched. Her terse "Sunny. Bedroom. Now." Always caused Cassidy and I to look at each other before following my cousin up the stairs.

Our sex was always brief, and that was the only thing predictable about it. Sometimes Brandi would finish inside my pussy, my ass, my mouth, on my stomach, in my hair. To make matters worse, Brandi's hygiene was terrible. She'd surf all day then flop her dirty, stinky body on mine. UGH. The whole thing still gives me shivers. I'd wake up retching, her stench clinging to my body. The thought of being pregnant terrified me. Thank god for Cassidy. She held me every night after Brandi left. I fell in love with her during that ordeal. Sigh...

Brandi left for the beach, and I retreated to the shower. I stood under the water and pissed Brandi's filth out of me, trying to figure out how to spend the rest of the day.


I sobered up a few hours later as dusk loomed, just in time to catch Alice at our favorite cafe downtown. The sunset died against our sides at our table near the window. The temperature had dropped, and Alice bundled herself in an oversized green hoodie. She bunched the long sleeves at her palm and brushed the messy blond bangs from her face. "You're not eating." Alice gave me a half-smile then eyed my food.

I smiled back. "Not too hungry, I guess." My bare legs kicked underneath the table with a nervous rhythm.

Alice nodded and nudged her plate away. "Yeah, me neither." She bounced her ass in the seat a few times and tilted her head at me. "All that morning sickness."

I'm sure my eyes bugged out of their sockets. My jaw hit the table. "Oh my god," I whispered.

"Sunny, what the fuck?" Alice cackled. "Really? It's been a week. I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet."

"Then you shouldn't have said that." I snapped.

"It was a joke, Sunny." She shrugged.

"Joke with someone else." The cafe wasn't crowded, but every one of the dozen cafe patrons turned their head to gawk at the crazy blonde girl who raised their voice in such an uptown establishment. I leered over the table at Alice and had to sit back in my chair before I even resembled normal. "Sorry," I muttered.

Alice shrugged. "I won't bring it up again until I know for sure."

Guilt weighed in my chest for snapping at Alice. It wasn't her fault things were unraveling. I stared at my food again, a half-eaten pile of mixed greens on porcelain flatware. It was all I could do to keep from hurling it across the room. "I should go."

"Weren't you the one that asked me to lunch?" She scrunched her face. "What's going on, Sunny?"

My chair made an annoying screeching sound as I stood. "I planned to ask you-- something. But I can't do this. I can't marry you, Alice."

I watched her eyes drift to the floor as she sighed. She digested each word separately before responding. "That's fine." She whispered, clearing her throat. "Thanks for considering it." She turned to hide her face. "Maybe you should go after all."

I slinked from the table in silence. My words shattered Alice's heart like a wrecking ball that was clear. That short, spunky blonde that ran next to me for 4 years suddenly faded out of my life with a few words. It hurt saying goodbye. In fact, I didn't make it to the bus stop before sobbing.


By the time I returned home, so had Brandi. She sat at the kitchen table as I staggered through the back door. We stared at each other for a moment. Brandi was filthy and must have spent the day surfing. Clumps of sand still lined the area where her tank top ended, and cleavage began.

My hand brushed past my skirt-covered crotch as she eye-fucked me. I hadn't quite gotten over my heat, and I could feel my wet pussy drip down my thighs. My cock throbbed for release. I gripped at the hardness and through the thin fabric.

Brandi kept her glazed stare fixed on me as she stood and motioned for the stairs. I staggered toward her and pouted. "What is it about my body, Brandi?" I lowered my voice to a hush as I approached. "What is it about my body you can't resist being inside me?" I nuzzled the same of Brandi's shoulder. The stench of sweat and saltwater was overpowering. She shuddered when I kissed the bitter saltiness of her skin.

"We used to be so close, Sunny." Brandi's voice was hoarse and rough. She grabbed my waist and shoved me against the wall. "You're the only other that can understand me." I hope that wasn't true. I never knew what perverse shit crossed her mind.

She forced her index finger up my skirt. Her fingernail scraped my folds as it went in. At the base of my kitchen steps is where my cousin finger-fucked me for a good while. Her cock sprang from its prison in her khakis, and it wasn't long before she pushed up each step with a frantic sense of urgency. Actually, I sighed at the brief pause. Her rough fingering hurt badly. It almost made me long for her cock--what am I even saying?

The next thing I knew, my cousin was pawing at my skirt, dragging the elastic band over my hips. I lay quite docile on my bed, lifting my bottom for her to strip me. My hands went to my throbbing cock. I grabbed the thick flesh and jerked it while Brandi's cock attacked my cunt. If I wanted to come, I'd have to finish before Brandi laid her entire weight on me. The pressure between my legs grew as she pulsed inside of me. Amid my panting, I had the most lackluster orgasm of my life. A few weak spurts of jism oozed from my cock and splattered in pitiful lines on my stomach.

With that, I finished. Brandi, however, was just getting started. She mashed herself on top of me, smearing my cum between our bodies. Gross. I grabbed two fistfuls of blanket as she plowed into me. My pussy gushed, betraying me. Sure, it was my idea to have sex. That didn't mean it. I liked the deal. It seemed fitting, though, letting Brandi fuck me one last time. Her cock pulsed. Her legs stiffened. The bitch was about to come and showed no sign of stopping-- figures.

"Go ahead," I whispered with my eyes closed fast. "Do it. I know you're not going to pull out."

Brandi glared at me with sharp eyes. She ripped her throbbing cock from my pussy and jerked it with violent vigor. I had barely a chance to take in a breath before she jammed it in my mouth. The vile flavor of her sour cream and my own pussy nauseated me. I gagged on the load. It dribbled down my chin in gobs.

"You think you've got me figured out, you little twerp?" Brandi wheezed. Her tan breasts heaved as she continued to stroke herself. Her hardness still dripped seed. I could feel it when she slipped the head back in my pussy. Her pace quickened as she grunted deep in her chest. "UGH!" She rammed inside me so hard it knocked the wind out of me.

There. At last. Brandi finished her quasi-incestral load in me, as expected. She puffed a long sigh from her lungs and rolled off me.

"Satisfied?" I asked with a soft voice.

"As usual." She chirped back. Brandi popped up and dressed as quickly as she had stripped.

"Good," I said. "Because that's the last time you're ever going to touch me."

Brandi turned back and gawked with incredulous eyes. "Don't be stupid, Sunny."

"I let you fuck me as punishment." I squeezed my thighs together and winced. Her dripping cum felt so gross. "I deserved that after the way I let you treat Cassidy."

"Oh, enough of that bitch." Brandi snapped.

"It's over, Brandi." I stood up and swallowed the fear-induced bile taste as I stared her down. "I don't want you touching me anymore." My knees buckled against my will as I stood my ground.

"What's this about?" Her cold grey eyes frosted over every inch of my face looking for a weakness. She stepped forward. "Is this because I yelled at you Sunday night?" She sighed it off. "Sunny, look, I'm sorry if I seemed heavy-handed. But Cass isn't the sort you marry."

"I'll be with whomever I want. You can rest assured it won't be you. Because." I bit my bottom lip with an unsure look on my face. Brandi wasn't typically violent and never forced me to do anything. But she was as unpredictable than anything, so I could never be too sure. With a queasy stomach, I waited for her response.

My cousin cocked her head. The lively ends of her short haircut bounced against her skin. "We would be totally cool if she wasn't around." Brandi's roving eyes landed on the picture on my nightstand. She stomped toward it. "You don't need this anymore."

My heart stopped when she snatched and crumpled Cassidy's photo in her palm. I lunged at her and flailed my arms, shouting variations of 'GIVE IT BACK' as if I were a child. Brandi always had a way of making me feel that. "Seriously, Brandi." I snarled. "Give it back. Or--"

"Or?" She grinned wide. Her bangs shrouded her eyes. "Or what Sunny?"

"I'm telling."

"What are you, 12?" Brandi crackled, but for only a second. Her face became tense and concerned. She lowered her voice. "What exactly would you be telling, Sunny?"

I sucked in a long breath. "I'll tell your dad you're fucking me." Another sigh. "And I'll tell him exactly how old I was when you first crawled into my bed."

She stepped toward me and stared, again, for some weakness in my stance. Her prying eyes burned my fair skin. "Whatever." She tossed the ball on my bed as she mumbled under her breath.

Brandi walked out of my room without saying another word, leaving me to uncrumple my once prized possession. I could still make out most of the photo's details. Most important, Cass's innocent smile was intact. My heart melted at my long sigh. I needed to talk to her.

"AT THE TONE, PLEASE--" I growled when I slammed my thumb on the phone. Cass clearly just dismissed my call. I don't think I had ever felt so cut off from anyone. Not since my parents died.

I can't let this go. I dealt with Brandi to clear the way for you, Cass. You're going to confront me whether you like it or not.