Services / Products

Services / Products

You can advertise your channel and pay people to join. This bot will invite cryptocurrency users to your channel and pay them TRON tokens to join it.

  • Members Join Using an Invite Link — Up to 20k per day.
  • Only Real Crypto Users — US, UK, India, IRAN & other countries.
  • No Drop — Leaving members are replaced with new people. (for 7 days)

Want to know more about ClickBee? Watch this video on YouTube.

💡 Features/Services

• Buy Channel & Group Members — Crypto & Telegram users will join your channels and groups.

• Advertise Telegram Bots — Crypto & Telegram users will start using your bots.

• Buy Telegram Views — Crypto & Telegram users will view your channel posts or other content.

• Buy YouTube / WEB Views Crypto & Telegram users will browse your website or watch your YouTube video.

✍🏻 Steps to access our services.

1. Open Telegram

(you can download it here)

2. Open ClickBeeBot inside Telegram

(search for “ClickBeeBot” in Telegram or click this link)

3. Press "My Ads" and follow instructions

(setup title, description, and cost per click)

⚠️ Rules For Advertisers

  1. The use of irritating or harmful scripts in your websites/URLs is strictly prohibited. Examples of such behavior may include calls for spontaneous opening of pop-up windows, change of page address, etc. The use of browser extensions(flash/java and others) is also not allowed.
  2. The description must accurately describe the link that you promote.
  3. Incase of Telegram channels/groups/bots, you must not delete/change the username of the property while your ad is active.