Sepak Takraw - Philippines Sport

Sepak Takraw - Philippines Sport

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Sepak” means break or kick in Malay, while “Takraw” is derived from Thai, meaning “rattan ball”. The object of this game is to correct the ball over the net and on the floor on the opponent's court to score 카지노사이트위키 a point. Players are allowed to use their legs, head and body to make contact with the ball, but any contact with their arms or hands is a violation of the rules.

Sepak Takraw is a volleyball-like game that originated in Southeast Asia. In the literal translation of ‘Kick Ball’, 3 players compete against their opponent on a volleyball style court with a net in the middle. Unlike volleyball, in Sepak Takraw, players are not allowed to use their hands to play the ball and are required to use their feet, head, knees and chest to hold the ball.

A match is played by two regus (teams) each consisting of three players. The regus that must serve first will start in the first set, and the side that wins the first set will have the option to choose Service. Once Tekong kicks the ball all players are allowed to move freely on their respective courts. The service is valid if the ball passes over the net, and within the opponent’s boundary lines, whether it will hold the net or not.

The coin toss will decide which Regu will start the service, while the other Regu can choose which side of the court they want to start. The feeder will start the game by throwing the ball to the server. The server will keep one foot within the 'serving circle' and will use his other foot to kick the ball into the net. In defensive Regu, the server and feeder become the setter to pass the ball to the striker within three contacts. The striker then hits or breaks the ball over the net. In play, the Regu who committed the offense will lose service and one point will be awarded to the opposing team. Service will be replaced after three consecutive points scored by the serving Regu. Depending on the level of competition and rules set by the organizing committee, the first Regu to score 21 points will win the set. The set can only be won by Regu with a two point lead, and the highest score a set usually reaches is 25 points. The umpire will announce for the set to reach 25 points when tied at 20 - 20. The game is played in two sets with a two minute break in between. Regu who wins two sets will win the match.

If each Regu wins one set each, the game must be desided in the third set called a “tiebreak” with 15 points, and if it is again tied at 14-14, the set must decide on the difference of two points up to a ceiling of 17 points. when the score is tied at 14-14, the referee announces "setting up at 17 points"

Game Equipment;

Each of the two teams in Sepak Takraw consists of three players, each playing a specific position. These are the ‘Teukgong’ which are the player standing furthest behind the court and an Inside Left Inside and a Right Inside playing closer to the net on each side of the court. The ball used in the games is made of many synthetic materials and all balls must be ISTAF approved if used in competition. The balls are ‘woven’, and must consist of 12 holes and 20 intersections and have size and weight regulation. Games are to be played on a court similar to a double sized badminton court measuring 13.4 x 6.1 meters with a net stretched in the middle at a height of 1.5m for men and 1.42m for women.

Rules of Sepak Takraw

The rules of sepak takraw are simple, especially if you are familiar with volleyball and football (soccer). The goal is to score points against the other team by hitting their side of the court with the ball, or by the other team committing a “offense”.

Kicks the ball out of bounds

A team exceeds 3 touches before returning the ball to the net

Tekong (server) communicates without being on the ground on a serve

Holds the ball with the arm or hand

Tekong does not interact with delivery

The ball hits the ceiling or ground

Touching the net