Seating arrangements in a meeting room in the UAE

Seating arrangements in a meeting room in the UAE


Negotiations can be held in different formats and with different numbers of people. Therefore, when choosing a meeting room in Dubai and other Emirates, it is important to take these factors into account.

Depending on them, the seating of guests will be carried out in a certain format. The website offers a variety of comfortable meeting rooms, allowing you to find the best format for each situation. To help you with your choice, let's take a look at the main and most common options.

Seating of guests in meeting rooms

There are several basic guest seating formats. It's worth noting that Dubai and other Emirates venues offer flexible space organization. That is, many meeting rooms can be organized the way the customer wants.

  • Theater. This format is considered excellent for those situations when the conference involves a large number of visitors and a minimum of speakers. Tables are not used here. Only armchairs, chairs and other comfortable furniture. The main task is to accommodate comfortably as many people as possible;
  • Round table. This is only the name of the format. In fact, the table can have any geometric shape. But the format provides that all participants at the table are on equal terms. Usually this way of seating is used in those situations when you need to hold a thorough discussion and discuss several important issues;
  • Negotiations. In such rooms, a large and long rectangular table is provided. Its dimensions allow you to place telecommunication equipment for recording, as well as to lay out the necessary visual materials;
  • T-shaped way of placement. Usually this format is used to hold planning meetings and short working meetings. It is also suitable for organizing a board meeting or discussing key issues with investors.

For each event, different ways of accommodating guests are relevant. Therefore, you should always consider individual needs and your own wishes. With such a huge choice of venues in Dubai, there should definitely be no problem finding the right conference room.

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