Seabee's Homecoming Ch 02

Seabee's Homecoming Ch 02

Seabee's Homecoming -- Ch. 02

by Ghostwalker

(With input by "Irish Lass" and thanks to my editor "larryinseattle" without whom my stories would be nothing more than a cluster of words.)

Even before I opened my eyes, I knew that most of the morning had already slipped away. The sun that should have been shining through the trellised window was gone and the room was filled with lingering shadows. Images of what had happened earlier danced through my head, as if in a dream. Then, bit-by-bit, reality took hold of me and I could feel Ree's soft, warm body against mine while the vague aroma of sex filled the room.

"Hey," she whispered.

"Hey, yourself," I replied as I rolled over to look at her. "How long have you been awake?"

"I don't think I actually fell asleep," she laughed, lightly. "It was more like passed out. One second I was awake cuddling with you and the next it was," she stopped as she lifted herself up on one elbow to look at the clock next to the bed, "about 20 minutes ago."

"So why didn't you wake me up?"

"Cuz you look so sweet while you're sleeping. Besides, I didn't want to disturb you."

I didn't say anything but the quizzical look on my face must have told her I had no idea what she was talking about.

"At one point, you actually pursed your lips like you were sucking on something."

"Oh, that. I was having a dream about what we did and about your ... ummmm ... breasts."

She giggled, "After what we've been doing I don't think you need to be so formal. They're tits ... plain, old-fashioned tits."

"First of all, I don't think there's anything plain about them," I replied as I glanced down at the barely covered set of orbs. "And second, there's NOTHING old or old-fashioned about you or them."

"Flatterer," she said, light-heartedly.

"But, yeah, I was dreaming about your tits and ... ummm."

"You mean because I have mother's milk?"

"Yeah. I didn't think women had milk in their breas ... I mean, tits until they had a baby."

"Usually they don't. But I'm a bit different. Years ago, I had a lot of pain during that time of the month. The cramping was so bad I'd end up staying in bed for days. Then a friend of mine told me about a herbalist who had helped her with a similar problem. I figured 'What the heck?' and went to see the guy. He started by having me take Black Cohosh which decreased the cramps and later on had me start using Fennel extract. The Fennel increases estrogen which helps decrease the cramps too, but in my case, it also caused me to start to produce milk."

"Wow. I've never heard of that."

"I'm not surprised. There are a lot of things that modern medicine doesn't know about herbal medicine. A lot of doctors think it's all fake but it wasn't always that way. Before the 1920' and 30's everybody knew which herbs to use for what problem. If not, they went to see 'granny so-and-so' who did. Then, during the depression a lot of medical schools were about to go bankrupt and close. The drug companies, on the other hand, were just starting to release 'miracle cures' like penicillin and sulfa. So, the two of them made a deal. If the schools pushed their drugs, the companies would donate money to keep the schools open and 'ta-da' present day medicine was born."

"Wow! That sucks."

"Yeah, but there's not much anyone can do about it anymore although there is quite a bit of research being done about medicinal herbs so it might change at some time in the future."

I nodded my head as she took a breath and continued.

"Anyway, mind if I ask you a question?"

"Go for it."

"When you were done dreaming about these," she emphasized what she was talking about by bouncing her breasts up and down, "you started mumbling and twitching all over the place. It was like you were in some kind of fight."

"I guess I was," I admitted, reluctantly. "I ... ummmmm ... I don't think I can do the Dom/sub thing."


"It's just not me. I mean, I loved what we just did but I felt like part of me had snapped. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do. Not everyone can live that kind of lifestyle. But I hope you won't mind role-playing once in awhile."

"You mean you still want me to be ...?"

"My partner, my lover, and the father of my baby or maybe babies? Absolutely!"

"Why? I thought ..."

"You thought that sex was all I was interested in? That's understandable since we've only known each other a couple of weeks but I want a lot more than that from the man I'm with. I still consider myself 'collared' but that just means that you're the only one for me. That is if that's okay with you?"

"You sure you can live with that?"

"Why don't we try it and see?" she replied, with a smirk on her face.

I answered her in the best way I could think of by taking her in my arms and kissing her. What followed was more of a 'make-out' session than anything else. We kissed, touched, caressed and fondled each other but neither of us seemed interested in taking it any further.

When we finally got out of bed the first thing I did was make copies of my dad's company ledgers and send them off to my friends with a request that they take a look at them. After that, Ree and I spent the day rearranging the house to fit our new life together. My old bedroom became a temporary storage room and we talked about changing it into a nursery if, or when, the time ever came that we'd need it while the old master bedroom became the new guest room.

Afterwards, we went out to dinner to see what the world might think of the two of us together. It didn't take long to find out. Most people didn't seem to even notice but we did get a few raised eyebrows or whispered comments, usually from elderly women. What surprised us the most was when the owner of the restaurant appeared with a small bottle of champagne that had a note attached.

"With the complements of the lady sitting in the corner."

While the owner opened the bottle, we looked up to see who we owed our thanks to and couldn't believe it when we saw the mayor's wife smiling at us and lifting her glass in a toast.

"What's the note say?" Ree asked as I opened it.

There, in a beautiful, flowing script were the simple words:

I wish I was so lucky.

When we looked up, she was already gone.

"I never expected that," I whispered.

"Neither did I but you have to remember, mature woman have a tendency to appreciate certain things that others might not." She finished by leaning over and pressing her lips to mine, briefly slipping her tongue into my mouth.

"Ahem, if you'll excuse me?" the owner asked as he waited for us to part. Afterwards, he poured each of us a glass of the champagne before scurrying off to another table.

"Toast," I said as I raised my glass.

"To us," she replied before taking a sip of the bubbly.

The rest of the evening seemed to fly by. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind. There were no forbidden or hidden topics; my life, her life, my problem with drinking after my mother's death, her alcoholism and therapy, my limited sex-life, and her far more extensive one.

"So you've actually made love to another woman?" I asked on the drive home.

"Several actually."

"Wow! Most guys only imagine being with a women who goes both ways."

"In my case, it was job related."

"Huh?" I asked curiously.

"I ... ummm ... At one time, I worked in the Adult entertainment industry. That's part of the reason I started drinking," she replied matter-of-factly.


"Yeah," she answered hesitantly. "For awhile I was one of the most sought after female porn stars in the industry."

"Wow. So how did you get here?"

"Long story but the short version is I got burned out. Same thing over and over. A script with barely any story to it except to get my legs open and some guy putting his cock in me. It seems kinda weird now but I actually liked it in the beginning. New partner, new situation, new things ... sexually. Followed by all the glitz and glamour of the parties. More sex, this time off camera with politicians, prime-time movie stars, and pretty much anybody else I was attracted to. The problem was there was no emotional tie and that's what I needed. So I packed up one night, got in my car, and left. I drove until I'd filled my gas tank for the third time. I figured I'd gotten far enough away for a new start so I stayed."

"And that was here?"

She laughed. "No. Two weeks later my agent tracked me down. He gave me all kinda shit about contacts and people relying on me. I almost went back until he slipped and made a comment about all the money he was losing. That was it! I hopped into my car and started driving again. I got a couple hundred miles farther and sold my car, got on a bus, and THAT is how I landed up here."

"Did my dad know?"

"Not in the beginning but after I realized things were getting serious I told him."

"What did he say?"

It was lucky that it was so dark outside otherwise I would have been upset for embarrassing her with my question. When she finally answered, I could tell from the far-away tone that she was thinking of him when she replied.

"When we went to bed that night, he made love to me like no one else ever had ... until now," she said as she gently squeezed my hand. "He was caring and compassionate and ooh so loving. That was when I knew he wanted ME not the porn star."

"He was a lucky man."

"Yes, he was."

"And so am I," I finished as I lifted her hand and kissed the back of it.

"You know that flattery will get you everything," she teased.

"Yeah, I know," I said, softly.

The car fell silent for the next few moments while I built up the courage to ask the next question.

"Do you remember the day I came home?"


"We, I mean you, got pretty feisty. Why?"

"What do you mean?"

"Showing me your tits and trying to seduce me. I admit it kinda freaked me out. We'd barely met and here you were trying to get me in bed."

"Oh," was all she said.

The humming sound of the tires on the road filled the car until she finally replied, almost in a whisper.

"I think part of it was that you reminded me so much of your dad; your voice, the way you look, even the way you walk. Then there's the fact that I hadn't been fuc ..., I mean, hadn't made love to anyone since your dad died. It's kinda hard to suddenly go without something you're used to getting almost every day. Sorta like an alcoholic when they stop drinking. You'll do just about anything to get it. And ... ummmm ... what did Jack call it?" she mumbled in a hushed voice. "Oh yeah, and, maybe, a little bit of a 'white knight' fantasy."

"A what?"

"A 'white knight' fantasy," she giggled. "You know, you see it in the movies all the time. The white knight arrives to save the damsel in distress and she falls into his arms."

"Yeah but that's only in the movies."

"Not according to my friend, Jack."

"Who's he? Was he your 'white knight'?"

"If you're asking if he and I were lovers the answer is 'yes'. He's a paramedic I met at a fund raiser. He told me about all the times women wanted to 'reward' him for 'saving' them. But he wasn't my 'white knight'. I've only had one of those," she finished as she squeezed my hand, again.

"Okay," I replied nonchalantly, though I wasn't pleased when the image of another guy stretched out over the top of her popped into my mind. "MINE," I said to myself, for the first time feeling possessive of her. "There's one more thing ... before I forget. I did some searching on the Internet while you were getting ready to go out and learned a few things about Dom/sub relationships."

"Really? I thought you said you weren't interested."

"I think curious is a better word. But, you know what surprised me?"


"That it's actually the sub that has the most control."

"How do you figure that?" she asked as she shifted in her seat so she was looking directly at me.

"The sub has the right to say 'no' to anything their Master might want to do if they feel uncomfortable with it or think it might hurt them."

"I don't know about that. Some of the girls I worked with were pretty heavy into it and would do just about anything their Master asked them to."

"That's what I mean. 'Just about ...' which means they had a choice. The article even gave some example to prove their point."

"Such as?"

"Let's see? What would you say if I told you I only wanted you to wear skirts or dresses from now on and that you either had to go without panties or the panties had to be crotchless?"

"Would that make you happy?" she asked, seductively.

"Just answer the question."

"Well, I'm wearing a skirt right now and I'

m not wearing any panties so I guess that's your answer."

My cock began to harden at the idea that she wasn't wearing any panties and the image of the two of us pulling over and fucking on the hood of the car came and went in a flash. Instead, I continued with my questions. "Okay. So, what if I said I wanted to be able to fuck you anytime and anyplace I wanted to?"

"I already told you I'd do that."

"Including in a bathroom in City Hall or in a cop shop?"

"Hmmmmm ... the first one sounds kinda kinky but definitely not the second one. I've avoided having a police record and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Okay, and how about if I said I wanted to watch you get gang-banged or have a stranger stuff a baseball bat inside your pussy?"

"Now, you're getting ridiculous."

"Just answer the question will ya."

"My manager wanted me to do a gang-bang scene once and I told him absolutely not," she said, leaving little doubt that she meant it. "And as for the bat, your cock felt pretty big this morning," she finished in a soft, seductive tone. "But there's no way I'm gonna let anyone stuff something like that in me!"

I blushed until I felt like my cheeks were on fire before returning to the conversation. "Okay, but now you see what I'm talking about. A sub has the right to submit to what their partner wants or say 'no' whenever they don't feel comfortable with the situation. They're actually in control at that point, not the dom."

"I never thought about it that way," she replied just as we pulled into the driveway of the house.

I parked the car and quickly got out, trotting to the other side to open her door and offer her my hand to help her out.

"Such a gentleman," she crooned.

"Didn't my dad tell you I was born in Texas. A southern gentleman at heart, ma'am."

"I guess I'm gonna have to start working on my southern-belle behavior then," she laughed in a heavily accented southern-drawl.

We entered the house and quickly worked our way to our new bedroom. We helped each other undress and then slipped under the covers.

"I'm beat," she whispered as she rolled onto her side, looking at me.

"Me too. I never imagined I'd be too tired to ... you know."

"Have sex?"

"Yeah, kinda embarrassing."

She laughed lightly as she replied, "Don't be. I'm tired too. All I want ..." she finished as she cuddled next to me, her body pressed to mine, "is this."

"Sounds good to me," I replied as I wrapped my arms around her and slowly fell asleep.

Over the next several weeks, we fell into a new routine. Some days we made love in the morning, other days at night, and occasionally we slipped in some 'afternoon delight'. But not a single day went by that we didn't enjoy each other's body in one way or another. The phrase 'anytime and anyplace' soon became a private joke as we checked off the various places we made love; our bedroom, my old bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the back porch, in the car in the garage, in the car in the parking lot of the local mall, in the bathroom of a movie theater, and on a deserted beach. We teased about City Hall but never went through with it.

And while our sex life grew so did our feelings for each other. We weren't just 'fuck-buddies' anymore it was something else, far deeper and emotional. So it wasn't too surprising when I began to think about popping 'the question'. The problem was I just never got up the nerve. Even now, it's hard to believe how it finally happened.

One night, after dinner, I was sitting in the living room while Ree was working in dad's old office.

"Dan? Can you drive me down to the company office?" she called out.

"It's awful late."

"I know. I just remembered I forgot something there."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"No, I need it now."

"Okay," I sighed as I got up from the living room chair where I'd been reading the copy of the Coroner's report that Sheriff Keller had finally been able to get.

The drive to the office of my dad's construction company only took about ten minutes but the moment I saw it, I regretted it. The place that had once brought me such joy only reminded me of the losses I'd suffered since then and what the present co-owner / manager was doing to maintain control of it.

It seemed that from the moment I'd gotten home from the military, he'd tried every legal move he could to stop us from taking back the company. First, he contested the documents that gave Ree controlling interest, insisting that they were forged and he was the sole owner. When he lost that argument he filed an injunction to stop the transfer of the shares Ree had to my sister and I and when that didn't work he had paperwork filed to stop any further investigation into my father's death. The anger I felt towards him boiled in me like a seething cauldron.

And it only got worse when we entered the office. Ree immediately headed for the main office. Mr. Edward Nichols was stenciled on the door in large black letters where my dad's name used to be. While waiting, I looked at the pictures on the walls of the various buildings my dad had built during his lifetime. I was so engrossed in them I barely heard when Ree called for me.

"Dan? Can you come in here?"

"Here we go again," I thought wondering what she could possibly need me for.

The office was dark but I could see her shuffling through the paperwork in the file cabinet.

"What do you need?" I whispered.

"Nothing," she replied. "It just feels eerie in here by myself. Why don't you take a seat while I finish going through this."

Without saying another word, I sat down in the chair that had once been my father's.

"Got it," she exclaimed as she spun around.

But it wasn't the piece of paper in her hand that caught my attention. It was her! Her top was unbuttoned and her bra was pulled down exposing her breasts while her panties dangled from her index finger. And as if that wasn't enough, the hem of her skirt was pulled up and tucked in the waistband revealing her pussy. Her womanly aroma quickly filled the room.

"You're such a slut at times," I chuckled as I felt my cock harden.

"You're only noticing that now?" she purred.

"I notice a lot of things. I just don't always say anything about them."

"Such as?" she asked as she tossed her panties on the desk beside me and placed her hands on her hips.

"Hmmmm ... let's see," I replied the double meaning almost lost as I stared at her. "Your breasts are bigger and ... ummmm ... when we make love your pussy seems a lot wetter ..."

"Yeah? Go on."

I hesitated before continuing, knowing I was about to tread where angles feared to go. "And you seem to have gained a little weight 'cuz your stomach ..." I faltered.

"What about my stomach?"

Just like in the comics a light seemed to turn itself on in my head as all the things I'd just said formed into one single answer. "Are you ...?"

"If you're about to say 'pregnant' the answer is yes," she interrupted me in a sultry tone as she moved closer.

"How? I mean, when?"

"After everything we've been doing I'm pretty sure you know how," she whispered. "As to when, the doctor says I'm about 3 months along which means it could have been the very first time we had sex."