Scammer Alert - Please Beware

Scammer Alert - Please Beware

Our software has been cracked/nulled/pirated by some BAD people and they was sell it illegally. It's sad because we spend a lot of money and time to write software but they just like to crack our software!

Main scammer

Choudhry Usman Ali (Pakistan)

FB account: (personal FB) (FB page) (FB page)

~ a few accounts was removed after we report and viral about him.

Contact used to scam:

923360227799 (whatsapp)

923114129673 (whatsapp)

Website to scam people: (our website is

Paypal email to receive payment:


See how he 'make money' by selling products illegally without permission...

He copy everything from our website!

Customer complaint after purchase from him...

Fake keygen and license not working

Read the notice below about our message to him...


Dear Mr. Choudhry Usman Ali:

We represent JOMBIZ NETWORK, based in Selangor, Malaysia. It has come to our attention that you or your team was making an unauthorized copy of JOMBIZ software and sell it illegally at website Q-Sender.Pro & It was break and violate JOMBIZ's copyright term. Specifically, you modify and selling our software without permission including SIMPLE AUDIEN, WASENDERPRO, PIXLEADS, KITFB and AUTOWASAP. JOMBIZ prohibits all of this conduct.

JOMBIZ demands that your activities stop immediately.

Software is protected under the federal copyright law which states that, "Users may not make a copy of a piece of software for any other reason than as an archival back-up without permission of the copyright holder. The unauthorized reproduction of a computer program is considered theft."

JOMBIZ are exclusive property of the creators or publishers and anyone outside the community are not allowed to use, reproduce, duplicate, resell access, modify (include rebrand or redesign), copy, distribute modified versions, or exploited of the software.

The owner of is the exclusive copyright holder of the software and only owner has the rights to modify or add features to the program’s source code. JOMBIZ are the sole owner of the program who can sell it under some concrete conditions which should be followed by the users in order to avoid any legal disputes.

Click the link below about Cease and Desist Abuse

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Thanks everyone for helping us to stop them from selling our products illegally.  It's sad because we spend a lot of money and time to write software but they just like to crack our software. If you've found someone was cracked/nulled our software and sell it, please report to us at and we will take legal action on them. We will give you a bonus software as a reward. Thanks for your understanding.


Please buy ORIGINAL version and get new updates from us. Keep in mind that Facebook or Whatsapp always change algorithm. If you buy pirate/cracked version, we will banned your account or deactivate your license key. You also cannot use it for long term because ILLEGAL seller dont know how to fix. Also you cannot get future updates from us. We only deliver latest version privately.