Sarah left me 9

Sarah left me 9


This is the sequel to Sarah left me 1 to 8. You will understand better if you read them first.

Angie didnt get home next morning until about 10:00am. Slut and I were anxiously waiting for her to get home, because Sarah would not tell us about the changes that she wanted us to make until we were all together.

When she did get home she ran into the house stark naked. She explained:

Harriet and I spent all night fucking Paul and his mate, Kevin. Wed fuck, then wed fall asleep, then someone would wake up and wed swap partners and fuck again. Finally, this morning, when I went looking for my clothes they had disappeared. Fortunately my purse, with my wallet, my phone and my keys was still there. In the end Paul drove me home, still naked. When we got here he drove into the driveway so that I had only to scurry about 5m from the car to the front door. I dont know if anyone saw me; I dont think so.

As I sat there, grinning at Angies mild discomfort a thought hit me: If my parents or Sarahs parents had heard their darling granddaughters story instead of grinning they would have looks of incredulity or horror on their faces. Was it perhaps their attitudes to sex, which Sarah and I had inherited, that had caused us to have such an unsatisfactory sex life in our marriage until quite recently? Thank god that we had managed to discard those attitudes! I realised that, while I liked the idea of someone else to blame, everyone must take responsibility for their own life.

Sarah broke in on my thoughts:

And where were Tom and Dick?

Oh! They were fucking someone else.

Have you broken up with them?

No. We all wanted some variety.

Sarahs response was interesting. I understand that. I want some variety too. Ive been telling Slut and Phil that if we can all agree to some changes that I would like to make, then Ill stop going away for the week-ends.

So Sarah, what are those changes?

Let me start by telling you some background. Ive been telling a woman at work, Slut you know her, its Wendy, Ive been telling Wendy the details of some of the more exciting sex that weve been having here lately. Shes been going home and repeating every detail to her husband, and she tells me that afterwards they have had the best sex ever. On Friday she said that she and her husband wish that they could watch each other fucking someone else. I think that it would be fun to invite them for a fuckfest on Friday night. What do you think?

Did you tell her about your week-end orgies too? Or just about us?

No. The week-end orgies were something that I had to do to get the wild sex that I craved so much, but the fucking that we all do here together is so much nicer, because I think that we all love each other and get on together, not just fuck. Ive often been fucked by men whose names I didnt know and who I didnt expect to ever see again. Its exciting when you want to break out of a dull routine, but I like fucking my friends better.

I then volunteered, If were going to have a fuckfest, Id like to invite a bloke, John, from my work. Hed been living with a girlfriend for two years until she left him for someone else a month ago. He has completely lost his self confidence and so has not tried to start dating, yet he really misses the sex. I think a good fuckfest might be what he needs to get his act together.

Sarah liked the idea. An extra cock would improve the cock to cunt ratio.

Cock to cunt ratio? What do you mean?

Well, a woman can cum many more times in one night than a man can, so ideally we should have more cocks than cunts.

And besides, Slut added, the best fuck is when a woman has three cocks in her three holes, so ideally we should have at least three times as many cocks as cunts.

Youre forgetting I replied, that a man has a tongue and two hands, as well as a cock. An experienced man can give pleasure to four cunts simultaneously.

Sarah just laughed. Anyway, invite John for Friday night. Tell him to plan on staying the night, but that he wont need pyjamas.

Then Angie announced, If its extra cocks that you want, I can invite Paul, Kevin, Tom, and Dick. And Harriet, of course.

I sat silently for a few minutes until Angie turned to me and asked, Youre very quiet, Phil. A penny for your thoughts.

I was just trying to imagine their faces if your grandparents had overheard our conversation. For them any sex outside marriage was not just taboo, but unthinkable.

Well, thank goodness that you and Sarah are not like that. Some of my school friends have parents like that and I really pity them. Im having so much more fun than them.

Yes. But I think that I was like that until Sarah couldnt take it any longer, and walked out. I think that the shock of losing my wife of all those years caused me to think about sex differently. I realised that I owed it to you to give you the freedom that I had never had.

Sarah cut in, Enough philosophy for now. Do you all agree to a fuckfest this Friday night?

Yes. Yes, of course. Yes. I thought that we had already agreed.

I just wanted to make sure that we were all OK with it. I need to make some plans.

Plans? What plans?

Wait and see.

Anyway. You said that you wanted to make changes. So far all youve told us is that you want to invite a few friends this Friday night to fuck each other. What other changes do you want to make?

Thats it really. Im hoping that enough people will enjoy themselves fucking different partners, watching other people fuck, or fucking in threesomes or more, that we can make it a regular event, not just a one-off. What do you all think?

I reckon that if word gets out about this well be able to sell tickets to future fuckfests. I said.

Only a true slut could come up with a plan like that. was Angies comment.

I really hope that it works. It all depends on getting the right mix of people. I think that all of us are wild enough to really get such a party humming. was Sarahs summing up.

On Thursday night Sarah took Angie, Harriet and Slut shopping again. When they came home they modeled their purchases for me.

Youre planning to welcome our guests on Friday night, dressed like that?

Yes. I want to set the tone for the evening. What do you think?

The four of them wore tiny skirts, each made of two squares of bright red cloth, one in front, the other behind. The two pieces were joined together and held in place by black laces which criss crossed from top to bottom, over two bare strips, about 2 wide down each thigh.

They wore matching, bright red, high heeled shoes, and they all had silver chains hanging between their pierced nipples. Wait a minute!

Slut! Last time that I looked your nipples werent pierced.

No. But they are now. Do you like?

If you had asked me before I saw them, I would have said that you needed no embellishment, but now that Ive seen them I think that theyre great. However, when Angie and Harriet got their nipples pierced, they were told not to wear their chains until the new piercings had healed. Should you be wearing that chain?

Well. I explained to the man who did all my piercings how important it was that I wear this chain tomorrow night. He gave me a little tube of antibiotic ointment, and showed me how to rub it into the holes. He said that if I did that two or three times a day I ought to be OK.

Friday night people started arriving at about 8pm. Sarah and I went to let the first arrivals in, Sarah was dressed as I had seen her the night before, I was dressed only in a pair of jeans. No shirt, no undies, bare feet. First to arrive were Wendy, from Sarahs work and her husband, Steven. Sarah hugged and kissed Wendy, then passed her on to me as Sarah wrapped her arms around Steven.

After kissing me and hugging me, Wendy asked, Lilly tells me that you taught her to enjoy anal, and that you are very gentle. Would you teach me tonight, please?

Lilly? Oh, I remember! That used to be Sluts name when she first came to live here. She asked to be called Slut after her first 3-cock fuck. I dont suppose that she uses that name outside this house though.

But, will you teach me tonight?

Of course Ill give you your first lesson tonight, but youll have to come back for refresher lessons before you can graduate from my school of anal fucking. Are you sufficiently committed to keep coming back?

As we talked I was exploring her beautiful body. I started by sliding my hand up her back under her top. When I got to where her bra strap might have been, there was nothing but her smooth skin. Wendy pulled a little away form me and pulled her top off over her head.

Please play with my nipples. Id love it if you sucked them.

Then she looked across to where Sarah and Steven were still in a clinch. Stevens jeans and his underpants were around his ankles.

I see that Sarah has found my husbands cock. Im going to do that to you.

And she undid my jeans and slid them down to my ankles.

Dont you wear undies?

Not on party night. Sarah said to wear the absolute minimum of clothing.

Ill remember that for next time, assuming that there is a next time.

We all hope that there will be a next time.

Then I pushed her skirt up so that it was bunched around her waist and pushed her panties aside and plunged my fingers into her cunt. Meanwhile my cock was reaching full erection as Wendy stroked me gently.

Just then the door bell rang and Angie and Harriet went to answer it. Tom and Dick walked in and were greeted by the two girls. While the new arrivals were hugging and kissing the girls, Paul and Kevin walked in the door and joined in the hugging and kissing. Paul looked at Sarah and Steven, then at Wendy and me.

Are we late? The party seems to be going full swing already.

No. Angie replied, Wendy and Steven arrived just minutes before you. I think they are just very randy.

Just then the doorbell rang again. Slut went to answer it.

Hi. My names John. Is this the right place?

Then he noticed that Slut was almost naked, with her silver chain hanging from her bare, pierced nipples, a tiny patch of cloth covering her pussy and her red high heels.

I guess this is the right place all right.

Come on in. How about a kiss to show that you want me?

Our fuckfest was off to a good start!

OK everyone. Can I have your attention for a minute please. Im Sarah, and, on behalf of my husband, Phil, and myself, I welcome you all here tonight. We hope that you will all enjoy yourselves so much tonight that you will want to come back again, next Friday. Out by the pool there are tables loaded with finger food and lots to drink. There will not be a formal meal tonight, because it would interfere with the fucking. Please help yourselves to whatever you fancy. There are also mattresses on the deck outside for you to use as you see fit. And there are condoms, for anyone who wants them, and KY lube too. There are only two rules tonight: (1) Whatever you do you do in front of us all, and (2) No means no. Play nicely please and enjoy yourselves.

Wendy quickly slipped her skirt off, stepped out of her shoes and slid her panties off too. Standing naked in front of me she asked:

Can I have my first lesson now, please?

We walked, arm in arm out to the deck beside the pool and found a tube of lube. I gave her some to smear on my cock while I pressed one finger, covered with a generous dollop of jelly, into her anus and moved it around.

Does that feel OK?

Yes. Thats actually quite nice, much better than I expected. But your cock is much thicker than your finger.

Dont worry. Soon Ill have two fingers in you, then three. By the time that I push my cock into you youll be ready for it.

Who knows how long it took, but eventually, when I pressed the head of my cock against her arsehole it slid in surprisingly easily. Wendy was bent forward, resting on the back of a chair and I was standing behind her. I reached around her waist and diddled her clit as I stroked slowly in and out.

Oh! Phil! Im actually liking this. Oh! Yes! Oh!

After she came for the first time I kept stroking in and out of her anus. Now I was holding her hips to steady her as my fucking became more strenuous. At last I was rewarded by that magnificent feeling of release as I pumped her bowel full of my sperm.

Oh! I can feel your cock pulsing inside me. Oh! Im cumming again.

I pulled her up so that her back was pressed against my chest. I was holding her by her tits and kissing the back of her neck. My cock eventually softened and slipped out of her. She turned in my arms and kissed me lovingly.

Lilly ... Slut was right. You are a talented teacher. Thank you. Im really looking forward to my next lesson. I hope that it can be soon?

When we looked around, all the couplings had changed. Steven who had been with Sarah was now lying on a mattress beside Slut and they both had that well-fucked look on their faces. I knew that I had taken my time opening Wendys arsehole up before I fucked her. Apparently, in that time Steven had fucked both Sarah and Slut.

Still my father had taught me as a child, If a things worth doing its worth doing well. Id like to think that if he were still alive he would be proud of how well I had fucked Wendy. However I really knew that he could never have approved of my fucking anyone other than Sarah.

Sarah was now with John, and they too had well-fucked looks on their faces. Angie and Harriet were in a group with Tom, Dick, Paul and Kevin. I couldnt tell in what combinations. Everyone seemed to be sated sexually, at least temporarily. Everyone was naked except that the girls had all kept their heels and their silver chains on.

Sarah spoke up, Everyone. Now might be a good time to help yourselves to something to eat and drink.

Later, when we were cleaning up after the party, Sarah told me that up to that point the fucking had been frantic. But now I observed much more relaxed couplings or triplings or quadruplings, where one group of people occupied a mattress, while the rest of us watched and made encouraging remarks. Of course Slut asked for and got three cocks in her three holes, everyone, including the audience, enjoyed that immensely.

By 1am the party had pretty much ground to a halt. Since everyone had had a fair bit to drink Sarah suggested that people stay till morning. There were plenty of mattresses, Sarah brought out sheets and blankets and pillows so that everyone would be comfortable.

Once Sarah and I were alone in our bed (Slut had stayed with one or more of our guests) she rolled on top of me.

Do you have one more fuck left for me? she asked, I want to thank you for helping to make our first fuckfest such a success. I think that theyll all come back dont you?

Yes I want to fuck you again. You dont need to thank me because I enjoyed myself as much as you did. And yes, I expect that everyone will be back next Friday, and I wouldnt be surprised if they brought a few friends.

To be continued in Sarah left me 10

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