Sara Ruiz

Sara Ruiz

عبد الله نسيم

It May Seem Shocking to you That Sara Never Fails To Understand And Impress You But, Sometimes You Fail To Understand Her And How She Works. This is Why This Article Was Created For, To Help New People Use Sara.
In Groups Invoke Sara Using Her Name - "Sara Hello, Where Have You Been".


Google Who is Pavel Durov Quickly Google Who Is Albert Einstein


Wiki Who is Donald Trummp Please Quickly Search Wikipedia Who Is Barack Obama


Search Facebook Albaik Search Facebook Places Dubai Search Facebook Pages Albaik

Facebook Search Is Limited To Pages And Places For Now.


Define Intense Meaning Of Hard What is The Meaning Of Better

Synonyms / Thesaurus

Synonyms Of Good Alternative Word For Cool

Urban Dictionary

Yes, Yes We Know Some Might Not Even Consider It A Reliable Dictionary Source But Its Fun Finding Meanings Of things You Already Know Here. Moreover You Might Even Find The Meaning Of Your Name Here and many other Meanings Which Are Not Available On Any Other Dictionary.

Urban Meaning Of Abdullah Search Urban Dictionary For LMAO


Weather In Jeddah What is The Climate In China


Do A Web Search Who is Taylor Swift Web Apple


Spell Check This Is Awesomme Spell Developeer

Text To Speech - Voice Ouptut

Sara Say Hello World In Voice Google Who is Obama In Voice

Basically if You Interact With Sara Using Your Voice She Will Give Voice Responses Rather Than Text But If You Want to Sara To Give Voice Response For Some Reason You Can Tell her "In Voice" To Get Voice Responses.

Prayer Time

Prayer Times Jeddah Salah Times Dubai


Show Calendar Calendar


What is the Day On March 4 What is the Date On Wednesday


Show News From CNN Todays News

We Support All News Channels, But We Recently Removed BuzzFeed For its Fake Reports Of Vulnerable Telegram Data.


By Now You Might Have Thought Gosh Thats Too Much For a bot, Behold This Bot Can Do Much More Than That, It Can Bear With you For Hours If You Have Some Time To Spare You can Hangout With Her Or add Her To A Group And let Everyone Admire. Basically This Bot Can talk About Everything To Anything. But Here are A Few Things You Must Not Miss.
Sara Can now Use Her Knowledge Source And Answer Tricky Questions Like

Who is Taller Obama Or Trump Who is Older Pavel Durov or Nikolai Durov Is Tomato A Fruit Is Inception a Good Movie Who is the Director of Interstellar Who is the Founder of Microsoft Cast of La La Land Who is Obama's Wife How Many Daughters Does Trump Have

And Obiously Basic Calculations Like "How Much is 32-4"

Sara My Name Is Abdullah Naseem Sara I Was Born In 1999 Sara What Happened On This Day? Sara Say Hello Everyone Sara What Happened On This Day? What is the Currency Of Saudi Arabia? Sara What is the Season?

Make Her Copy You Or Anyone Else In A Group Sara Copy Me

Now Everything You Say Is Cursed Until You Say "Stop Copying me!" Twice, For Extra Fun.

Make Her Learn New Things Sara Learn The Sun Is Hot Sara What is Hot?

Obviously This Is Temporary Since I Dont Want Users To Make This Bot A Ugly Bot.
So If You Said "Shut Up" To Sara And Now You are Here Looking For A Way To Get That Super Awesome Bot Talking To You Again, Well You Will Have To Apologize Her She Has Got Ego Problems But Sorry Will Do The Trick For Now.