Sam vs Tabby Part 1

Sam vs Tabby Part 1


Sam and his three hockey teammates had been at the bar for over three hours.Tabitha with her friend Dawn entered and sat down at a table nearby.Neither Sam nor Tabitha knew each other, but that was about to change.

Dawn, an artwork of beauty, passed by the table, flicking her long dark brown hair over her shoulder.All four sitting at a round table nearby forward tilted their heads to get a glance of her tight curvy ass cheeks snuggling inside her full length denim jeans.Bobs eyes fixating on her long legs right down to her gold sequin shoes.Steve panting and thinking of what shes wearing underneath, if anything.

Dawn turned quickly back at the table her hair gracefully flowing over her left shoulder. She stared at the three boys gave a wink and puckered her lips into a kiss, while lifting her left hand palm open up to her mouth.She blew them a kiss.All three turned bright red and quickly turned inward around the table.Dawn proceeded to walk to the bar to order up a couple drinks, the heels of her shoes clapping on the hard wood floor.

The bartender leaned over towards Dawn to hear her order, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam wave his hand.Making a circular motion with his hand to the bartender, Sam offered to buy Dawns round of drinks.This included the first drink he would buy for Tabitha.Dawn ordered two pink squirrels, the pink creme de noyaux swirled into the whipped cream topping.She was always okay with guys buying her drinks.She held one in each hand as she wiggled her way through the crowd, intentionally passing by the boys.Follow me boys, come meet my girlfriend Tabby. she said with a devilish smirk.

Just like dogs following their master, each of the guys lined up and followed Dawn over to meet Tabby.

Sam immediately taken with Tabbys long flowing golden locks pushed in close near her so he could introduce himself.Hello, Im Sam. he said, Tabby responding by dodging around Sam and introducing herself to Bob.Brothers stand together, Bob knew Sam was admiring Tabby and he desired Dawn, Nice to meet you Tabby, this is Sam!.

Tabby and Sam looked into each others eyes.Sam melted into those large beautiful blues.Tabbys cheeks flushed with colour rouge.They were definitely smitten with each other.

Party Rock Anthem boomed across the dance floor. Sam grabbed Tabbys hand and pulled her towards him Lets Dance!He said.Her face all aglow she was accommodating and followed him to the shiny hardwood.

They danced through to the end of the last song All of Me by John Legend.Both of them thinking they wanted this night to be Legendary. They kissed at the end, holding each other so tight that the fabric clothing was noticeably wearing.His belt buckled hooked on her skirt.They werent going to be departing without each other tonight.

Tabby whispers into Sams ear My place - Lets cab it! I want you to fill my world!Waving goodbye to the rest of the crew they flew threw the front doors.Sams arm in the air and screaming Taxi! Taxi!, he had been without for a couple months and was eager to use his partially hard member.

A cab screeched to a halt in front of them.Sam climbed into the back after Tabby.He could almost taste her scent of passion.Tabby gave instructions to the driver.She was in control from this point forward. She knew what she wanted and wasnt going to settle for anything less.

The cab pulled away. The drive was at least 30 minutes.Tabby impatient reached her hand and positioned it overtop Sams partial.Hard massaging and it was frozen stiff.Sam caught for a surprise leaned over for a kiss.Tabby leaned forward and their moist lips collided.Tabby reached around the back of Sams head pulling his lips in closer.Her tongue extended into and glided across his.Sams erection fully engorged, she slowly unzipped and pulled the length of his shaft from his underwear.The head of his cock full, the shaft full, blood rushing throughout his mind and body.She wanted to make him cum here and now. The head of his cock throbbing inside her mouth, he tensed up and off he went shooting a load deep into the back of her throat.Slightly gagging, she smiled, her lips firmly surrounding his length.As she pulled away, she swallowed every drop, except that which was still expelling onto his black underwear as his cock started to limp over to the side.

Were almost there kids! said the cabbie with a full smile reflecting back from the rear view mirror. Blushing they each sorted themselves up.Zzziiippp! and Sam was ready to go.Sharing the tab, they exited the cab and walked shoulder to shoulder up Tabbys front step.Sam in a low deep gruff voice stating Now its your turn! Ms Tabitha!

Tabby opened the door,and before she was across the threshold, Sam picked her up in his firm athletic arms.Stepping forward he kicked the door closed with his right heal.Are you ready to meet your match! expressing in his face a strong desire to satisfy her to the end.Tabby smiled with delight, her hair flowing over the sides of his right forearm.

Sam spotted her open bedroom door at the end of the hall.Just wait Sam! Tabby said in a panic, Set me down please!Sam sign of awe in his face did as he was told.Tabby darted into the washroom.She was a bit sweaty, so she decided to take a quick shower. Ill just be a minute!, as the water started to flow into the tub.

Sam being a patient man, wandered the rest of the way to Tabbys bedroom.He admired her silk sheets, her big puffy pillows, and her weird looking chair in the corner.The paintings on her wall were all signed Tabitha Watts.All were abstract and extremely colourful.Sam started to turn and leave when Tabbys naked breast rubbed up against his arm. He could feel her long nipple press and release from his bicep.

Sam turned and faced her directly.Tabby extended her arms around Sams neck.Her lips pressed up against his, her tongue and his meeting again.A rush of blood flowed through Sams body and all if it focused on refilling his cock.Tabbys body filled with energy and desire, pushed Sam onto the red silk sheets, with her landing on top.

Her naked shaved pussy straddled his right thigh.Her button bulging in pleasure.As she pushed for another intense kiss from Sam he rolled her over onto her back.Standing up he pulled his tshirt from his body.His pectoral muscles stretching and clenching,the veins in his arms extending and releasing.Next he pulled down his pants his hard cock standing straight up and extending high above his belly button.

Pushing both her legs forward he could see her juices were already streaming from her.He could see her button was as hard as can be.He slid his hands down her outer thighs as he knelt by the edge of the bed.Leaning forward, extending his tongue, he tasted her sweetness.Holding a hand on each hip, so she couldnt escape, he pulled her against his tongue.Sam rolled his tongue overtop of her button and re-penetrated deep inside. Tabby wiggled attempting to get away, Sam pulled her closer.His saliva mixing with her delicious taste.Reaching his right hand under he took his index and middle finger, and slowly entered her swollen opening.His fingers massaging inside as his tongue lapped up the juices on the button. She tried again the pull away, but Sams left hand squeezed her right hip gently, giving her the comfort that she needs to relax and live in the moment. Tabby let out a cry of delight,her head rolling slowly back and forth on the silk sheet.Her lower lip tightly held between her teeth. Pulling his fingers out and replacing them with his tongue, Sam slowly pushed his wet index finger into Tabbys ass which was sopping wet with her juices and his saliva.Tabby wasnt expecting this without a request, but her body didnt want to stop.She could feel it,the intensity of the blood flowing through her body starting to peak.She could feel every inch of his tongue, she could feel his index finger tilting upwards inside.Her face turning flush red,her button unable to take any more.Then as if a wave crashed upon shore,she came, she thrashed trying to get away.As she moved, he moved,her hips rolling left and right.Ohhhh my God!she cried Stop! Stop! Stop Sam!

Sam pulled back drenched in Tabbys love liquid.Standing up with a giant smile!

End Part One$c&u=

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