Sailfish OS Fan Club

Sailfish OS Fan Club


General Information

This is a Telegram group chat for all things related to Sailfish OS and Jolla. Please follow the rules, so that everyone can enjoy a positive experience.

In case of problems, message the admins privately or use @admin in the group chat to issue an alert. This group chat isn't officially affiliated with Jolla Ltd.

Chat Rules

  1. Only English is allowed in this chat.
  2. Do not invite bots, spammers or troublemakers.
  3. No spamming of any kind, including but not limited to advertising.
  4. Avoid sending texts in rapid succession so that everyone can keep up with the flow of the conversation.
  5. While off-topic is welcome, some stuff, such as private issues, politics, religion and other uncomfortable and argument prone topics are better left outside of this group.
  6. Offensive behaviour, insults and bullying will not be tolerated. Avoid confrontation. If someone's behavior is bothering you, message the admins about it in private.
  7. Be respectful of other people and their works. Any kind of discrimination is prohibited. This should be a friendly community where everyone feels welcome!

Admins will warn users who are violating any of these rules. Further violations can lead to a temporary ban from the group. Severe cases may result in a long-term ban from the group.