Safety rules when working with the Saleer service

Safety rules when working with the Saleer service

The Saleer Team

1. Hide the phone number associated with Telegram from unauthorized persons.

2. Set two-factor authentication to your Telegram account.

3. Do not indicate in the details and conditions of the order the phone number that is associated with your Telegram account.

4. Do not conduct transactions and do not transfer details outside the bot.

5. Carefully read the terms of the order before accepting the transaction.

6. Do not send cryptocurrency to the buyer before the actual receipt of funds to your account.

7. Do not accept gift card codes as a payment method until they are actually credited to your balance.

8. Check the buyer and source of funds transferred to you.

9. Do not install third-party software or accept files from unverified sources.

10. Do not disclose the phone number, confirmation codes, passwords, card details to third parties.

11. Do not comply with fraudsters who pretend to be support agents or Saleer employees.