'SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME' Becomes the Official Title of the MCU Sequel, What Will the Movie Be Like?

'SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME' Becomes the Official Title of the MCU Sequel, What Will the Movie Be Like?

After a long wait, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will revive in 2021. One of them is with the third Spider-Man film that has been long awaited by fans. Starring Tom Holland, the sequel's official title is SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

This sequel continues the franchise trend that includes the word 'HOME' in the title. Based on the shocking post-credits scene from SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME and various rumors circulating among fans, IGN Southeast Asia outlines some of the things that are predicted to be included in Peter Parker's latest adventure. Let's listen.







1. Odd Leaks from Peme

Before the official title was released, the cast of the Spider-Man film provided a leak for fans through their personal social media accounts. However, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya actually gave strange leaks, starting from SPIDER-MAN: PHONE HOME, SPIDER-MAN: HOME-WRECKER, or even SPIDER-MAN: HOME SLICE.

"(I'm) very excited to announce the title of the new Spider-Man film. Can't wait for you to see what we've done. Love from Atlanta," wrote Tom Holland following a post that included a photo of himself with Batalon and Zendaya, as well as the title of the film SPIDER. -MAN: PHONE HOME.

2. Spider-Man without a secret identity

It is estimated that the twist ending of FAR FROM HOME will greatly affect the storyline at NO WAY HOME. Peter Parker's nightmare comes true, where his secret is revealed and his loved ones must suffer the consequences for his actions as Spider-Man.

In the comic version of Civil War, Peter is willing to reveal his secret identity to the world in support of the Superhuman Registration Act until he is forced to become an underground fugitive and Aunt May is shot by an assassin hired by Kingpin. Finally Peter and Mary Jane make a deal with the devil, sacrificing their marriage in exchange for May's life and making the world forget Spider-Man's identity.







Different from the comic version of Spider-Man, Peter's situation in the MCU is slightly different, namely that he is still known as a hero according to the Sokovia Accords and has the support of the Avengers and other strong people like Happy Hogan to protect his family and clear his name. This has sparked speculation that NO WAY HOME will bring Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock back to the MCU to defend Peter in court. On the other hand, it is also predicted that Doctor Strange, who reportedly appears in this film, will play an important role in NO WAY HOME. It is highly likely that Spidey will enlist Strange's help in finding some magical method to restore his secret identity.

NO WAY HOME itself is also rumored to be involved in the film DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS in 2022. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Marvel multiverse will also appear at NO WAY HOME. Will Peter seek the help of the multiverse in hopes of finding a world where Beck has never destroyed his life? Will Peter use magic power and the journey of the multiverse to return to a better, happier life, or will he accept the responsibility he has to protect his own world no matter what?

3. Will it be a Spider-Verse movie?

There are currently rumors that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will return to play their respective versions of Spider-Man for NO WAY HOME alongside the likes of Jamie Foxx as Electro and Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus. Although these rumors have been debunked by Tom Holland, fans still believe in the potential for a storyline in which Peter gets lost in the Marvel multiverse, struggling to find his way home and team up with his otherworldly colleagues for a while.

Some of the NO WAY HOME photos revealed so far also show signs of a multiverse approach. Peter, MJ and Ned are seen hanging around in what might be called the Sanctum Santorum. IGN Southeast Asia predicts that Peter wants to ask Strange for help, but an overly curious Ned discovers some magical artifact that sends the three of them crashing into another dimension.

Furthermore, IGN Southeast Asia also mentioned that there will be a relationship between NO WAY HOME and WANDAVISION. The relationship can be seen from the chemical compounds that form the hexagon in the teaser for this film. It is probable that this is a reference to 'The Hex' that Wanda Maximoff made in Westview, NJ. If WandaVision opens the door to the multiverse, Spider-Man may be the first hero to get involved in the chaos.

4. Interesting Easter Egg in the Teaser

Fans expecting a live-action version of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE should not expect too high, given that the two previous Spider-Man films were directed by Jo.