SGAMEPRO - Playing Your Favorite Game While Mining Token "SGM"

SGAMEPRO - Playing Your Favorite Game While Mining Token "SGM"

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the SgamePro project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

About SgamePro

This decentralized mobile gaming system that uses blockchain technology to allow its customers to earn crypto currency on game content. The income is quite simple, does not require additional funds or expertise. There are many blockchain games that provide an opportunity to increase your crypto currency capital, it's enough just to make a verified and winning bid.

The developers of SGAMEPRO are patient with newcomers, they are ready to help everyone who wants to be part of the world of technology. Blockchan allows not only to ensure the accuracy and speed of execution of all transactions, but also complete transaction security. There is no fraud scheme, each platform users will be able to calculate on the timely receipt of their funds, as well as quality performance of all conditions of the transaction. However, they will be fixed in intellectual contracts.


Sgame Pro has a blockchain company that combines the benefits of crypto-economics with multi-user mobile games. This will help mobile players gain access to a very interesting multi-player version of the game in addition to the ability to extract the cryptographic token for their performance. Below are some important features of the platform:

Sgame Pro works with some of the most popular game publishers in the mobile gaming industry. Thus, Sgame Pro users can access the best games in the industry, which has millions of active players. In addition, these games are available in multi-player mode. This will make the gameplay experience more interesting.

Sgame Pro can help players make money by playing their favorite games. Existing mobile gaming platforms allow publishers to get only for in-game ads and purchases. But with Sgame Pro, players can watch new trends where active players can obtain a cryptographic token simply by playing their favorite game.

Platforms can help active players save money on their mobile games. Sgame Pro users can buy games using tokens they have generated or bought. They no longer need to spend their paper money for purchase in the app.

Sgame Pro also helps publishers to get a cryptographic token, offering quality games with interesting tasks.



We enable players to be rewarded with our newly issued utility crypto-token SGM while simply playing the world’s most popular mobile games. SGM will be the only way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions within the Sgame Pro ecosystem.


Under development since August 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spend. Our entire focus is on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and we have developed several technical innovations in favor of Players, Publishers, Merchants and Influencers.


Our platform aggregates the fragmented sector of independent and major game Publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming platform where Players will have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously only single player. This innovation is truly disruptive given that 78% of the mobile gaming market is single player while most of the revenues stem from multiplayer games.

Sale Details

Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)
Symbol: SGM
Type: ERC20
Main Sale: Sept 2018
Price in Main Sale: CHF 0.12
Exchange Rate ETH/CHF:24h prior Main Sale
Currency: ETH
KYC: Required

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 350m
Sold to long term strategic partners (lockup period): 139.5m
Crowd Sale: 55m
SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83m
Kept by Issuer (lockup period): 51m
Advisors & Founders (lockup period): 15m
Bounties & Airdrops: 6.5m


November 2016 : Project start
April 2017 : Development phase start
October 2017 : Alpha Version launch
January 2018 : Partnerships with Influencers & Publishers
March 2018 : SGM Pre-Sale
April 2018 : Platform blockchain integration
2nd Quarter 2018 : Launch of Version 1.0
Main Token Sale
July 2018 : Expansion of partnerships with Influencers & Publishers
November 2018 : Launch of Version 2.0 (extensive set of new features added)
Marketing campaign US/EU
March 2019 : Target user base of 1mm
May 2019 : Marketing campaign Asia
September 2019 : Target user base 3mm

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