Most people have heard of Bitcoin, the underlying cryptocurrency and its potential. But they have also read about the risks and daily volatile movements. You might ask yourself, how can I benefit and participate in these wonderful new instruments, and at the same time minimise my risk? 

Project Description:

Securix has a product which gives their tоkеnholders a passive inсоmе, with this tоkеn they enjoy the premium bitсоin mіnіng services.Securix does not hide their costs behind netto output structures whatsoever! Securix does a 45% gross revenue share with their tоkеnholders.The purchase of hardware will be done throught the PUP Model, which results in the best ROI per mіnіng hardware. Securix works with a re-invеst strategy, this will mean that hundreds up untill thousands of new mіnіng hardware will be purchased or a buy back burning program. The option which will result in the most beni-ficial ROI and increase of tоkеn value. The core values of the tоkеn holders are kept in highest regards.

How does it work? Our token gives you access to our mining service and, in turn, grants you the rights to a percentage of our total mined bitcoins (“gross mining revenue”) each month. As long as you are the owner of the tokens, our smart contract will transfer a portion of the gross mining revenue in Ether to your wallet each month.


The name of the token is SRXIO. Single Token price 1 SRXIO = 1 USD Minimum investment = 100 SRXIO. Acceptance are ETH (Ethereum) BTC (Bitcoin) BCH (Bitcoin cash) and USD. Pre-sell start date 04 August 2018 Pre-sell end date 26 September 2018. Pre-sell minimum buy-in 5,000 SRXIO = 5,000 USD or equivalent in ETH/BTC/BCH.

Crowd sale start date 27 September 2018, end date 30 November 2018.

Token distribution: 77% - Tоkеnholders, 15% - Team, 6% - Research and Development, 2% - Bounty Program.


Whitepaper is available for download in English. As of October 11, 2018 in telegram-23824 followers, facebook-7356, twitter - 5138, linked in- 123, medium -52, instagram-79, bitcointalk and steemit. There is a YouTube channel called securix. io (106 subscribers).


In July,23 2018 was website live; in September, 26 was end Private Pre sale. In october 2018 will be facility operational and electrical upgrade; start Private Pre sale; in September,27 will start Crowd sale; in November,30 will end Crowdsale, in desember will hardware purchase and installing Mining hardware. In 2019 will be internal testing, megavault APP live, start operations, first Monthly gross revenue output.


The team consists of 16 people, which of them 2 founders and 6 advisors.

Jacobus Donkersloot is founder and chief executive officer, CEO Fintech-capital B.V. His interests are voracious consumer of all forms of media, especially computer soft and hardware, games and gadgets. Following multiple markets, including cutting-edge IT and ICT solutions, Block chain technologies and development in cloud based services. Addicted to fitness, healthy eating and living. Love travelling and learning about new cultures.

Damian Strauss is founder and chief operations officer, founder Fintech Capital B.V. His interests are Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Logistics, Supply chain management, Bitcoin, AI, Machine Learning, Ethereum, POW, POS, IT, Telecom solutions, Sports, Strategy games. 

Team of Securix it is team of blockchain experts, business specialists, IT developers, economists and investment experts with several decades of combined experience.

Advisors. Jimmy Cox is Belastingadviseur, Tax Consultant, Dutch Tax Law, International Tax Law. Hendrick Jan Duijn is International Tax Partner at DTS Duijn's Tax Solutions. Boyan Josic is founder, CEO - MOGUL MEDIA, Blockchain Media, Giovanni Casagrande is ICO and STO Advisor, ICOBench Expert and Growth Hacker. Naviin Kapoor is digitization, Blockchain expert, project management, business analysis, Fintech, business transformation. Khaya Maloney is Blockchain solutions architect, ICO strategy and businesss development advisor.






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