SDN application in DCI, SD-WAN, 5G, causing your brainstorm

SDN application in DCI, SD-WAN, 5G, causing your brainstorm

The network spans the globe, connecting billions of users and devices, and the average software-defined network connection is essentially within 100 feet, and most people think that every SDN application is completely in a separate data center. Although with the development of cloud computing, cloud data centers use SDN more, combined with SDN applications, but it is difficult to see how SDN is used in data centers or between SD-WAN, 5G and even CDN networks. But in fact, SDN is experiencing its unlimited potential. The following will be explained in two directions, one is DCI, the other is SD-WAN and 5G applications.

First, how will SDN be applied between DCI?

One method is to locate the SDN to applications outside the data center, such as the transmission network. The transmission SDN is obviously an application outside the data center. In the development sense, it has no connection with the data center, but is responsible for transmission, but in fact SDN provides a jumping point and proposes and defines a new and broader key value proposition that addresses some of the challenges of data center interconnect implementation.

The success of SDN in the cloud data center is mainly because he solved two problems. First, SDN can build many L2 layer Ethernet subnets to carry multi-tenant applications, and can easily integrate cloud deployment tools, such as OpenStack, Docker, DevOps, etc., for easy deployment and redeployment. Second, SDN can build a flexible network structure for cloud providers, avoiding the Trunks mismatch between pure layered switches and single-homed switches, which means that it is compatible with traditional network switches, saving costs and more. Optimize your network.

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