SD-WAN hosting service

SD-WAN hosting service

The emergence of software-defined network technology has been in the forefront in recent years. Non-software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a popular one. Coupled with the popularity of cloud technology, it is estimated that 40% of enterprises will adopt SD-WAN in the next year.

In recent years, two SD-WANs, VeloCloud and Viptela have been acquired by VMware and Cisco respectively. Many firewalls, wide-area acceleration, and UTM manufacturers have also launched their own SD-WAN technologies.

SD-WAN can replace MPLS technology, or reduce MPLS dependence, which is not good news for service providers, but many service providers also shoot SD-WAN to provide services, business-critical services or low-latency applications, still use MPLS Or IP-VPN line, other secondary services use Internet broadband. SD-WAN can also be used as load balancing to speed up application connectivity.

SD-WAN can greatly reduce the cost of WAN, and can also be used as a fault-tolerant or transmission-less secondary communication to reduce overall cost, even for MPLS backup, simplifying the complexity of traditional WAN deployment and fault-tolerant deployment. Because MPLS has better quality assurance, service providers also provide SLA, some key applications, I believe that will still be transmitted in MPLS, so the hybrid solution will be the main trend of SD-WAN in the future.

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