Roommate Shift Ch2

Roommate Shift Ch2


Cynthia gasps as Roberts cock slowly penetrates her from behind. She kneels on the couch. Her elbows resting on the armrest. Her big tits dangled down, her small tee had been pulled up so he could easily play with them. Her shorts lay on the floor where Rob had casually tossed them.

Last night was the second time they had sex. Now this was the second time today. Just like the last two times, her need, her lust, controlled her body. Forcing her to submit to her roommate, regardless of the fact that she was a lesbian.

And what was a lesbian that craved cock? Cindy didnt know. All she knew was that she couldnt deny it.

Her tits slapped together as her body shook to Roberts thrusts. Shivers of pleasure ran from her well pounded twat to the tip of her scalp. She moaned her bliss at the still unfamiliar cock thrusting inside her.

In this moment it didnt matter that she was a lesbian. That she was attracted to women. For now, the cock was her master. The dictator of her pleasure.

Oooh! Yes! Yes! She gasped as yet another strong orgasm washed over her. Robert slaps her cute round ass as she cums. Enjoying the feeling of control over his roommate.

As she collapses against the arm of the couch he grunts his own orgasm. Filling her with his hot seed. He grabs her long red hair, forcefully pulling her head up. He nips at her neck as he pumps every last drop into her trembling body.

That was amazing Cindy. He says pulling his softening cock out. All she can do is gasp, and moan at the empty feeling inside.

A few days later, Cynthia found herself chatting up a cute blonde in her poly-sci class. She actually preferred brunettes, but Amanda was attractive and busty. And not afraid to show off what she had.

Cindy needed to spend a night with a woman. To feel another girls soft yearning physique pressed against hers. Not Roberts rough, demanding body. His big hard...

They agreed to meet at the club that night. The redhead excited to go out again. To be who she truly was.

She had on pink, skintight pants. The sides of which were sheer lace from ankle to waist. Showing that she wore no panties. She also had a matching pink silk top. It was basically a bralette. Leaving her midriff exposed and barely holding in her big breasts.

The music was loud and erotic. The place was packed, even on a Wednesday night. She found Amanda toward the back. Wearing a short skirt and button up shirt, open to her navel.

Smiling, the two girls enjoyed a drink. Then the blonde pulled her out on the dance floor.

Their bodies swaying together in time to the music. Their rhythm slowly matching as they dance. The two young lesbians savoring each other. Looks, scent, movement they drink each other in.

Soon hands start tentatively exploring. Caressing wrists. Dancing up arms. Fingers entwining.

Amanda steps closer, their big breasts mashing together. Her hand slips behind Cindys neck pulling her close. There is an electric thrill when their lips touch.

Cynthia enjoys the way the blonde is taking command. Glad that she isnt Robert. Glad to be out with a woman.

As their tongues do their own dance, Amandas hands move down the redheads back. Causing delightful shivers as delicate fingers dance down her spine.

Cynthias own hands move inside the other girls shirt. Caressing their way around her midriff. Well below the womans red lace bra and her big tits.

Their kiss seems never ending as Amanda squeezes Cynthias ass. Her pussy tingles excitedly. Ready to take things to the next step.

Their kiss finally breaks. The two lesbians gazing deep into each others eyes. The crowd around them forgotten.

Cynthia bites her lip and smiles. Demurely looking at the blond through her eyelashes. The signal clear. She belonged to Amanda for the night.

Before, her lovemaking would always be on a mostly even level. But tonight Cynthia needed to be taken. She could feel it. A strange lust like she had never known before that first night with Robert.

Amanda swats the redheads ass through her pink pants. Grinning when the coeds only response is to push her body closer.

Lets go back to your place. Amanda whispers in the redheads ear. Nipping at her earlobe.

They leave, and soon find themselves at the apartment. Robert seemed to be out, Cynthia notices.

She leads Amanda to her room, but before she can open the door the blonde shoves her up against it. Cynthias hands are pushed above her head, her palms against the wood. Her tits mashed against the door. roommate could be home any minute. She gasps.

Then shell find youre a lot kinkier than you let on. Wont she? The blond taunts. One hand pulling long red hair. The other sharply swatting Cynthias cute ass.

Unlike when Rob spanked her, there was no pleasurable cock as a counterpoint to the pain. Just the sting as the blonde vigorously swats.

Yet Cynthias body responds to the unwarranted punishment. Tingling with excitement at the pain. She yips with each strike. Her pussy throbbing and yearning.

Amanda grabs the waistband of Cindys pink pants. The submissive girl gasps when they are yanked down. Exposing her bare ass and wet cunt.

Looks like my bit of Candy likes to be punished. The blonde murmurs in Cindys ear. Her hand sliding down a pale ass. Fingers sliding between clenched thighs. Rubbing the girls wet pussy.

Amanda kneels down and grabs Cynthias knees. Pushing her legs apart. Swatting the insides of her thighs when she doesnt spread wide enough.

Cynthia moans loudly, her cheek pressing against the wood of her door, as the blonde licks her soft wet peach. Delighting in the feel of the other girls tongue pressing deep inside.

Not filling her like Roberts cock, but this is so much better. Isnt it?

The sharp scent of the wood in her face, Cindys eyes go wide. Feminine fingers spread her asscheeks apart. One begins to lightly circle her sensitive anus.

Instead of protesting, she lets the blonde do as she wishes with her submissive body. She groans when the finger dips into her wet cunt then presses against her anal bud. Parting it like a reluctant flower. Cynthias ass is penetrated for the first time.

The door shakes in its frame as Cindys body shudders. Her orgasm skipping a couple steps and surging through her immediately. She lets out a strange low moan, and grinds her tits against the door.

Slowly, excruciatingly, she comes down from her orgasm. Collapsing in a heap at the blondes feet.

My turn, you little whore. Amanda commands. Pushing against one of the redheads tits with her red, high heel pump.

Cynthia shivers, strangely excited by being called a whore.

Later, Cynthia hears Robert come home. She lays on her back on the bed. Totally nude.

Amanda sits on her face and grinds. Slapping the redheads big tits and pinching her sore nipples.

Cynthia eagerly and obediently laps up the other girls pussy. Happy as the blonde comes again and again.

I dont know that Id do it again. Cynthia says the next day. Snuggled close to Estley on the coffee shop couch.

Sounds like you liked it though. The Asian woman says.

Cindy nods, sipping her mug. Yeah. Thats not who I am though.

Are you sure, The older woman asks with a pointed look.

This is Hannah. Robert was introducing the cute little brunette that hed had over a few times.

Nice to meet you. Cynthia gives the girl a friendly smile. Hannah was very cute. Short, maybe just over five feet. Thin with perky B-cup tits. A short pixie cut framing her cute face. And from the looks of things not wearing a bra tonight. Cindy could make out the dark of the girls areola through the thin t-shirt.

The three spent a little time talking about classes. It was obvious to Cindy that the shorter girl was impatient to take things to the bedroom. She couldnt blame her.

It had been a few days since her night with Amanda. She was slowly starting to feel the need for Robs dick again. The kinky fuck with the blonde seemed to have taken the edge off. For a bit.

The couple soon retire to Roberts room. It isnt long before Cynthia can hear the brunette gasping and moaning in pleasure. From the sound of things Hannah was really enjoying herself.

Her own lust rising, Cynthia goes to her room. Leaving the door open so she can hear the couple fucking. She quickly sheds her clothes.

Laying on her bed she pulls out the dildo she had ordered. She slathers it with lube. Then she spreads her thighs for the inanimate lover.

With Hannahs cries in the background, Cindy slowly pushes the fake cock up her love canal. She groans with the sensation of the intruder spreading her apart. Of it penetrating her.

She pushes it deep. Deeper than she could before. She takes nearly the whole thing before she has to stop. Gasping and whimpering with her lust.

She holds it there. Just relishing the feeling of being filled up.

Slowly she begins pushing the dildo in and out. Eventually an orgasm starts building. Almost as if her body is reluctant to be pleasured by this toy.

By the time she does cum the other couple have already started round two.

Cynthia lays there. Alone on her bed. Her juices leaking onto her sheets. Tired and not even close to satisfied.

Cynthia really enjoyed going to the campus LGBTQ meetings. The group was so inclusive. So nice. Like her, it was basically the first time in their lives most of them could truly be themselves.

It was Tuesday evening and there was a large turnout. They were planning an upcoming rally at the end of the month. It seemed like everyone wanted to be involved.

After the meeting she found herself crafting little rainbow flags with a couple girls at one of the tables.

She had met Jen and Noel before. They were partners and very friendly.

As the trio discussed the upcoming rally Cynthia began to feel like they were probing her. At first she thought they wanted her to volunteer for something at the rally.

When Noels hand lightly landed on the back of her own, Cynthia realized they were flirting. A bit clumsily, but sweetly.

What are the two of you doing after this. She asked the lesbian couple.

Jen smiles and answers, We were planning on having a glass of wine at home. If youre interested wed love to have you. She blushes at her own, unintentional double entendre.

Id love to. The redhead smiles at the couple. She had never been part of a threesome. It had always seemed like something people in Hollywood did. Now though, the thought of it excited her.

They take her to their apartment. A corner loft above a small restaurant.

Noel pours glasses of wine. Then they all sit on the couch, close together. Cynthia between the two young lesbians.

As they drink and talk the woman touch the redhead more and more. Hands brushing her shoulders, squeezing her wrist, resting on her thigh.

When Jens fingers brush the back of Cynthias hand, the redhead turns. Their eyes locking.

Cindy leans forward and finds Jens welcoming lips. She caresses the other girls cheek with her hand. Happy to share a tender moment with another woman. Eager to share the pleasure and joy of their lovemaking.

Yet, at the back of her mind is the thought of Robert and his hard cock.

Noels hands reach around and under Cindys shirt. Fingertips trailing their way up her tummy. Hands coming to rest on the redheads big breasts. Squeezing the magnificent orbs through her lace bra.

Jen finally breaks off their kiss. She smiles as she lightly turns Cindys face toward her partner. The girls pull the redheads shirt off. Then Jen unhooks the lacy bra, letting Cynthias big tits free.

As she kisses Noel, the lesbian couple both delight in playing with Cynthias big breasts. Both girls were C-cups at best. Cindy moaned as they both enjoyed the opportunity to experience something bigger.

Cynthia pulls Noels shirt up and squeezes the girls somewhat smaller tits. The sensations from her massive orbs as the couple plays with her pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

The couple stand, pulling Cynthia to her feet. They lead her to the big bed. Set in the corner behind a pair of screens. Shedding clothes as they go.

The trio spend some more time taking turns making out. Naked on the bed. Hands, fingers and tongues exploring young nubile bodies.

Soon Cynthia moans as she lies on her back. Noel sits and grinds on the redheads face. Cynthias tongue licking deep in her wet peach.

Jens own face is pressed between Cindys pale thighs. Licking and sucking the redheads pussy.

Over a couple hours all three girls orgasm multiple times.

Cynthia kisses both partners at the door as they see her out. Happy and smiling, she walks home.

Thursday evening Cynthia had no plans to go out. She spent some time tidying up the apartment and watching tv.

She was only wearing a thin white tank top and pink cotton panties. She couldnt help herself. Her desire had been building, and the threesome with Jen and Noel, while exciting, hadnt done anything to curtail it.

Robert had obviously been checking her out when he was home, but he had to keep going out to run errands.

Finally Cynthia gasps when he grabs her from behind. Pushing her up against the wall. So like Amanda.

I hope this is ok? He whispers. She just nods. Excited, desiring his touch. Her pussy throbbing with need.

He reaches under her shirt, roughly squeezing her big tits. She whines in pain and pleasure when her pinches her nipples.

Cynthia grinds her round ass back against him. Delighting in the feel of pressing against his hard cock.

Beg me for it. He whispers in her ear. A shiver running through her body at the command.

Uuunh! Fuck me. Please fuck me. I need your cock Rob. Please, fuck my slut pussy. She begs him. Aroused and humiliated by her need.

He pulls her into his room and shoves her back onto his bed. Reaching down and yanking her pink panties off.

Panting with her lust, Cynthia spreads her legs obscenely wide. Exposing her wet cunt.

When Robert strips the redhead cant keep her eyes off his erect dick. Hungry for it. Ready for what its going to do to her.

She moans loudly as he climbs on her. Shoving his dick deep inside her. Her fingers scratch down his back as she is overpowered by the sensation of being taken by a man.

Robert grabs her shirt and yanks it down pulling her big tits uncomfortably out the top so he can suck and kiss them as he has his way with her.

Overwhelmed with sensation Cynthia has a strong orgasm. Shuddering underneath her roommate as he jackhammers her pussy.

Oooh! Oh yes Robert! Yes!

Finally he spills his seed inside her. Then he collapses next to her and rests.

Cynthia rolls over and snuggles his chest. So different from her female lovers. So masculine.

Her body buzzes with the pleasure he gave her.

Hannah wont be mad? She asks him.

Nah. She knows weve hooked up a few times. Technically she still has a boyfriend back home. And she made it clear she doesnt intend on being exclusive. He assures her.

Mmm.Cynthia sighs. I like her. Shes cute.

Sleepily The redhead looks around the room. Whats with the dioramas?

Robert grins sheepishly. I also have a big, ornate train set that I crafted myself. Its stored in my parents basement for now. He ponders for a moment. I think it has to do with control. When I was younger my dad died. Thats when I started stuttering. I felt like I had no control over my life.But when I crafted these models I had control over them. Through my hard work and following a set of rules I could craft the outcome of these little worlds. He brushes her red hair and kisses her forehead. My stutter is gone, but this need for control still remains.

Cynthia stayed in Friday night. Lounging in a pair of blue, lace, boy short panties and a pink silk crop top.

She needed him again. But Rob had gone out. She couldnt stop thinking about his dick. She found herself lightly brushing her pussylips through her lace panties, or pinching her nipples through the silk top.

She sat up when the door opened. She had been watching a racy movie on the couch. Cindy felt a twinge if disappointment when Hannah came in behind Rob.

Disappointment turned to humiliation when she realized the cute brunette had caught her in her lingerie. Basically throwing herself at Robert.

Would she be angry? Would Hannah want to punish the redhead?

Lookin sexy. The brunette grins at her. Then Hanna lightly squeezes Roberts crotch. But, if you want Robs cock you have to wait till Im done with him. You can have my sloppy seconds. The girl tosses back over her shoulder, with a friendly grin as the couple enter Roberts room.

Cynthia pinches her nipples as she enters her own room. She grabs her dildo.

She will need to release some of her tension.

Later, Cynthia lays on her stomach. Drowsy in her bed. She had given herself a pair of decent orgasms and was now waiting to see if she would fall asleep or get up.

The door to her room opens. Robert enters, naked. His dick erect and glistening.

Hannah stands in the doorway pulling on her shirt. Fuck her good. She tells Rob.

Cynthia grunts as her roommate climbs on top of her. His dick slimy against her ass. Still slick from fucking the little brunette.

Nice. Hannah grins as Robs dick spears the redhead. Cynthia groaning in pleasure. Her already heightened body quickly rising to the sensation.

Cynthia hears the apartment door close as Hannah leaves. Robert fucking her once again.

She is more than happy to receive the brunettes ‘sloppy seconds.

Over the next few days Cynthia would let Robert touch her around the apartment whenever and however he wanted. She seemed to be horny all the time now and his attention was the only thing that slaked her bodys lust.

She would wear little more than lingerie. Making clear that she wanted him. And that he was free to have her.

He would happily grab her and shove his hands under her clothes. Mauling her tits, squeezing her ass, groping her pussy. No soft sensual foreplay like she was used to with most of her female lovers. Just him taking what he wanted.

They would watch tv on the couch and he would pull off her shirt. Freely playing with her tits for the entirety of a movie. Laughing with delight once when she had a small orgasm from this alone.

I told Hannah all about your new found lust, Robert told her. He had bent her over their small kitchen table and flipped up her short skirt. After yanking her panties down he had started rubbing her cunt.

With her tits pressed against the table she had closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. The redhead just moaned.

She wants you to join us tonight. She wants you to lick her pussy while I fuck you from behind. He tells her.

Whatever you want. Cindy moans. Just wanting his touch to never end.

She groans loudly as his dick easily slides into her.

Sure enough Hannah comes over early that night.

What did she say. The brunette asks after kissing Rob.

She said yes. Rob says. The couple turning to look at the redhead.

Ive never been with a girl. Hannah says stepping close to Cindy. The shorter girl pulls the lesbian into a kiss. Cynthia eagerly makes out with the brunette in front of Rob.

Thats hot. The boy says grinning.

Youre soft. Just everywhere. I like it. Hannah grins as they break their kiss.

The trio head into the bedroom Robert stripping when they enter. The girls disrobing a little more slowly. Pausing to kiss and touch.

Robert sits at the head of the bed and slowly strokes his hard dick as the girls explore each others bodies.

The girls sit on the foot of the bed caressing, touching, and kissing. Hannah seems delighted by Cynthias breasts.

Theyre so big! The shorter girl says. I can see why boys like them. Cindy gasps when the brunette sucks both her nipples.

Cynthia pushes the smaller girl to her back as she kisses her way down Hannahs body. Pausing at her much smaller B-cup tits. She is excited to find the other girl clean shaven. Hanna gasps when the redhead gives her bald pubic mound a few light nips.

Then the shorter girl gives a long moan when Cynthias lips reach her tender pussy. Cynthia licks and kisses and nibbles for a few minutes before finally flicking the girls clit with her tongue.

Oh! Hannah gasps grabbing Cindy by her long red hair.

Robert grabs the redheads hips and pulls her around to the edge of the bed. Then he leans in and shoves his hard dick deep inside his roommates waiting cunt.

He pounds the redhead balls deep as she eats out the brunette. Hannah gasping and moaning her pleasure. The shorter girl is the first to cum. Though Cindy isnt far behind.

Soon they swap positions. Hannah taking Roberts duck while she inexpertly, but enthusiastically licks Cynthias pussy. The redhead giving her pointers between lustful moans.

As the night wears on the girls happily play together while Rob rests up between his orgasms. The two coeds never needing to stop. Nor do they want to.

Eventually the trio is finished. The two girls snuggling on either side of Robert as they fall into a blissful slumber.

Saturday night. Cynthia had gone to the club alone. She had a couple drinks and enjoyed dancing with a couple attractive girls.

Her lust for cock had ebbed since her three way with Rob and Hannah. She had planned on picking up some attractive young woman and enjoying some normal lesbian sex.

But as she danced she realized that wasnt what she wanted. Not the ‘normal part anyway.

Something had changed in her. Not just the craving of cock. Also her level of kink.

She left much earlier than planned. Not quite sure how to handle the realization.

It was Monday morning. Robert and Cynthia had happened to be home at the same time. She had just gotten back from the gym and he from a class.

Rob had pushed her over the arm of the couch and yanked down her yoga pants. This time he didnt ask permission or anything.

Just spit on his hand, lubed up his cock, spread her cunt, and fucked her.

He was done quick. Filling her with jizz. Wiping his cock on her ass. Then walking off.

Cynthia realized there was something satisfyingly degrading in a quickie. It was all about him and his cock. His need. His immediate lust for her. She was just an object that turned him on, and he needed to use right away.

She hoped he would do it more often in the future.

Im your slutty little pet. Cynthia tells Robert. She bites her lip nervously. She had sat next to him on the couch. Wearing a sheer white babydoll negligee and nothing else.

What? He turns to her with a grin.

She slides a hand up his hairy thigh. Into his shorts. I have a need. One I cant deny. I trust you to help me with it. Her body tingles with excitement as her fingers find his quickly hardening cock.

She had never really played with his penis before. Never really even touched it.

Now she was interested. She was excited to play.

His cock felt so big in her grip. So warm.

She pulled his shorts down, his cock springing free. Almost as if it was eager to get at her.

She kissed her way up his hairy thighs. Fascinated by the thick veiny rod.

Cynthia wraps her fingers around the base and gives the spongy tip a kiss. Like this? She asks.

Mmm, yes. Think of it like a popsicle. Lots of licking and sucking. And no teeth. Thats a good start anyway. He instructs.

She takes a long slow lick of his cock. From the base to the tip. An excited lesbian giving her first blowjob. Then she takes a couple inches in her mouth and sucks. Tasting a salty bitterness coming from his dick. ‘Precum? Cindy wondered.

She releases it and licks it up and down the sides before taking it in her mouth again. A little deeper this time. Sucking and licking.

Roberts moans excite her. She loves to be the cause of his pleasure, just as she has loved to go down on her female partners.

St...start tugging on the base. He orders moving his hand to hers to guide her.

Slowly she pumps the shaft as she sucks the end. Taking it as deep as she can before she starts to gag.

Ooh, Im..Im going to cum. He moans. I want you to swallow it all. Swallow my load.

Cynthia can feel his dick twitch in her mouth. Then suddenly it was shooting hot goopy jizz. It was slimy and bitter and disgusting and she loved it. She felt so dirty swallowing gulp after gulp. There was so much!

When it finally ended she gasped for air, before kissing his tip again. The dick getting soft and shrinking. She was fascinated by the whole process.

Cynthia looked Robert in the eyes. I need you to use and abuse me. She admitted.

She was his whore. And she could accept that.

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