Rome in the Wee Wee

Rome in the Wee Wee


(2 Mar) A world with one more cyber-community of hundreds of millions of people suffering from collective mental illness is a nasty thing.

Symptoms of a mental patient: reading out many imaginary stuff out of what should have been a simple question, and then ranting hysterically.

For example, a Chinese swimmer named Sun Yang was banned from competition for eight years after the International Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that he had taken drugs illegally.

If this man with surname Sun had reacted a bit more forthright to admit that he violated the rules and then took a bow in apology, the incident could have been brought to an end given the norms of Western civilization and the spirit of forgiveness of the Christian world. 

However, this person with surname SUEN  refused to admit it even the court has provided evidence. In this way, athletes from other countries and swim organizations would have contempt for him.

A smart nation should not have pledged the dignity of 1.3 billion people on such trivial matter, and insisted that the Western rules crowd out or discriminate Chinese, or that the international swimming organizations were bribed by the U.S. empire out of jealousy towards China's rise and prosperity. If you go on a rampage like this, the civilized world will gradually turn its contempt for Sun Yang himself into a contempt for the ethnicity to whom he belongs.

Just the discovery of the banned drug in the urine of this dishonest swimmer has absolutely nothing to do with what historians called the Tacitus trap.

When Paul McCartney was arrested for seizing marijuana at the Tokyo airport, British didn't accuse Japan of attempting to avenge its defeat in the Pacific War.

Piss is piss. You don’t have to be able to see through a set of Roman Empire theories with magnifying glass off the bubbles on it. If you can see from the splash of Sun Yang's urine and swim a chess game of great powers, the suppression of the Boxer Rebellion by the Eight-Nation Alliance, “Amazing China”, the American advance on Trump’s trade war agreement, and Mao Zedong's speech from the Tiananmen Square in 1949, allmixing up into a collective ethnical hatred and clamour, then please go to the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital in Hong Kong to have a check. There is no patients with Wuhan pneumonia in the Castle Peak Psychiatric Hospital, there is no quarantine needed, so no worries, and making an appointment is very easy. 

Ethnic psychosis coupled with internet invented by American, the sickness would instantly manifest itself in a Wuhan Virus-like geometric proliferation.In this age of cell phones, the fate of a ethnicity is sucked into that inch-sized silver screen. Compared to the lunatic boxing bandits a hundred years ago, it is like the Yellow River flooding and going out of control.

Under the landscape of this era, it is not so easy to keep one's composure and never get involved. It is because this group of mental patients will ask you: Are you a Chinese or not?

In fact, just ignore it. Nothing makes any sense. It doesn't matter if you are a Chinese or not. Just a gentle reminder to them: Hey, calm down, it's just a puff of piss from a Chinese guy named Sun Yang.

Source: Apple Daily