Roller Banners Are The #1 Face-to-Face Portable Signage Tool

Roller Banners Are The #1 Face-to-Face Portable Signage Tool

Jay Hopkins

Roller banners are free-standing, in-person advertising tools that aim to generate interest, sell more product, and encourage customers to take the next step towards conversion. Thanks to their affordability, stylish design and large form factor, they are the number one face-to-face portable signage tool on the market today.

If you interact with customers face-to-face, whether during sales pitches, at an exhibition or a trade show, you will undoubtedly benefit from banner ads. Roller banner ads help to make your company appear more professional and are a great way of building your brand.

Roller Banner Ads Captivate

In our media-saturated world, it can be difficult to grab people’s attention. But well-designed banner ads can do just that, even in a competitive environment, such as a trade show.  

If you're still wondering what roller banners are, they can be seen picture here on

What a blank roller banner looks like

Research suggests that companies only have a matter of seconds to convince customers to interact with them using roller banners. Successful banner ads, therefore, communicate their message in as few words as possible and make use of pictures to convey additional information. If you’re selling food or drink, you can use high-quality images of your product on your banner ad to entice customers and get them to make snap purchase decisions.

While many firms use banner ads as a way of communicating specific messages, they should also simultaneously build your brand. Roller banner ads help to recreate digital and media branding messages in person by taking the original digital information and printing it out in physical form. This is one of the reasons why roller banners have become the number one face-to-face portable signage tool: they allow firms to accurately transfer their branding from the digital to the physical realm.

Building Brand Awareness

Roller Banners Convey Contact Information

Another reason roller banners have become the go-to in-person advertising tool is their ability to convey contact information.

Companies can use roller banners to encourage communication across a range of platforms, including social media. Roller banners are, therefore, a lot like landing pages. Not only do they communicate the customers about the value of a product or service, but they also provide a call-to-action: an opportunity for viewers to take the next step and move along the conversion funnel.

Roller Banners Visualize Your Product

When you think about it, it’s often hard for customers to see your product at a trade show, especially if your stall is crowded with people. Roller banners help to get around this problem by prominently displaying images of your product, unimpeded by human traffic. Roller banners, therefore, are a great way to continue to generate interest even if your stall proves highly popular.

Roller Banners Create Intrigue

Customers respond to two things: superlatives and novelty. People either want things to be the “best,” the “greatest” or the “fastest,” or they want to see something that they haven’t seen before.

Roller banners are the perfect tool to communicate original or superlative marketing messages and generate intrigue. People naturally want to investigate things that they haven’t seen before, so use your banners to convey unusual ideas, thoughts, or even jokes.

Author: Jay Hopkins, Writer, Traveler and Business Expo Specialist