Roger Lajoie

Roger Lajoie

Roger Lajoie

They gathered inside the boardroom inside one of those overly designed skyscrapers. The room had an impressive view overlooking the city, taller than any other building or more acutely not overlooked.

Inside where a select range of very wealthy individuals, collectively they had a larger wealth than most countries. They could have anything they wanted and that's why they are all here. The room is laid out with named seats all directed towards a stage. Waiters and aides looked after the clientele's needs. Soon the lights flashed, the guests showed to their seats and all waiters and aides left the room. The doors are locked and guarded.

A slender tall woman strides onto the stage, she knew M Division was going to have a very productive day. She radiated confidence. She looked over the audience ages ranging from early 70s to late 20s, all powerful. Some are CEO of large companies, some own hedge funds, some come from old fashion money, and some are celebrities. All are women who know what they want safe hentai porn movies

"Welcome ladies. I hope your flights and accommodation is to your requirements, if there are any issues please use your unique M Division phone to advise your personal concierge of your required changes. Today is all about you. You are special and deserve what you want. That is why we are here. That is why M Division sent you an invitation to this very exclusive event. There is one thing in your lives you are without, something that fails to satisfy your drive, your desires, your appetites. Something if you are male there are plenty of services that could address your needs. But as powerful women you are deprived of, I am of course talking about your sexual desires, your orgasms. If you were a powerful man you could have any woman made to your requirements all to match your fantasy, your needs and leave you truly satisfied. You are deprived as powerful women. You are expected to make all the effort, run a business, run a company, run a family, look attractive but suffer substandard orgasms, suffer average sex, criticised for having fantasies and not have them satisfied. But why? Why should this be? The reason is women need more than men. It's not just a tight pussy and big tits that make us orgasm. We need seduction, we need romance, we need mental stimulation, we need emotional connection, we need to dominate, we need to be dominated, we need security we need all of these and more to be truly satisfied with a lover."

"As a powerful woman you don't need just a male bimbo, a slut to bang away at you many of you have a husband or partner who does this already. No matter how amazing a cock he might have you need and deserve more. That is why we invited you here and that is what we are going to show you today."

"Walking onstage is Gerrard. As you can see he is a fine figure of a man at nearly 2 m tall and heavily sculpted in muscles. Gerrard will you please remove your gown and allow our clients to view your body."

"I think you will all agree he is exquisite. Gerrard is trained to be your PA, or guard, or secretary or be any role you require. He is able to speak eight languages and can coordinate all aspects of your life. Gerrard's previous occupation was an SAS officer so you know he can and will keep you safe. He has been educated in all customs and social etiquette."

"But as I can tell you are all focused on his beautiful body. Give us a twirl Gerrard while I run through the enhancements you can see."

"You can see the size and girth of his cock are very impressive. What's more his cock is customisable. We will 3D scan your sexual stimulation points identifying exactly where the nerve bundles in your body are located. We then design the perfect cock to stimulate your clitoris and g spot and any other parts that haven't been labelled. Gerrard's cock and pubis also includes implanted devices that vibrate and stimulate you further. We place these again to match your body maximising your experience. His cock is described by M Division as a living hot-blooded rampant rabbit whose batteries never run out. Mind shattering orgasm guaranteed. Gerrard, please lift your cock up. Now ladies let me explain what you are seeing Gerrard is a showcase of all of our offerings. What you can see is a second cock equal in size but shaped to allow dual penetration. Let's be honest some of us here enjoy anal and some enjoy double penetration M Division is showing you that you can have anything you want.

"An M Division man will sexually fulfill you like no other man. You can also fully configure the size shape and ability to ejaculate of his second cock. Other additional options are the ability for both cocks to self lubricate. Dryness is no longer an and you no longer have to think about applying lubricant jelly. You can configure one or both cocks to include the ability to create lubrication from penile glands circulated all around the cock. This enables you to act immediately on any horny impulse with minimum preparation and remove any discomfort leaving only your enjoyment. Also, all M Division men are infertile. There is no need to worry about contraception with these boys. Also, you can configure the taste of any M Division ejaculate. From sea salt to Cherry you can pick a flavour it's all about your taste and desire. Gerrard's cum tastes of cinnamon and cardamom kind of like a Chai I hear (she involuntarily smiles and there is a polite giggle from the audience). All M Division men have advanced immune responses although it's not impossible for them to catch an STD it is incredibly hard. This allows you to share your M Division man if you want to with minimal consideration of who so if you want to watch your M Division fuck your husbands arse or pleasure your best friend you can do so with near zero risk to your health again we are removing a barrier from your pleasure safe sites with sexy girls in lingerie "

"The most disappointing sex any woman can have is when you want it, you deserve that orgasm but, he cums after a minute. Your wet, sticky and unsatisfied. Truly disappointing. You deserve better, M Division men are about your pleasure that is why all of our models come with M Division patented cum control. Your M Division phone allows you to control your M Division man's sensitivity, ability to cum, everything to maximise your pleasure. You can set him to always simultaneous, so he can only cum with you, squared where he can only cum after your second, voice command where he cums only on your order. You can set him to never cum if it's not important to you. Sometimes it's fun to play with a man teasing him. What better way than using your M Division phone to maximise his sensitivity and enable voice command cum control then watch him squirm at your slightest touch. All these are possible with M Division."

"If you thought that was all impressive there are more tricks to an M Division enhanced cock. Gerrard can generate electrical stimulation. There are buds that are placed on his body and cock matching the location of your clit and nerve bundles. The M Division man can generate a range of electric stimulation that can make them tingle twitch or even make your pussy clamp down. When you combine this with the size, girth, pleasure shaping and vibrating implants well I think we can all imagine. Put it this way we are never short of volunteers for quality assurance testing."

"One final point on the M Division designed cock, you can control its size and shape through your M Division phone. That's correct we at M Division create as near perfect a cock as possible but your tastes and desires can change. An M Division cock has to change to meet your needs. Your phone can adjust length, girth and customise certain other aspects within 20% of its current dimensions. More than this will need a trip back to M Division for optimisation."

"Gerrard please stick your tongue out. Now ladies oral pleasure is an absolute key area for M Division. Here not only is the tongue long and dexterous it is also 3D shaped with two erecting sections, so he can erect his tongue to the size of an eight-inch cock hitting your g spot and simultaneously lick your clit. We have tried further increasing the tongue size but have experienced issues with speech, if this doesn't matter to you the maximum capacity for the oral cavity is an 11.5 inch cock."

"M Division men all come with enhanced olfactory and senses including smell, taste, and sight. These are utilised to learn your body and your body language. We can't build an empathic man, yet, but M Division men can learn your body language to understand your needs without you having to expressly tell him. He should be able to sense when you are horny and fulfill you, sense if you are stressed and relax you, sense you need excitement and thrill you. This is not a one trick bimbo. You deserve more."

"Let's carry on with our tour around Gerrard. Gerrard has an enhancement cybernetic implanted allowing M Division to train all required skills. The implant is combined with his enhanced senses allowing him to understand your mood, desires, needs. He has an amended sleep pattern requiring only four hours of rest and is programmed to use the hours to maintain his physique or meet your daily requirements. An M Division man can spend all night making you cum over and over again. When you wake the next day his body will be ripped from a workout, and he will be making you breakfast and getting your coffee. You are at the centre of his universe."

"The programming includes training on how to be your PA, secretary, mechanic, IT support, masseuse, personal trainer, physiotherapist. An M Division man should be able to complete anything you need him to. But here at M Division we believe a man should be even more to you. Some of you have had children and like all women have experienced muscle damage and bladder weakness. The M Division man's cock can be utilised to improve tone and therefore reduce or even cure bladder weakness. Remember the electric stimulation, yes this can be utilised to improve your vaginal muscle tone. Have your M Division man lie on his back slide onto that impressive cock or cocks and ask him to do your keloid workout. Just sitting and riding his cock daily will give you an amazing vaginal tone. Then just ask for a happy ending."

"The M Division software also allows you to specify behaviour. You want Gerrard to be bisexual or submissive or dominant you can do this through your M Division phone. You can use an M Division man for anything you want or whatever turns you on. You want cuddles and romance perfect. You want him to tie up your husband, so he can watch while you fuck your M Division man no problem. Or maybe you want your M Division man to fuck your husband while you watch, it's all your choice."

"Before we open up for questions I will go through our volunteer criteria. M Division men are volunteers they know what they are signing up for and fully consent. Gerrard here as I mentioned earlier is an ex SAS officer after his last tour he experienced significant trauma and psychological issues. After several years without help we found him and offered this solution. He fully consented to the modifications and his future roles as do all of our volunteers. In fact, Gerrard stipulated for his gunshot scars and bomb blast scars to be retained as a memory of his former life. We completely respect this and think it adds to his sex appeal."

"Thank you for listening and watching our model demonstration.

We have eight models here today for your review all with different specifications to showcase our service. If you have any questions, your personal sales aide will guide you. For those who accepted the overnight package you can request a sample offering as part of your stay."

The lights slowly rise and seven more M Division men appear on stage then all eight take up positions around the meeting room allowing inspection and discussion.

Theresa stood up and made her way to Gerrard. She slowly walked around him eyeing up every square centimetre like a child with an ice cream. Her personal sales assistant quickly joined her side.

"Do you have any enhancements you would like to review?"

Theresa looked at the sculpted male in front of her and felt an excitement her 62 year old body hadn't communicated for a long time. She felt wet with excitement just looking at his ripped body. Her eyes lingered heavily on his core. She reached out and stroked his chest.

"I'd like to upgrade my overnight package to include Gerrard showcasing his massage skills also I would like details around who and how a volunteer occurs, the timeline for the enhancement process and the financial commitment."

"Yes, certainly I have confirmed your requirements and if you can press your thumb here to accept the upgrade. Thank you."

The assistant guided Theresa to a screen.

"Our volunteer criteria is detailed here, we need the subject to sign and confirm the changes. I would say, if the subject needs convincing of the benefits we can put a presentation team together our main priority is you and your satisfaction above all else. May I inquire if you have someone in mind?"

Theresa turned and looked at Gerrard's tight ass. Then, slapped it.

"Yes, yes I do."

"Excellent, if you provide the details we can create an estimate of the package requirements, timeline and cost estimate."

"Here is his name and email address."

"One moment."

The sales assistant opened a browser and searched the name for a few minutes. She researched and configured the screen, spoke through her communication headset and a smile appeared as she confirmed the setup. While this occurred Theresa inspected another model called Sebastian. A woman called Kyle was laughing as she touched his cock and got a tingle from the electric buds.

"Your sample is ready to review, I believe we found the correct subject, I understand he's a member of your trade staff representing your property business. We accessed his social media and online picture storage and created a 3D avatar. As you have shown an interest in Gerrard I have given him a similar initial configuration. He is not as tall but broader, I added muscle here and definitions here. I applied a single cock solution and this is set at 10 inch with 4 inch diameter. I have applied vibration pads to the pubis and primary cock, electric stimulation pads in the pubis, cock, fingertips and tongue tip. There is a 3D sculpted tongue set to eight inch. I have given him cinnamon and cardamom flavoured cum. I specified the standard tongue size allowing clear speech, I assumed you still want him as a trader, the language pack reflects languages for all locations you have business holdings. Enhanced skills include masseuse, guard, IT, advanced chef, physiotherapy and personal trainer. Standard modifications are in place for example, strength, stamina, sleep pattern, and M Division phone integrations. Would you like to edit this further?"

"Broader, more upper body muscles, stronger arm muscle definition. Firmer and bigger ass. Very nice. How long would this take?"

"Enhancements would take around 8 weeks. Since our volunteer may take some time to reach agreement we have a lag phase of two to four weeks to bring him on board."

"And cost?"

"An estimated €4.2m."

"I could buy a jet for that."

"But would a jet make you feel as alive as staring at that perfect ass and earth-shattering orgasms on demand?"

"If I have to wait 3 months do I get a loaner."

"I can see what can be arranged. We value your custom and faith, so I'm very confident we can make those days move quickly."

Caitlin surveyed her customers. All were hovering around the models. Stroking their bodies, feeling their cocks kissing their lips and feeling their tongues. Many had placed deposits for orders. Looking at the account so far they had taken €50 million in orders. Estimate for the weekend will be closer to €100 m. Very successful indeed. Caitlin looked at the overnight guest list. Looks like her models will be very busy. Caitlin headed off to ensure the night schedule met her customers' needs.

Theresa surveyed her room, a luxurious suite, but she had seen many such suites that novelty had passed years ago. She checked that her luggage had been correctly hung and waiting in the bar was a bottle of her favourite drink, a Japanese whiskey and a bottle of mineral water. She poured a generous measure. There was a knock at her door, she tapped her M Division phone allowing entry for the sales representative and Gerrard. A massage table was also brought in. The sales representative reintroduced Theresa and Gerrard and mentioned that Gerrard would be with her until she was deeply asleep or until you instruct him to leave. Gerrard was dressed in clean white trousers and a very tight white T-shirt. Looking the part of a masseuse. After the representative left he smiled and asked if he could fix himself a drink. He made two old-fashioned and handed one to Theresa she hadn't realised, she had downed her whiskey while the table was set up. She felt all giddy like a teen again not at all like the women she normally exhibited.

"Let me know when you would like your massage."

"You were a SAS officer?"

"Yes, I was stationed in, well I can't tell you but you can guess."

"And shot and blown up?"

"Yes I can't recommend either."

Theresa laughed too much. Was she flirting? She hadn't flirted since.

"Did you kill people," she asked too quickly


"Did they deserve it."

Gerrard thought for a moment

"I'm not sure anyone deserves it. But it was either me or them. Sometimes them or someone else. Always under instruction and reasoned."

Theresa was quiet for a moment

"Are you as wealthy and powerful as iv been briefed?"

"Yes. Probably more so."

"Must be exhausting all that coordination, all the shadow working, must drain you."

"I do wonder where time goes. I see myself every now and again. But you can't exhibit any doubt in your conviction."

"Let me show you how I can help you have that restorative time. If you would change into your dressing robe I can free up some of that energy."

Theresa looked at her 62 years and wondered what Gerrard would think. She still had a bit of mum pouch and her breasts and bottom hung lower than she cared to admit. But then she remembered this was about her pleasure, her needs. She didn't need to be body conscious around him. He was here to serve her needs.

Theresa wondered out, Gerrard lifted her gently to the table. She flushed at his grip and strength and how easily he just manhandled her.

"I will start on your back and go from there."

Gerrard's hands moved her muscles, tendons so powerfully but never painfully. Her shoulder and back felt 15 years had been removed. Her feet felt relief then her ass. Wow! He never touched her pussy, but she practically dripped in anticipation.

"Now flip over."

Theresa rolled over the dressing gown slipped revealing her breasts, they looked like a 62 year old pair of breasts that had fed two children. Gerrard's locked eyes with hers as he gently lifted her and removed the rest of her dressing gown.

"We won't need this."

Gerrard gently massaged her face, then chest bone but not her breasts. Theresa's eyes were closed, but she opened and found Gerrard's face close, that smile, those lips. They kissed and Gerrard gently kneaded her breasts. For Theresa, it was a whirlwind of senses as Gerrard licked, massaged, kissed and sucked her breasts. She could feel an electric tingle from his tongue that made her gasp and squirm. Her pussy creamed.

Next a gentle finger massaged her pubis. Her bush was tidy, but she again became self-conscious about grey pubes. But by god that felt good.

Gerrard sucked and teased her nipples as he made sure her clit woke up. He used his electric touch to gently stimulate her clit. Gerrard's improved senses allowed him to see Theresa like no other. He could see the micro changes in her skin as she became hornier and wanting. Her scent had changed as her pleasure increased. He can see an electric map light up as her clit and nerve bundles become awake.

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