Roadtrip: Greenport

Roadtrip: Greenport

Fast-forward to the following summer. I can't remember what we did with the kids, but we had the whole afternoon and evening to ourselves. Our only general plan was to see a 5 o'clock movie at the Mattituck theatre, beyond that we would play it by ear. As we dressed to go out I noticed what Paula was wearing. White jeans with a rather thin, printed tank-style top.

"I'll go commando if you do." I offered.

"Is that right."


"This top is way too thin for me to do that."

"Well, those jeans don't look too thin to me." Hoping to at least salvage as much as I could.

Giving me a sideways look, Paula took her jeans back down, pulled off her panties and pulled the jeans back on.

"Happy now?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Thank you." as I kissed her. She kissed back enthusiastically so the plan was working.

We were early for the movie so we had a quick beer at the bar across the street from the theatre. I had read a positive review of the movie in the local newspaper and also hoped we could do a little making out in the theatre. This was another weird thing that we often used to do back then - make out like teenagers at the movies. Don't ask me why, it makes no sense. We have cars and a house for that, yet I would almost attack Paula in the theatre and she was almost always a trooper. She would even let me pet her quite a bit considering the setting, but she would never pet me back.

On a related note: I do remember one movie we went to during this same basic timeframe where she pretty much voluntarily ditched her bra and panties in the theatre bathroom before we went to our seats. I'm so pissed at myself now for not recognizing her level of arousal that day, probably because I hadn't initiated it and also because my normally raging libido was at a nadir at that moment. She wanted to sit in the last row and while she didn't say so (and really never could) I think she wanted to blow me in the theatre. Think Alanis Morriset from 'You oughta know.'. Oh, to have the chance to do things over!

Back to Mattituck: the movie sucked. I mean really sucked. We left like 15 minutes into it, something I've never done before or since. We didn't even stay to make out. With the extra time on our hands we started driving east. Now I should mention that eastern Long Island has like 80 wineries and we had hardly gotten on the road before we came upon one. We agreed to stop and partake of some of their samples. Despite the squandered movie we were in good spirits and the wine contributed to Paula's kissy-ness. 

I really can't remember the exact timing but after the winery we made our way to the picturesque town of Greenport. While there are a number of restaurants and bars there, it's not really a party town, at least it wasn't back then. There are shops, bars and restaurants and of course the waterfront. We walked about holding hands and I had to cool my jets as she explored a shop or two. As evening approached we chose a restaurant that had rooftop seating and had a nice dinner. The whole day had been nice and what happened next, while totally unplanned by me, made it forever remarkable to me.

We both stopped at the restrooms on the way out of the restaurant and as we parted I asked Paula, "How about you ditch the bra."

Of course I finished before her and was waiting outside the ladies room when she walked out - and imprinted an image that remains forever and permanently etched in my memory.

"Ta-Da!" Paula chimed as she stepped out, shoulders back and her now obviously unfettered breasts swaying beneath what I then realized was indeed a very thin top.

It's amazing I didn't trip over my feet or walk into a parking meter as we made our way down the sidewalk as I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The heft, jiggle and sway of her unleashed breasts now coupled with hardening nipples had me totally mesmerized.

"Want to stop for one more beer?" I asked.


I was a little worried that she would be too self-conscious in her revealing state to do anything but race to the car but she seemed almost proud of herself. Her confidence was exciting and my showing her off, and her showing herself off, was arousing. She took a seat at the bar right next to a gentleman and I sat next to her. We enjoyed a beer each. Other than the bartender, we didn't have any conversation with anyone else in the bar and the light was pretty dim so I doubt that anyone noticed anything, but it was exciting that she chose to sit next to a stranger, not I.

Finishing the beer I was totally ready to take this hot piece of ass home for some good fucking. As soon as we got into the car and the doors were closed I grabbed her. Running my hands over those fantastic tits and tugging her nipples through the thin fabric of her top, our tongues dueled in a deep kiss. Moments later I unbuttoned her jeans, reaching my hand down to find a wet, well-groomed pussy. I slid my middle finger easily into her as we kissed and she moaned into my mouth. Pulling it out and breaking our kiss, I slipped my finger into my mouth, savoring her deliciousness. Back to kissing, again I slid my hand back into her jeans, she squirmed as I glided my finger over her clit to bury it again into her wetness. She was really heating up and I wondered if I should make her cum. Ever the manipulator, I decided I wanted to keep her frustrated until we got home and could fuck properly. I again pulled my hand out, but this time I pushed my soaked digit into her mouth where she licked it clean without complaint, almost relish.

"We have to get home, pronto!" I declared, pulling away from her and starting the car. I pulled out of the parking lot and began driving home.

Without a word, Paula adjusted the center console up and out of the way. She undid my jeans and pulled my rock-hard cock out and commenced sucking me. She literally sucked me all the way home, bobbing and licking. Looking back this had to be a record for us as it takes like 40 minutes. I asked her if she wanted us to stop so I could bend over the hood and fuck her but she said no and resumed her oral attack. I guess either the distraction of driving or her care in keeping me below my threshold kept me from cumming. Needless to say, there were no preliminaries once we got into our bedroom at home where the minimal clothes we were wearing were promptly dispatched and my cock was buried in her.

We settled into a nice, deep rhythm of fucking when I decided to jerk her chain.

"Did that yummy little pussy enjoy rubbing against those jeans today with no undies?" I asked.


"Did those gorgeous tits have fun swinging and swaying under that little top today?"


"I noticed you sat right next to a stranger at the bar. Did you want to him to see those awesome tits?"




"Then why did you sit right next to him? You know those fantastic tits were showing plainly through your top."

"I didn't sit next to him for that."



"Oh, I think you did. You knew how great you looked and you wanted to show them off. I better be careful with a wife who knows just how nice her body looks and wants to show it off."

"You know I'm not like that Sean."

"Oh, I'm not sure I know any such thing. I think that maybe you really want to be a little hotwife. I think that you might want a strange cock."

"No. You're being ridiculous." She's sounding a little worried.

"Get onto your hands and knees you bad girl." I command, rising up and pulling her over. She complies. This line of talk stirs me up and it feels like my cock is harder now than ever. I can't tell if it's stirring Paula up or worrying her but that's half the fun. Now on her hands and knees, I again slam my cock into her waiting pussy, doggy style. 

"Yes, I think perhaps you've decided that a strangers cock could be a fun thing."

"No, no. I only want you Sean."

I reach over to the nightstand and pull out the 'toy'. An anatomically correct, firm latex rubber vibrator that we've had fun with together on occasion when Paula's really cranked up. Whether or now she's had fun with it alone, I couldn't say. 

"Oh, I doubt that, the way you sat right next to him with your wonderful boobs sticking out through your top. Did you ask him to fuck you?"

"NO! Of course not! You were there!"

"Well, I asked him to come over and here he is, hard and waiting for your sweet mouth." And with that I held the toy next to her face, pointing up at her.

She looked over at it only a moment before plunging her mouth down onto it, fellating it with abandon. 

Having my cock repeatedly pounding her steaming pussy and pushing the other cock deeply into her mouth must've triggered something inside of Paula as she began to really work against me. Watching her perform her oral talents on the other cock as she rocked against me with such ardor proved just too much and I exploded, sending torrents of cum into her clenching pussy. I don't know if my groans or the whole situation finally got her but Paula too came, shuddering and spasming against me.

We both collapsed and I moved beside her, my cock still inside her. We fell into a deep sleep. No pajamas, no tissues to contain the leaking cum, just deep, deep sleep.