Review of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull

Review of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull

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At the end of June 2019, Xiaomi announced a new smart electronic lock based on the already well-known (and very popular in EU/US) Mijia Smart Door Lock . The second lock in the Mijia line was named Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull. Like the previous model, this lock can be opened in the same six ways: fingerprint, digital password, temporary digital password, NFC, Bluetooth, emergency mechanical key.

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The fingerprint sensor in this lock is also located in the handle, but the handle has 2 degrees of freedom, it can deviate from its axis 15 degrees forward and backward, thereby opening or closing the door (Push-Pull technology).

As in the previous model, this lock features “live 3D identification” technology, which allows you to put your finger at any angle to the sensor. The lock memory can store up to 50 different fingerprints.

The lock can also be opened using a digital password, a temporary password (generated once or repeated from the application), an NFC tag (using a card, phone or other device with this technology), via Bluetooth via the Xiaomi Mi Home application.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull is integrated via Bluetooth into the Xiaomi smart home system. Through the Bluetooth gateway, it can participate in various scenarios of interaction between smart devices, when you open the lock, you can turn on and off the lights, various household appliances, etc. Moreover, different fingers can be entered into the memory of the lock and different scenarios can be assigned to the events of opening the lock. For example, you can configure the scenario of sending an alarm message when you open the lock with a finger.

Like its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull smart electronic lock is equipped with a cylinder mechanism with protection against drilling, knocking out and other types of mechanical impact. The cylinder (cylinder) of the lock is designed for emergency opening if, for some reason, electronic opening of the lock is impossible.

When an unauthorized access to the lock cylinder is attempted, a siren sounds, and the owner receives a notification on the phone.

We install Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull lock in smart electronic doors manufactured.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull

Model Mijia MJZ NMST 01YD.

Designed for doors with a thickness of 40 to 120 mm.

For left and right positioning in the door.

Opening Methods: Fingerprint, Digital Password, Temporary Digital Password, NFC, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key.

Dimensions: 365.6 x 75.6 x 24.5 mm.

Surface treatment: electroplated polishing and varnishing.

Black color.

Encryption method: up to 50 digital passwords.

Biometric sensor: up to 50 fingerprints.

NFC tags: up to 25 devices.

Password length: 6 to 10 digits.

Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ Communication

protocol: Bluetooth 5.0

Power supply: 4 or 8 AA batteries

Emergency power supply: Micro USB

Operating time with 1 set of batteries: approximately 15 months (with 10 door openings and closings per day)

Remote opening: yes, via Bluetooth.

Automatic notification: when an incorrect fingerprint or an incorrect password is entered (after three attempts, the lock is blocked for 5 minutes), when the batteries are discharged, when an attempt is made to break the lock cylinder.

Alarm signal: when attempting to burglarize, at low supply voltage.

Application: Mi Home

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