The following story is written by a dear friend of mine. I told him his story is amazing and he has a unique way of writing. I then ask ifI can post it here, and he said yes. Thus with Daddyz Dreamz permission, I am posting it

I was in my car, driving from Texas to Virginia.My girlfriend, who had been living with me for four-and-one-half years had left me only two months ago andgone back to her family in Norfolk but (HAPPY DAY) she had called me the day before to ask if she could please come home.

We had, over the phone and together, worked out a few ground-rules for our being together and I was extremely happy to be going to pick up the woman who was to be my wife.

My company had given me a month off with pay as a Wedding gift, so I had no worries on the time element.We had agreed that I would drive out, spend the week with her, and we would be married the following Sunday.

It was 2:30 am when I finally stopped at a Motel 6 near Knoxville, Tennessee to get some sleep before driving on into Norfolk the next day. I had just gotten into the room and undressed when my phone rang.It was her, my beautiful Trisha, calling me just to say, Goodnight.As I heard her sultry voice, my cock sprang to full attention.My God, what a voice!If I have told her once, Ive told her a thousand times she could make a fortune with that voice on a 900 sex line.

James, its Trish, she said.

Hello my love. What are you doing up at this time of morning?

Just thinking about you. Getting ready for bed and wishing you were here already.

But Baby-doll, I said, Im driving a Chevy pickup, not a fuckin F-16 jet.

I know lover, but I just want you so bad.I want you inside me James.I want, no, I need to feel your hard, throbbing cock deep in my tight, wet pussy.I need to feel your warm cum shooting up inside me.God, I want you so bad James.

I know lover, I said, starting to get an idea.I want you too baby.I want to feel your soft, sweet lips on mine.I want to run my hands over your sexy body babe.Id love to be lightly pinching your sensitive nipples right now.Matter of fact, in my mind, I AM kissing you and playing with your nipples.Close your eyes baby. Can you feel it Angel? Can you feel my hands and my lips on your soft skin?

OH GAWD, YES!!Oh , James, do me baby! Oh, I need you so bad!

Now, my love, Im slowly and gently kissing my way down your neck, around your sweet throat, down, down into the luscious valley between your gorgeous breasts.My tongue is tickling the sensitive underside of your left breast, now the right one.Im slowly circling my warm, wet tongue around and around your right breast, the circles getting smaller and smaller as I get nearer and nearer to your nipple.

Oh James, she said breathlessly, oh please suck my tits baby.Please!

Not yet lover, I said, teasing her.Soon, love, but not just yet.Now, Trisha my darling, Ive left your right breast and moved back to the left one.Im slowly making the same journey up this side as on the other, using only my lips and tongue.Im getting closer, ever closer to your hard little nip baby.There! Im sucking your hard little nipple into my mouth.Im just barely touching it with my teeth.

Ohhhhh baby, Im gonna cummmmmmm, she cried.

Then cum my darling, I said, cum good for me baby.Mmmm your nipple tastes soooo good honey.I love the way it feels in my mouth.Ohhh, I have to go to the other nipple now baby.Dont wanna leave it outta the fun.Im sucking your right nipple now my sweet.Sucking it up hard into my mouth.Im biting it baby.Mmmm it tastes like candy.Oh, but that was good.Almost nothing I like better than your sweet, hard nipples, Mmmmm.

Now, sweetheart, Im slowly kissing and licking my way down your belly honey.Ohhh, whats this?Must be where the Injun shot ya huh?Well, Ill just have to use my tongue and see just how bad you was shot baby.Mmmm, not too bad.And now, into the enchanted forest.Feel my tongue parting the hairs baby.Feel my breath as I blow gently on your sweet clit.Oh, baby, you taste soooo good!Your juices are flowing now honey and theyre just as sweet as Honey too. Delicious!My favorite desert!

I kept talking in a flowing, soft voice, almost a monotone.Telling her what my minds eye was seeing as I envisioned doing the very things I was saying.I knew she, by now, had her fingers deep inside her tight pussy, wiggling them hard to bring herself off.My woman is very sexual and has a variety of toys, most of which I have used on her at one time and another.

Suddenly, from the phone, I heard a long, low moan and, in a quaking voice, she whispered, James, oh, James, I love you James.Please lover, fuck me now. Oh, fuck me hard James.I knew she was using her Blue dildo, her favorite toy, and was fucking herself with it.

Then, in an almost normal voice, she spoke again.James, my darling, are you in bed yet?

Yes, I told her.Im lying here, nude, waiting for you to come out of that bathroom and get in bed with me.

Is your cock hard James? she asked in her most sexy voice.

Oh yes, baby, this cocks like a rock and it really needs some attention.

Now, its my turn darling, she said.First, you need to close those sexy Blue eyes and watch me.See what Im doing to you as I kiss your lips and gently bite your lower lip.Now, Im kissing and licking my way down your chest, taking each of your nipples into my hot mouth and rolling them in between my tongue and teeth, then biting them gently.Can you feel my hot breath as I softly blow the hair on your chest?

Ohhh yes baby.Ohhh I feel it.Keep it up honey.Keep going sugar, you aint far enough south yet baby!

Im nibbling lower, toward your belly.Am I far enough yet my love?

No lover, not just yet, I said.

Now, Im down to your navel.Ohhh, whats this big pole?I didnt know you had internal phone service!Oh and look at this would ya.What in the world is this?Why, this pole must be alive!Theres something leaking right from the very top.Now, I gently running my finger through this liquid, putting it to my lips.Mmmmm, this tastes good.Kinda like Cotton candy.Now, Im using my tongue instead of my finger.Ohhhh baby this stuff is soooo sweet, I must have more.Im taking the head of your hard cock in my warm, wet mouth.Im gently biting the shaft, just under the head.Now, lover, Im taking your hard cock in my mouth, deeper and deeper every time I bob my head baby.Ohhhh, I want to make you cum honey.Please cum in my mouth.I need to taste it James.Ohhhh cum darling cum for me.Shoot your jizz right on my tongue.Ohhhh, baby, I can taste it mmmmmff, mmmmmmmmff.

With her talking in that super-sexy voice and saying what she was, it didnt take long.I hardly had to touch my cock before I was spewing sticky white cum from the tip.I dont know just how high I shot because my eyes were shut, but, when I woke up, there was dried cum on the other pillow!

Im back on the road now and I can hardly wait until tonight when I get to Norfolk and I can hold my sweet Trisha in my arms once more.Gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!!


By: Daddyz Dreamz

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