Results of work 17.06.2018 - 17.07.2018

Results of work 17.06.2018 - 17.07.2018

Viktor Manin

The general state of the market and its capitalization

All of us witnessed how the mood changed in the cryptocurrency market. Everyone watches and worries about the rate of the most popular crypto asset - Bitcoin. Many things have happened last month:

-   Hitachi will launch a blockchain payment system of account verification with a fingerprint

-   CME Group: trading volume of bitcoin futures hit record highs

-   The first EFP-transaction in the cryptocurrency industry took place

-   In California, the first purchase of real estate, issued through a blockchain

-   The index of dominance of bitcoin increased to December values

-   The number of Lightning channels in the bitcoin network for the first time exceeded 10,000

-   Facebook allowed advertising of Coinbase

-   Mastercard has patented the method of accelerated processing of cryptocurrency transactions

As we can see, there is a race to get rights for startups, services, patents. Skeptics have got some losses and they will be fuel for a new growth in the industry. Perhaps we'll see the fall down to the level of 4800 for one Bitcoin, but it is unlikely.

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is  $300 818 685 575 


Interest to the market returns and we again stepped over 300 billion. Soon the SEC will consider the ETF, and it is a very positive moment. But it is not worth counting on, but you need to comply with your risk management or trust us.

At the moment, the share of bitcoin is 46.9%


The main players on the market


The picture of the players hasn't changed for 4 months. We, as always, recommend increasing the number of your bitcoins.

Despite the general decline in the market, our traders conducted successful deals. But most of the funds are in positions. We can distinguish:

BTC/USD long buy 7224 - sell 7404 - 21.08

BTC/USD long buy 7745 - sell 8244 - 24.08

BTC/USD long buy 8146 - sell 8333 - 26.08

BTC/USD short sell 8280 - buy 7927 - 27.08

BTC/USD short sell 7969 - buy 7841 - 27.08


Each of you is part of the system and you need to act to change it. Only the strongest will stand on the market. Only those who look to the future will remain and understand the importance of this moment.

Recently, our efforts have launched a compensation fund for bounty hunters. Many projects haven't fulfilled their promise to the community and we help to compensate for the time spent. Details you can find on the link

Study, analyze and only then act, or trust us, those who already have experience.