Results of the work 17.02.2018 - 17.03.2018

Results of the work 17.02.2018 - 17.03.2018

Viktor Manin

The general situation on the market and it's capitalization

Cryprocurrency market now behaves like a raging sea. A month ago, we mentioned that such fluctuations would repeat. At the moment, we see a drawdown of the whole market.

Nowadays everyone wants to earn on the cryptocurrency, but very few people understand that they need to provide themselves with other sources of income, which are connected with cryptocurrencies.

Earlier talked about the regulation of the cryptocurrency and how it will affect the market. China is again trying to attract attention through bans on cryptocurrencies. But now the US has been very successful in this:

  - Facebook and Instagram already banned the ads of ICO projects

  - Search engines Google and Baidu in the nearest future will also ban ads

  - Social network Twitter will prohibit advertising of digital currencies, token-accounts and cryptocurrency wallets

Counteies feel a threat on the financial system. They are afraid that their fiat system will not survive competition with honest crypto assets.

At the moment, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is: $ 295,437,798,537

 There is much talk about the "Holy Grail" of the next bull rally. Many discuss and think about when, and if, it will begin.
  There is a very plausible date that can bring a lot of positive moods and, consequently, money to the market.
  From May 14 to May 16, Coindesk conducts the Consensus event with more than 4500 participants. And the participants are not retail investors, these are large companies, for example accounting firms such as KPMG, EY, PWC, banks such as ABN AMRO, Citi and Scotiabank, huge companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Procter & Gamble, as well as influential investors such as CME Ventures.

At the moment the share of bitcoin is 44.5%. Growth of 10% shows that investors prefer to wait for a drawdown in bitcoin:


Main players on the market

Today, the site gives such a picture of market leaders


The picture of the players practically did not change for 2 months already. We, as always, recommend increasing the number of your bitcoins.

We would like to cooperate for a long time. Our team has already developed a new start-up, which will give a choice to conveniently cooperate with the traditional market and the cryptocurrency market. Soon there will be some news about this.

Despite the drop on the market, our traders had successful deals. But most of the funds are in position. We can distinguish:

BTC-SIB entrance 05/03/2018 - 0.00021900 (transaction not closed)

BTC-GRC entrance 03/03/2018 - 0.00000595 (transaction not closed)

BTC-KICK entrance 07/02/2018 - 0.0000063-0.0000066

BTC-KICK exit 07/03/2018 - 0.0000070-0.0000073


Each of you is part of the system and you need to act to change it. Only the strongest will stand on the market. Only those who look to the future will remain and understand the importance of this moment

Study, analyze and then only act, or trust us, those who already have experience.