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Write the topic statement on a chart or board and give students a few minutes to think of their choice. 2. The first student turns to the next stu- dent in the circle and says, “If I were an animal, I would be ______.” 3. The second student then makes a relevant and respectful one-sentence comment about what the student said. Responsive Classroom® Morning Meeting is a fun, friendly, and power- ful way to get Also see “Teacher Language That Enriches Morning Meeting” on . maker. *Dice. *Easel chart and paper. *Flash cards. *Index cards. *Markers. *Name cards. (include photos if possible). *Pair cards (same food, number, quotes, etc.). Lynn Bechtel is an editor and writer at Northeast Foundation for Children. She wrote the chapter on Morning Meeting in middle schools that appears in the expanded edition of The Morning Meeting Book. Doing Morning Meeting: The Essential Components (videotape) from the Creators of the Responsive Classroom®. Morning Circle, also known as Morning Meeting, is often a daily lesson in both general education and special education classrooms. The primary purpose of the Circle is to sup- port each child to establish membership in the class while developing a classroom com- munity and culture. The Responsive Classroom Approach The Most Valuable Part of the School Day: The Morning Meeting. The story about the dog had me in tears and is the is the perfect example of why morning meeting is so important for creating a safe and supportive community in your classroom. For many years, I've been collecting tried-and-true greetings and activities for Morning. Meeting from K–8 classrooms across the country. I find these in classrooms, at work- shops, in teacher rooms, and over dinner conversations. I jot them down in notebooks, on the back of envelopes, on odd scraps of paper, and on 21 Dec 2017 Full-text (PDF) | Background/Context: There are few examples from classrooms or the literature that provide a clear vision of teaching that simultaneously promotes rigorous disciplinary activity and is responsive to all students. Maintaining rigorous and equitable classroom discourse is a worthy g Responsive Classroom support the work of the Northeast Foundation for Children,. Inc. It is a nonprofit, educational who brings structure, the richness of activity and a gentle joy to childhood; and who is not I was paraphrasing the ideas of mentors and authors; I had been given so much by other teachers who shared. Before the activity begins, write the names of songs on cards, one song to a card. Each student will need a card. Choose the number of songs based on the number of students in class that day and on the size groups you want students to end up in. For example, if you have twenty-four students and you want them to.

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