Response to issue #5 on template #55

Response to issue #5 on template #55

Roie Ambulo


Man, you keep digging issues when you even don't have a chance to win. I don't understand.

I hate to say this is a one-off case but it looks like. I don't think this will occur on newer articles (2019-present). What's wrong here is that my template detects only proper source information. In this case, it looks like it contains two authors.

The only way to get other information (source and photo credit) is matching it by regex. And the only common identifier we have here is the colon `:`. I don't think we should match "Šaltinis" or "Foto". It is possible text like "Iliustracija" (translates as Illustration) and others will be use. I also don't think we match it after the pipe " | ". It is possible to have a second author like what we have here

So what I did is to match it properly if a colon is set as source or photo credit. This is the only way we knew that it is other information versus second author.

Thank you.

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