Reservists of the Army support General Zapateiro and critique Gustavo Petroleum

Reservists of the Army support General Zapateiro and critique Gustavo Petroleum

Greater than 40 associations and also associations that comprise the active reserve of the public power, released a joint claim in which supported the leader of the National Military, standard Eduardo Zapateiro, this profile of the crossing of trills with the legislator and also presidential prospect Gustavo Petro.

In the claim, the reservists assured that" "Our team strongly support the placement of Mr. gustavo petro General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, through which he speaks up for the institutional honor as well as self-respect of those who with dedication and institutional dedication are at the company of the terrific passions of the Homeland." They also declined that the death of the army eliminated in the country is actually used for political reasons.

They stated the placement that the overall did not abuse post 219 of the Constitution, which guarantees the general public power is non-deliberative, this prior to the action that Zapateiro created him the candidate of the Covenant Historic: "Under no instances may be thought about as political consideration the solution of the god general Zapateiro just before public accusations notorious and untrue a presidential candidate, (...) through contrast, are actually the Military Forces was actually the initial establishment to keep and appreciate the legal order."

Furthermore, the retired military guaranteed that the job carried out by the Army may not be questioned and also "even less, that it is by means of aspersion as well as notoriety." They asked for that governmental applicant Gustavo Petro prevent "declarations that seek electoral profits and also display unawareness of the thorough method of picking generals," the statement stated.

In the two-page statement, the 40 companies and also affiliations additionally slammed the pep talks made through presidential applicant Sergio Fajardo, along with that of congressmen Roy Barreras as well as Iván Cepeda. They guarantee that" "They are actually the image of a rigged political discourse that targets to confuse as well as disinform to influence the trustworthiness and eminence of one of the companies most enjoyed by Colombians." petro gustavo Gustavo Petro The Public Force Reserve refers to as on "all Colombians to stand joined through bordering and also sustaining our marvelous National Army."

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