ResearchGate - social network for researchers

ResearchGate - social network for researchers - Social network service for scientists.

Researchgate is a commercial social network and database on the Internet for researchers from all areas of science, which is also used as a document server for publications. The commercial service, operated by Researchgate GmbH based in Berlin, was launched in May 2008 and by July 2016 had gained around 10 million members worldwide.

Scientists who want to join the network need an email address from a well-known research institution or have to provide evidence of a scientific publication. Members of the network have a user profile on which they can show the results of their research, including specialist articles, research data, book chapters, negative results, patents, research projects, methods, presentations and source code for computer programs. Members can follow other members and get in touch with them. Researchgate is the most active academic network of its kind, according to surveys by Nature and Times Higher Education magazines.

In the professional network, users can publish, upload and share specialist articles, exchange ideas on research questions and find research partners. Scientists can also publish raw data, specialist articles and data on "unsuccessful" experiments on the page in order to avoid unnecessary repetition of errors in research. In 2012 around 10 million full texts of specialist articles and 40 million abstracts were available on the platform. Scientists follow their areas of interest, publications and other members and are thus informed about content that is relevant to them. Researchgate indexes information posted by members on their profiles and suggests which scholars, publications, and areas of interest they could follow. A blog feature allows reviews of articles that have already been published. When a researcher asks a question, it is forwarded to members who have indicated expertise in the relevant subject on their profile. The site also has a private messaging function that allows scientists to share research data, collaborate on documents and discuss confidential topics. In a job exchange, users can find international job offers in the fields of research and science.

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