ResearchGate - find and share research

ResearchGate - find and share research
ResearchGate - find and share research

ResearchGate is a social network specifically created for the scientific community. The platform is intended to facilitate users' communication and collaboration and to provide free access to scientific literature. In September 2011, the platform had almost 1,400,000 users from 192 countries. ResearchGate offers the creation of a personal profile, membership in interest groups, the use of a job exchange specializing in positions for scientists and academics. The platform also provides information on current science-oriented events and provides access to scientific databases.

The personal profile allows the user to publish contact information, education, scientific focus (scientific discipline, specific research area, research consultants, collaborators, etc.), knowledge and skills, interests, etc. On his profile, the user can also present the results of his current scientific activities, state with a member of various interest groups and connect with other users. The profile allows you to set different levels of security. ResearchGate allows its users to create and associate with interest groups. Groups can be created by all users without any restrictions. In September 2010, ResearchGate numbered more than 2,600 groups, which often deal with certain scientific issues or research. The so-called collaborative software allows group members to create and edit text files together. Each group has a calendar for scheduling online meetings. In addition, members can also use the Pol Polls ’application, which allows questionnaires to be conducted within a group. ResearchGate acts as a unified information gateway making available both commercial scientific databases (PubMed, CiteSeer, arXiv or NASA Library) and databases operating on an OpenAccess basis. The total number of available abstracts of scientific articles reaches 35 million, the number of available full versions is in the order of tens of thousands. International scientific institutions present vacancies within the Job Board application. The job database can be searched by employer, job position, scientific focus, the country in which the employer offers the position, or an optional keyword. The Research Blog is the official blog of the ResearchGate platform. This application was launched in October 2009 and works as an updated source of news from various fields of science and research. Users can present themselves on the official blog via their personal blogs in the user's profile (so-called "microblogs") or using the "microarticles" application. The prefix micro in the word "microarticle" refers to the maximum allowed length of the paper, which is 306 characters. Both applications allow, among other things, for example, a summary of already published work or the presentation of the results of current research.

Not only positive but also negative results are published, which according to the founder of ResearchGate Dr. Ijada Madische can save other scientists the effort and time that would otherwise be required to unknowingly duplicate past research that has not been published due to negative results. ResearchGate also offers an RSS feature that allows a user to subscribe to news from personal blogs or microcells from specific users.

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