Reports #1

Reports #1

Shameem for Telegram Instant View Contest
This list was originally submitted by Shameem in this appeal. It has been moved to this page to lock its content from ongoing edits.




The author is available in the page but isn't parsed. This can easily be done because it's the first //div[@class=" col-md-offset-1 col-md-10 col-xs-12 col-print-12"] with a /p/strong. It also has "por" which makes it very specific and consistent

Admin's comment: in fact, this isn't that reliable, please see


bulletted content on top is missing from article. It's an opinion page where the author and who they are, are very important. That info is removed in the IV page, sadly

Admin's comment: Omitting the bulleted content is acceptable.


The embed on the bottom should work. The website's js has an (temporary) issue. They will fix it eventually but we'll have an IV page without that embed still.

Admin's comment: Seems like a one-off error/typo


There's no unsupported element here. The table rows are purey for visual alignment (see: It's easy to unsupport tables with > 1 cols and parse the ones with just 1 col

Admin's comment: no existing templates support this page, this is a G7 issue not enough to reject a template that doesn't have an alternative that supports this well.

5., and the rest of the galleries

Checklist 6.4 - This shoulddn't be a slideshow but images following one another. Many many otherwise-perfect templates got rejected due to this(see:

Admin's comment: True.

6. shouldn't be in target list. Many of the target domains we worked hard on were removed without any notice. This shouldn't be an exception. It's not fair

Admin's comment: The domain moved to, this template will work when the contest ends.


Template doesn't generate IV for any galleries: Images are static and it must generate an IV

Admin's comment: Such issues are usually considered when there is a better alternative to the template. At the moment, there is no other template in the contest that supports these pages.


Page is missing the core of the article, the video.

Admin's comment: Both examples are from 2012. It is acceptable for a template to support the recent layouts of websites if it supports current content. Present-day pages that contain videos are handled correctly, e.g.: or
That said, this template loses photo captions on present day pages:


Page has an embed below where JS loads video from the @href of the that contains an image ( It should be @unsupported

Admin's comment: This page is from 2011. See #8 above.


There's nothing unsupported here. The table is empty(always)


No matter what the published date is, this template always shows today's date

Admin's comment: Indeed, according to this IV, all articles were published today.


Template fails to generare IV for most of the pages due to an auxiliary widget that's in a table


Another issue, where the template fails to load images on pages(Easily fixable)

Admin's comment: This template does generate IVs for some pages (e.g., so this is a G7 issue and in the absence of other working templates this is not enough to reject it.

Admin's comment: Missing videos in IV.,


IV generated despite unsupported video content. Either the video must be supported or no IV should be generated


for almost all articles, wrong date and time are shown(preference should be given to time and date visible on a browser)


Every paragraph is bulletted, where in source, it's not. The source uses a <ul> just for alignment. The content isn't a list either.This happens to almost every page. Telegram users aren't inexperienced to web. This is counter-intuitive

Admin's comment: indeed, this looks particularly strange in articles that contain an actual bulleted list:

Admin's comment: in addition to the below, T5 was generating an IV for 'encyclopedia' pages with missing body, a G1 issue.


Slideshows have a caption, which is missing from the template (see:


Author block parses date into it. Author variable was completely unnecessary in this case.

Admin's comment: This is an article from the print version of the magazine, the date is in fact the issue number, this is acceptable.


In every photo, the photo credit(second line) is missing. This was a reason to reject many templates.


Template #7 handles this better


Read more links that come in between articles is ok. But this really really is rudimentary

Admin's comment: These read more links are consistent with what the user sees and looks alright unlike some cases we've seen (e.g. small square image + link on the same line => tiny pixelated image, link on the next line in the IV). A minor Grade 5 issue.
The IV would be better without it, but the original version that users can will otherwise get in their browsers isn’t essentially better.


The page should generate IV. 

Admin's comment: This template won't generate an IV for articles with broken images, but it's a G7 issue and so it's not reason enough to reject a template in the absence of one that handles this better.


The cover image is a link to a slideshow, which is essential to the article. It's specifically mentioned in the article "A képre kattintva galéria nyílik! FOTÓK: Szalmás Péter/Népszava", which means that clicking the cover image will reveal slideshow.

A link to the slideshow should have been left or IV shouldn't have been generated at all.

Admin's comment: True indeed.


Missing caption


Every image except the cover is missing captions/credits in this template, basically

Admin's comment: confirmed.