Reporting an abusive channel for spreading white terror

Reporting an abusive channel for spreading white terror

Dear Mr Durov:

We, peaceful freedom fighters against the totalitarian regime in Hong Kong, write to report that (hereinafter "the channel") gravely violates the Telegram principles, and we ask you to take down the channel at your earliest availability.

Hong Kong is not China, not yet (Note 1). However, this will soon be ended by the totalitarian Hong Kong government proposing high-handedly an extradition legislation amendment to the effect that Hong Kong people would be sent to China for trial under prescribed conditions.

We, ordinary Hongkongers, are peacefully fighting for our freedom and democracy; we have been using Telegram to organize a series of protests (Note 2) . In response, pro-China saboteurs infiltrate us and use Telegram to undermine our success but in a way that gravely violates the very principles of Telegram, namely, privacy and safety in communication.

1. The pro-China saboteurs join our channels and groups in Telegram, elicit intel thereby, and publicize via "the channel" personal information of a young lady who attempted to commit suicide in despair over Hong Kong's future. The broadcast of the lady's identity and her failed suicide attempt exerts further psychological impact onto the already emotionally traumatized victim. 

2. "The channel" creates white terror to suppress the freedom of speech and of association by broadcasting close-up photos and videos of protesters and their vehicles. Collaborating with pro-China media, "the channel" also creates a database of the protesters and at times publicizes protesters' personal information, some of which has also been passed to the police for political prosecution.

"The channel" uses the dark web to ferret out confidential information of protesters

3. "The channel" incriminates young protestors by framing them as rioters / thugs. However, the HK authority has a proven history of showing favoritism towards the pro-China camp, while exercising prejudice against the oppressed protesters. The police arrests peaceful protestors, while turning a blind eye to violent pro-China supporters. Peaceful protestors do not even fight back when battered by the Pro-China assailants (Note 3). In fact, they often fall victims to excessive police brutality. 

HK Police using excessive force on a protester with no resistance

4. "The channel" jeopardizes the protesters' chance of seeking asylum by identifying them from our Telegram messages and then exposing their identities prematurely. 

"The channel" administrator threatens to expose the escape plans of some of those political refugees.

Ray Wong and Alan Li, outside Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, Germany. They were granted asylum by Germany in 2017.

5. The the channel even boasts that his team, with protesters' personal information elicited from our Telegram channels and groups, is compiling an e-book about the protesters' real identities. The e-book is meant to be distributed via social media including Telegram. This malicious plan creates White Terror and should be thwarted before it takes place.

Threatening message captured from "the channel"

Thus, we implore you to take down "the channel" at your earliest availability.



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