Reply issue

Reply issue

Marco Zordan

The two situations are completely different.

The template of the Russian site showed only the first two words of the text and the site is without meta description.

From this site the meta description exist and this content gives the correct meaning

The content of the article is THE PRESENTATION of VINITALY 2018 (Vinitaly '18 written in the title), so a description that says "The presentation" is completely correct and makes logical sense.

Translating the text of the first paragraph there is no description of the article, but a generic premise.

The article talks about the presentation; using the preface only to lengthen the description makes no sense if the words contained do not describe the article. The preview should make you understand the content of the article, certainly not to fill the available space with words.

Just browse and read some articles to understand that the first words are an introduction and not the description of the news.


Title: Quando i grandi della musica italiana suonavano al teatro Laboratorio

Translation: When the greats of Italian music played at the Laboratorio theater

Description : L'Amarcord <- I don't think we need translations

Beginning of the text: Non era certo un gran coda il pianoforte del Teatro Laboratorio di Piazzetta Fontanelle dove ora c'è la funicolare e su cui negli anni Settanta, precisamente il 1976- 77, hanno posato le mani grandi nomi.

Translation: The piano of the Teatro Laboratorio of Piazzetta Fontanelle, where the funicular is now and certainly in the seventies, precisely 1976-77, certainly did not have a big tail.

It is very clear that there is not a description in the first words of the text, but an introduction to the AMARCORD topic that recalls the title where it is explained that the great (well-known personalities) of music have played at the Laboratory Theater