Repertoire of the Senior Members of Strumochok Choir

Repertoire of the Senior Members of Strumochok Choir

All-Ukrainian Choral Society named after M. Leontovych

Spiritual music

1. J. Leavitt "Festival sanctus"

2. E .Crocker "Gloria alleluiа"

3. J. Yatsynevych "Virgin Mary"

4. J. Leavitt "Festival sanctus»

5. L. Horova "Dream falls from the sky"

6. E. Miaroma "Rezonet in Laudibus"

7. I. Brahms "Ave Maria"

8. L. Okamoto "Lilium"

9. Т. Yashvili "Virgin Mary"

10. M. Leontovych "Oh, on the river on the Ordan"

11. H. Schuts "Cantate Domino"

12. A. Ferrante "Laudate Dominum"

13. E. Weber "Pie Jesu"

Foreign music

1.L. Andersen "Trick-truck"

2. M. Fisher "When you’re smiling"

3. Е. Garner «Misty»

4. І. Berlin "Puttin on the Ritz"

5. J. Kander "And all that jazz"

6. J. Hurwitz "Another day of sun"

7. A. Hurley, J. Trohman "Das sound machine finale"

8. S. Schwartz "All for the best"

9. R. Cocciante "Love descends to us from heaven" from the musical "Notre dame de Pari"

10. M. Mussorgsky "Hopak" from the opera "Sorochinsky Fair"

Ukrainian music

1.   I. Poklad “The Maple is green”

2.   V. Ivasyuk "I will go to distant mountains"

3.   O. Skrypka "Dreamland"

4.   M. Polivoda "I believe"

5.   V. Shinkaruk "Easter bells"

6.   E. Stankovich "Mermaid's Bath"

7.   L. Wojciechowska "My Hope - Ukraine"

8.   I. Karabyts "Where the wind blues the earth"

9.   T Petrinenko "Lord, have mercy on us"

10. B. Filts "Larks Curl in the Sky"

11. L. Horova "Life has opened"

12. L. Horova "Music sounds"

13. G. Havrilets "Through our village"

Arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs

1.   «Fog ravine" arr. Picardy Third

2.   "Oh, in the woods on the mountain" arr. Ye Karpenko

3.   "Oh, go to sleep" arr. V. Kalenichenko

4.   "Oh, violets blooming" arr. F. Kolessi

5.   Christmas carols

6.   "Shchedrik" arr. M. Leontovich

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