Renault Kiger | Make Way for The New Leader

Renault Kiger | Make Way for The New Leader

Renault India

The SUV car market in India has become really hot right now. Unlike a decade ago, when the choice of car models was limited, today Indian customers are spoilt for choices. With almost every car maker launching an SUV of their own, the Indian customers never had it so good.


Generally, whenever a new category evolves, it starts off with a few good models which build customer interest in that category. These early car models lay the foundation for the category which is then built further by models that make it really strong.


India has started experiencing the allure of the SUV just recently. However it is the sub 4-meter SUV category where all the action is happening. One of the prominent operators in this market has been Renault. Renault was observing all the developments that were unfolding, the changing consumer preference, their likes and dislikes and above all the evolution of the design philosophy.


Known as the Renault KIGER, this car is ready to hit the Indian roads. The KIGER promises to be a disrupter in this category which is dominated by similarity of design, features and functionality. The Renault KIGER gives us a glimpse of the shape of things to come.


Let us understand how and where the car could score some serious advantages against its competitors.


Design philosophy

The KIGER has been jointly designed & developed by teams in France and India. This makes it a truly global car. Even Renault confirms that this is its first global car that has been designed for India and launched for the world.


The Style

The KIGER is surely going to be a head turner. With modern, sporty and muscular body, the KIGER will differentiate itself distinctively from the current design trend in the market.


The Platform

Renault has already tested its CMFA+ platform earlier with its hugely successful TRIBER. The Renault KIGER will have the same platform, but will come in with greater roominess, higher cabin space and increased cargo space, besides being safe, stable and stylish.




Off-late, Renault has scored big in this department. The KIGER is expected to up the game further for the rest of the players in this category. The Renault KIGER is expected to offer unmatched comfort inside and would be a feature heavy car.

Renault Kiger