Relish the beauty of Montreal with Copa Airlines Reservations

Relish the beauty of Montreal with Copa Airlines Reservations

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Sometimes even a weekend off from the mundane life can bring a great change in your life. If you are looking out for an international weekend getaway, then there cannot be anything better than this beautiful Canadian city Montreal with Copa Airlines Reservations


The beautiful city of Montreal is situated on an island in Quebec, Canada. The city resides many famous attractions, museums and great restaurants, Montreal is a fun weekend destination for couples and families. Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, take a romantic walk through the Montreal Botanical Garden, and admire the architecture of the Notre-Dame Basilica. Best things to do are listed below. Plan a weekend now at Copa Reservations.

Montreal Botanical Garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden is amongst one of the most substantial and important contributions to the horticultural world. It is also one of the top Montreal attractions. The Garden’s expansive and diverse collections and comprehensive facilities contribute to its valuable reputation. The 190-acre site features 10 themed greenhouses and a Chinese lantern garden, along with numerous exhibits, gardens, sculptures, and examples of plant life. An onsite planetarium and insectarium add additional interest and educational opportunities, and in the warmer months the Garden hosts a summer concert series.

Notre-Dame Basilica

One of the most dramatic architectural feats in the world, The Notre Dame Basilica is a quintessential component of the Montreal skyline. With a colorful and striking interior, the Basilica’s ceiling is painted a deep rich blue and scattered with golden stars. The remainder of the sanctuary is an array of tones that fill the space with vibrant, polychromatic hues. The stained glass windows, which line the walls of the soaring building, depict Montreal’s religious history, and they are a unique departure from the standard adornment of biblical scenes typically found illustrating church glass. Book Copa Airlines Tickets to this amazing destinations.

Biodome de Montreal

The Montreal Biodome is now a natural science epicenter. Visitors to the Biodome are able to contemplate replicas of each of the four unique ecosystems found within the continents of North and South America. They have the unique opportunity of coming into contact with the geographical patterns and plant and animal life that inhabit these regions. The Tropical Forest exhibit, for example, allows visitors to walk through a replica of South American rainforests. The Laurentian Forest exhibit displays the North American wilderness, while the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system comprises a habitat created around an estuary modeled after the Gulf of Saint Laurence. Finally, an expansive polar section is designed to provide insight into both the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

The city has many destinations that you can explore and the following destinations with Copa Airlines Reservations. Copa Airlines is emerging as a great way to travel across the world and adding up destinations