Releasing the beast in her - Part 1

Releasing the beast in her - Part 1


I kept still and let her control how much of my length she was taking in on each stroke. However, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t control myself and started to fuck her face pushing my cock head all the way to the back of her throat. Because of our position she gagged slightly but neither of us missed our stroke and we continued for a few more thrusts. My wife let my cock slip out of her mouth and said smiling, "let’s get in to a more fitting position." With that she lay on the coffee table, stretched her arms behind her while lifting her feet into the air and grabbed the heels of her shoes. By pulling on her heels it lifted her chest off the table and raised her shoulders and head to a perfect height for me to slip my cock straight back into her mouth and this time her throat was nicely open for my cock to slip in balls deep. I began to fuck her throat for all I was worth, pulling out every few strokes to allow her to catch her breath before ploughing it back in until my balls hit her chin. I continued to fuck her throat until I felt a slight tightening in my balls and then stopped as I did not want to cum in her throat. Well not yet in any case I knew where I wanted my first load to go and that was deep into her cunt.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, "delusions of grandeur?"

My wife looked up at me and grinned, "I’m game if you are."

I should explain that delusions of grandeur is a term my wife and I use when we want to attempt to get cum in all three of her holes in one session. As a youngster this would not be a major feat as the powers of recovery after ejaculation are pretty good but then we didn’t know my wife liked having her ass fucked then, but now my recovery time is a little longer!! My wife also likes the position for another reason which I will explain shortly.

I lay down on the floor while my wife got down off the coffee table and straddled my prone body facing my feet. She squatted down on her knees and positioned herself over my eager cock ready for her reverse cowgirl. She grabbed my cock and positioned the head at the entrance to her now sopping wet cunt before sitting down and sliding it all the way and began to ride me for all she was worth. She leaned forward while she rode me to let my cock rub hard against her clit as she banged away as hard as she could to make sure she was getting every inch of me right up to the hilt. She also did this as she knew that I would then wet a couple of fingers and slip them right up her ass. We both love this as I can rub my fingers up and down my cock through the thin membrane between her holes as she rides me, raising the sensual feelings I get and she gets the feeling of having both holes filled at the same time. She has always fantasized about being double penetrated but we’ve never done anything about it.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the tension building in my balls through all the rough riding and rubbing going on and my wife knew it was coming too. And with that I rammed my cock up into her and shot load after load of hot steaming cum right into her void and as soon as she felt the first jet of cum hit her cervix she screamed and went into her second climax of the night. We both bucked and groaned as each load of cum shot out, releasing the tension in my balls and giving her that increasing liquid heat feeling in her cunt.
We both lay there gathering our breath from our climaxes and preparing ourselves for the next phase which is the part my wife really gets turned on by. My cock was starting to go flaccid and my cum was starting to ooze out of my wife’s cunt around it. She then raised herself up a little to let my cock flop out and with it a big load of cum dripped onto my wilting cock. She then proceeded to move her ass up my body to move into a 69. There was a wonderful sight of cum oozing out of her cunt as she moved up my body and dripping onto my stomach and chest. She then thrust her cunt onto my waiting mouth to make sure I got a mouthful of my cum dripping out of her (which is the part that really turns her on – as well as me). I eagerly licked and sucked on her dripping cunt and could taste our mixed juices while my wife proceeded to lick and suck my cum covered cock clean. While I continued to lick and suck her cunt and clit I slipped a couple of fingers back up her ass and started to finger fuck her as I knew this combination would not take too long to bring on her next orgasm. She in turn wet one of her fingers and started to wet and play with my asshole before slowly inserting her finger all the way in. We both eagerly licked, sucked, chewed and finger fucked each other until I could tell from the groans coming deep from within her that she was building up to her next orgasm. Then all of a sudden she thrust her cunt down hard onto my mouth, clamped her thighs to my head and ass to my fingers, arched her back, stiffened and screamed through another climax. Once it was over she fell off me and lay on the floor. "Fucking hell, that was so good" she managed to say in between shallow breaths.
"I can see we’re not going to get that up my ass at the moment", she said. "Not that I think I’m ready for it right now, my knees are too weak to move"

"Well lets just lay here for a moment before we go up to bed and by then perhaps we’ll both be ready for a little ass fucking?" I said. With that I stared to play with my cock to begin the hoped for recovery and my wife watched on as she gathered her breath.

It was a good ten minutes later that my cock was again rock hard and my wife sat up and said, "it looks like you’re ready for action? I suppose you want to slide that up my ass now do you?"

"You bet and if I know you, you’re aching to get it up there too?"

As if to reply she raised herself up and leaned across the coffee table and stuck her ass invitingly in the air. Without hesitation I got up leaned over her ass and licked my tongue right up her ass crack before sliding it back down and inserted it into her asshole and began to tongue fuck her. After a few strokes I stood up and positioned myself ready to slide my cock into her very wet and very willing asshole. I put the head of my cock gently against her hole and applied pressure for the head to push open the puckered hole and it eased inside her. I pulled it out again and slowly did it again, and again, and again, driving my wife mad. On the next insertion though I leaned fully into her and sent my cock balls deep into her ass. She groaned with pleasure and pushed her ass back to make sure it was fully pushed home. We then got into our rhythm and were fucking each others brains out as we both rammed into each other to make sure she was getting every inch of pleasure she could ring out of my cock. As this was going to be my second orgasm of the night I lasted a good while before I could feel my balls tightening once more. I started to moan but my wife already knew I was getting ready to fill her ass and she started to rub her clit in anticipation of the soon to be warm feeling she was about to get deep within her rectum. With that I groaned, rammed my cock fully home and started to shoot my seed deep into her ass. With the feel of the hot liquid filling her hole and the rubbing of her clit she too screamed through another climax.

I eventually started to ease myself out of her slowly and she squeezed her ass muscles to make sure she got every drop of cum out of me. As my cock finally emerged it was followed by a dribble of cum from my wife’s asshole. Just like seeing it oozing out of her cunt earlier this creates and incredible creampie view that I can’t resist. I bend down and lick the cum from her ass and begin again to slip my tongue into her and tongue fuck her cum filled hole. Although this only lasted a few seconds as we are both so exhausted.

We eventually get up and went to bed and both fell straight to sleep.

It must have been a few hours later that something woke me up and then I realised what it was. It was that wonderful feeling of my wife’s mouth wrapped around my cock. She had woken up and slipped under the bed clothes and started to lick and suck on my cock which had already started to stiffen nicely. Although not yet fully hard she sank her lips to the base of my cock and started to use her tongue to great effect. With her lips fully clamped to the base of my cock it continued to grow and I felt the head enter her throat. I grabbed her head with both hands and started to force it deeper into her throat and fuck her face. With my cock now fully erect it was right into her throat and both of us were loving the feeling of the throat fucking.

Eventually my wife pushed herself off my cock, moaned and said, "Fuck my ass again, I want to feel that deep up my ass and adding more cum to my hole."

I turned her onto her front, climbed on top of her and positioned the head of my cock at her slippery puckered hole. This time though I just ploughed it fully home. My wife screamed with pleasure and we both started to fuck roughly. Only this time the feel and sound of my cock sliding in and out of her already cum filled ass was unbelievable. The cum in her ass was squishing around my cock with each thrust and as well as the sound the feel of it swilling around my cock was fantastic. The sound of the cum squirting around my cock was filling the room and we were both moaning and groaning with the unbelievable feeling it was creating. We quickened our pace and my wife was playing with her clit while I pumped away at her ass. Our groans got louder and quicker and it wasn’t long before I was shooting another load of hot cum into her cum filled hole. The second load sent her over the edge and she groaned through another orgasm. As my ejaculation ended I slowly withdrew my cock and once again my wife’s ass muscles made sure she squeezed every last drop from me. As my cock emerged my wife’s well fucked ass it looked pummelled but was well covered in the remnants of my cum. I once again licked her ass clean and as I moved to lie next to her she sat up and leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned all the remnants of cum from it.

We had a long lingering kiss before we lay back down and went straight to sleep.

(to be continued)

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