Regular Blog Offers

Regular Blog Offers

Bona Hunter

Wrote a great post on the blog's Telegram channel about the state of affairs in HYIPs. 

In short: Things are not going well in the HYIP industry. Mostly because everyone wants to make a lot of money and do nothing for it. To change things for the better, you need to support both ordinary investors and HYIP admins. Everyone wants admins to work longer, there are more good projects, and investors are not afraid to reinvest.

Make HYIPs Great Again!

If you want to change something, start with yourself. We decided to completely revise the work with projects: both for HYIP admins and investors.

It is important to make investors in HYIPs not to lose money at a distance, but to earn it. Therefore, we are ready to offer a completely new approach and give away maximum money from listings. To make investing with the blog more interesting and profitable, we drastically increase the support of active investors on the blog. 

Now with each new added project we will organise offers (or contests) in the blog chat. 

The number of offers for each project and their conditions will depend on the type of listing and the characteristics of the HYIP itself.

What kind of offers have we prepared?

1. 2x Refback.

Get the double Refback with this offer.

Allocate $100-200$ budget for the project. Pay everyone double refbacks until that budget runs out. 

Example: You see in the chat that in the project active offer "2x refback", budget $ 200. You make a deposit of $1000 to the project, as usual order a refbeck. And get $160 (16%) instead of the usual $80 (8%).

We reserve the right to refuse double refback if the budget is spent. Who was the first to order a refback - the bonus. We will update the actual balance as often as possible, if you are not sure - better check the actual balance with @TimEight before the deposit.

2. Insurance Auctions.

Invest with the maximum insurance coverage.

We raffle insurance for a total fund of $200-500 in the blog chat. The one who agrees to invest a larger amount for a fixed amount of insurance - gets partial insurance of the deposit. If a scam happens, we pay out losses individually, up to a maximum of the lot amount.

Example: Insurance auction, a lot for $100 in the project You are interested in this project and you are ready to make a deposit of $150. You win the auction, make a deposit of $150. If the scam happens tomorrow - we will immediately pay you $100 of insurance coverage. If skam happens in a month, and your losses will be for example 80$ - we will close 80$ insurance, refbeck - your guaranteed profit.

On the time of the auction and its conditions will warn in advance.

3. 3x Refbacks for Reinvest.

Reinvest and get the tripple Refback bonus.

Let's assume that the project has completed a round, and you came out with a profit. If this offer is active, you can go to the second round and get a triple amount of refback. Allocate a fund from $100 to $300 per project. For projects with plans of 7+ days.

Example: You invested in the project, passed the round and withdrew the deposit with profit. If the "3x refback on reinvest" offer is active on this project, you make a second deposit and instead of the standard 8% refback you get 24%.

4. Avatar Challenge

Wear the Avatar and get fixed weekly bonus from PH blog.

We pay a fixed bonus of 3-5$ per week for wearing avatar + signatures in your Telegram account. The number of places is limited, the participant needs to have a deposit in the project from $50. 

Payouts will be made by Ragnar along with weekly Bounty. We reserve the right to refuse participation, explaining the reason.

5. 2x-3x Bounty Bonuses.

Do your usual activity and earn MUCH MORE.

If this bonus is active, we pay double (or triple) bonus under the Bounty programme of the blog for a particular project. Naturally, it is necessary to have a deposit in this project from $50. Accounting is done by Ragnar, on Bounty we work without changes.

6. Fixed Voucher

Simple money for all investors in the project.

For an offer, we determine the term and amount of the voucher. Everyone who makes a deposit into the project during this term will receive a part of the voucher. The voucher amount is divided among all investors in equal parts, regardless of the deposit amount.

7. Whale Bonus

A BIG bonus for those who aren't interested in splurging on trivia.

We determine for the project the amount of the bonus and the term (1-2 weeks). The investor who has made the largest deposit (or amount of deposits) in this project - receives the entire bonus.

The amount of the maximum deposit at the moment will be indicated in the fixed message in the blog chat.

8. Pools.

Invest together for better profit rate.

This offer can not be bought by admins. We will collect pools in promising projects to invest together at the best profit percentage. On the plus side, you don't have to withdraw your profits, you throw money to Tim. And as a result, you get your part of the income.


Launching these offers today, for all new listings. I'm sure you'll enjoy investing in this lucrative format. Most importantly, add yourself to PH chat to track and pick up active offsers. 

Also, all the other perks of the blog are active:

  • Order refbacks/insurance at @PHmybot, get statuses and bonuses on them (PH Status section). Reduced minimums for all participants.
  • Actively support projects and receive Bounty bonuses from the blog every week. 

For any questions: @PH_Bona.

PS: I believe that in the current situation we should also support HYIP admins. I'm also preparing a couple of interesting solutions, I'll make an update soon.

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