Refrigerators Atlant

Refrigerators Atlant

At the manufacturer's value, you can buy a TM Atlant refrigerator inside the Atlant top quality web store, which markets house appliances with this company. ATLANT CJSC is actually a Minsk firm that produces refrigeration equipment.

The very first freezer was launched in 1962. The initial 2-chamber refrigerator inside the USSR was developed and produced in Minsk. You can purchase a fridge from over 50 models. The high degree of refrigeration technology has been attained by means of the creation of very effective compressors. Their use has grown

vitality productivity of very cold merchandise. Every issued model is examined for conformity with European criteria. ATLANT freezers are placed in kitchens in 25 places around the globe.


Freezers TM Atlant are a great buy because of their impeccable quality, convenience and affordability. The company has been doing everything easy to meet the requirements of the very most challenging customer. The company is constantly adding impressive technologies to generate equipment that can protect the freshness, nutritional and taste worth of merchandise for a long time.

Fridges can be bought in 1- and 2-pocket, with 1-2 compressors. The location of the freezer area in the 2-inner compartment refrigerator may be top or underside. The less situation of the fridge helps to make the family fridge much more ergonomic and provides even chilling. The shelves are situated at eyes level, that is really convenient. Best-fridge freezers are lightweight but also spacious.

Freezers are equipped with modern day cooling down solutions - Refreshing (drip) without any Frost. "Know Frost" is a air conditioning that offers compelled air flow and helps prevent frost from creating in the fridge. All designs include A category, the electricity effectiveness directory does not exceed 42Percent.

Stylish design and style permits you to harmoniously match any internal. Refrigerators can be found in various hues.


The top quality online shop ATLANT - UKRAINE is the only formal representative of the brand in america, which lets you be certain of your quality and validity of your acquired equipment. The provided models can easily meet up with different budgetary demands. They are identified by their reasonably low priced in terms of their Western counterparts.

You can actually purchase the design you want: just order in the catalog from an online seller, or call the consultants. The online shop will deliver products to any part of Ukraine in 2 - 4 days.


Every freezer has a 3-year official manufacturer's guarantee. Following-income service is conducted by Support Centers for sale in all areas in Ukraine. The full variety of guarantee professional services (and spares) is provided free of cost.

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