Referral Program

Referral Program

Hacken Ecosystem

Dear Hacken Community Member!

As you know, at the end of this month we are planning to launch our most desired service — HackenProof - a tokenized bug bounty platform! Thus, we need your help and participation to spread the word about HackenProof and its utility.

We noticed that some of you started to introduce Hacken to our potential clients in your Tweets, Facebook posts, and Telegram channels. It’s a good practice as we already helped 21 clients to improve their security, even without the HackenProof platform.  

However, in less than a month  our white hat hacker community will be ready to help a broader array of crypto and IT businesses in a quality, fast, and efficient manner. Thus, please, continue your valiant efforts  to promote Hacken as a cybersecurity knight.

All in all, Hacken, as well as other giants of the high-tech world, is a community-driven ecosystem, and we listen to public opinion.

Together we’ll make the web a safer place! Thank you for your loyalty and devotion!


“Clients for HKNs.”

Our very enthusiastic Hacken community has inspired us to create a reward campaign. Earlier we organized our referral program in private mode, and now we want to upgrade it. So, here are the details!

If you come across a company or project that needs cybersecurity services  then you have a unique opportunity to earn. Bring a client to HackenProof and get 100 HKNs.


You can apply for a reward only when  a potential client signs up for a bug bounty program on HackenProof.

  1. How can I attract a client?

Until  31.03.18 we have a unique bonus for early clients:

  • Apply for early access to HackenProof and get 20% off your first bug bounty!


  • Make the first deposit in HKNs, and we will grant you 50% off your first bug bounty!

(the maximum possible discount is 50%).

*Sign-up includes a FREE Penetration Testing of your product or system.

Your message to potential clients could be  ‘Apply for early access to HackenProof and receive 20% discount on bug bounty. If you make the first deposit in HKNs, additional 30% are granted. Thus, the sooner you apply for early access to HackenProof, the cheaper your bill will be and the sooner your platform will be protected.

2. How would you know that it was me who brought a client to Hacken ?

We created a special form where you are able to submit the short questionnaire and become a Participant in this program. Your account will be made available on Monday (19 March), so you will receive a personal referral link and statistics as a confirmation, and the participant registration deadline is due Monday (26 March).


3. When will I receive my HKNs?

You will receive 100 HKNs when a client applies for bug bounty program on HackenProof.

We appreciate our members and your contribution to our development!

With  this campaign, we aim to emphasize the importance of cyber safety and make it affordable both for large and small businesses.

Join our cybersecurity revolution - together everything is achievable!