Description: The Currency Of Future

Date of Token Sale: 

2018-06-11 - 2018-06-10

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About the project:

Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich online communities. It can be used for many different purposes. For example to reward their members for everything from meeting certain milestones (e.g., making a certain number of posts on a forum) or to reward them for their loyalty (e.g., awarding members pills for being a member for a year). Red Pill can also be used to reward subscribers of a product or service.


- Highly Secured

Red Pills are safer than traditional currency. Access to your digital currency requires security checks/verification’s that are not possible with traditional currency, furthermore Red Pill is stored in an online Ledger called a blockchain that is backed up by different peers across the world, which means the currency remains entirely secure and always available while being fully transparent

- Well Coded

Red Pill was developed as an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. It is stored on the Ethereum block chain and compatible with virtually any Ethereum Wallet such as Mist. The total supply of Red Pill is 100 Million while the available supply is regularly being increased. Red Pills can be broken down to the 8th decimal place, which represents the smallest possible Red Pill unit.

- Easy to Handle

Red Pill is a secure cryptocurrency that makes sending and receiving payments easy, safe and fun. Red Pill is designed for people who love to create content and consume content. It is an excellent currency that can be used to support your favorite creators and communities, and vice versa allowing communities to reward consumers and supporters.

Red Pill coin users have the freedom to choose from a variety of wallet options available to them to store their coins. These wallets come in both online and cold storage options. Users are also free to store RedPill on the official Ethereum Wallet; Mist. Mist is available on is available for download on GitHub. Cloud provides advanced security for your coins with constant improvements and updates to the framework


• February 2018 – Launch the coin Chrome extension that allows Red Pill owners to tip their favorite content creators on (YouTube, with support for twitter, and Instagram planned).

• April 2018 – Launch RedPill Send And Receive Application for Android 

• Fall 2018 - Launch Red Pill Coin Wallet App For iPhone

Token Sale:

Token: RPIL

Hardcap: 6mln USD

Price 1 RPIL = 0,04 - 0,2 USD

Accept: ETH