Recording and Blackmailing Neighbor

Recording and Blackmailing Neighbor


Hurry up Nick, its your turn to do the cats, his mother called from down stairs.

Already? Someone just went this morning, he shouted back. It was useless to argue, he knew that, so he turned off the tv, jogged downstairs, grabbed the key, and went out the door. Every year his neighbors a few houses down went to England and asked them to take care of their cats. And every year he was forced to go over there twice a day to feed them, clean out the litter box, and do other maintenance.He got to the door, opened it, and walked toward the garage where the litter box was kept. Inside, he was on the first floor which had a bathroom and a bedroom where the daughter about his age slept. Upstairs, the parents and two sons had rooms, along with the kitchen and family room. He walked past Jenns, the daughter, room and the door was slightly ajar. She was nothing special, a brown haired, 53 girl with a decent body, but growing up beside her always made her have a girl next door appeal. He had been inside a few times before, of course, but he always wanted to wander around and look at it closely. This was the perfect opportunity and although he knew it was wrong, he pushed the door open slightly and poked his head inside. There was a bed, dresser, desk, closet, and a few posters; a normal teenagers room. He stepped inside and sat on the chair to look around. On the desk the computer screen was turned off and there was a few loose-leaf papers strewn about.

Nothing special, he thought to himself.So he got up to leave, until he saw the dresser. Suddenly, he got the urge to snoop through her drawers.

‘Its wrong, he thought, ‘just plain wrong. But this is the last opportunity Im going to get. One look isnt gonna hurt anyone. He struggled with his thoughts for a few minutes, but his mind was already made up. He walked over and slowly opened the first drawer.

‘Socks, he thought to himself, ‘nothing interesting there. He closed this drawer and moved onto the next one which contained pants. Tight jeans, sweatpants, and some shorts. He pulled out a pair of jean shorts.
‘Damn those are short, bet her ass looks real nice in them. He imagined the last time he saw her with shorts on. They were filled out and with each step he could see he perfectly toned muscles striving to break out. He began to feel his blood rushing from his body. Quickly, he put them back and closed the drawer.

‘I cant do this anymore. He left the room and went to the cats room where he scooped the litter box, gave them some new water, and poured them some food. After he played with tiger and mimi for a while, he gave them a treat and headed for the exit. But on the way out he passed her door again.All he could think to himself was, ‘last chance, over and over. He knew there would never be another opportunity like this again. Like a slave to his hormones, he pushed the door open and walked to the dresser. He grabbed the handle and slowly pulled. Finally, he got to the right drawer. He reached inside and grabbed one of her thongs. It felt so wrong, but so right. He never had sex, had never even come close. This was the closest hed ever been to a girl. It was dark blue with green horizontal stripes. He imagined it on her, rubbing against her body, the last line of defense between him and what he so badly desired. He imagined pulling it aside and fucking her without even taking it off. Without thinking he put it up to his nose. The smell was intoxicating. The thought of her treasure being so close to his face made him mad. He wanted her so badly, wanted her in this pair so he could them off. Intoxicated by the aroma his mind was taken over by hormones, clouding his judgment. He wanted to see her with nothing blocking his view. Nothing coming between him and her. The more he felt the cloth, the harder it became to control his thoughts. He didnt want to hurt her, just see what he had never seen, what no one had seen. His mind was clouded with thoughts of her undressing and touching herself. He couldnt stand it any longer. The thought popped into his head:Spy. It was the only way he would ever see her the way he wanted, without all the barriers. He had lost all concept of what was right and wrong. He walked home and went on the internet. Cameras, he needed cameras, ones so small they were but a speck on the wall. HD ones, anti-fog ones for the bathroom, he got it all. When his shipment came in he raced over to feed the cats and try out his new toys. With the smell of her still on his mind, he put them up in her room, all over her room. On the ceiling, on her walls, in the shower. Everywhere. All hooked up to a computer recording every second of it. There was nowhere she could hide from him. Now all that was left to do was wait.
Finally, she was home. She threw her bags down and hoped in the shower, eager to relax. The trip had been great, but being back in her house felt good. No judging eyes or people to please, just warmth and security. Or so she thought.
He saw her car come down the street and raced to his computer. He logged on to see her put down the bags and head for the shower watched her carefully as she undressed. First her shoes and socks, then her shirt and pants. Suddenly he felt a surge of guilt. What was he doing secretly watching this girl undress. He went to close the laptop, but it was too late. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.He became mesmerized. Her breasts were magnificent. They werent that big, but they were perky and ready to be handled.He could barely control himself when she grabbed for her underwear.As her hands slowly pulled them down, he felt himself getting hard. Finally, he could see her, all of her. She had hair all around but it wasnt messy. She had thick lips, making her look so appetizing. He wanted to eat her on the spot, but had to settle for second best. He was so hot from seeing her for the first time, he exploded within 30 seconds. But there was plenty more to come. She stepped in the shower and began to wash herself. First shampoo, then some conditioner. He didnt care; his eyes couldnt leave her body. He imagined feeling her, first her chest, rubbing her breasts together, then slowly sucking on them; grabbing one nipple slowly in his mouth, then the other one. He imagined her moaning softly in enjoyment. He would play with them for a little, rubbing them, sucking them, kissing them.Slowly he would work down her stomach with his tongue, licking every inch, playing with her belly button. He would go down until he reached her cunt. First he would tease her with his fingers, followed by his tongue. He would circle her lips and get real close, only to shy away at the last second. Only when she begged for it, cried for it, screamed, Eat me, bitch and shoved his face into her, would he finally invade her, exploring her, licking her like the bottom of a bowl of ice cream.Then it would be time for him to unzip his pants and….The water turned off and she exited the shower, snapping him out of his day dream.Though she put on her pajamas, closed her eyes, and went to bed, she showered deep into the night elsewhere.
This went on for a few weeks and while it was more than he ever dreamed of, it slowly became the norm. He wanted slumber parties, girls kissing and playing with each other, what every boy dreams of.But she never played with herself, even alone. She never gave him anything more than a quick shower and a change of clothes. He remembered the excitement he felt when he first played with her panties and he had only been able to achieve that same level when he saw her in the shower for the first time. Now he was just going through the motions. He had enough of it, if she wasnt going to show anything willingly he would make her show him something. He searched through all his stored images, pictures of her changing, washing in the shower, even some of her mom and friends in the shower.This would get her attention and bring the shy little girl out of hiding. He packed it into a file and against his better judgment, hit send. He never meant it to come this far, blackmailing his neighbor. But he became greedy, caught up in the lust of teenage hormones. He watched as she walked over to the computer and began clicking. He saw her face gasp in terror as the files opened.

Jenngirly: Who is this and where did you get these? She quickly turned to the window and shut the blinds.

Annomboy: No, haha, im not there. Im all around you. I can see you wherever you go. Who I am doesnt matter, all that matters is that I have these photos. A chill ran down her spine as she looked for cameras, or something that could be used to see her, but she found nothing.

Jenngirly: What are you going to do with them?

Annomboy: Nothing, as long as you follow my directions very closely. He laughed as he began to take control of her.

Annomboy: I want you to strip in your room right now.

Jenngirly: NO! Im not gonna do that for you.

Annomboy: Lets not forget who has the pictures. Do it now, or everybody will see them. Jenn realized the predicament she was in and began to cry.

‘What choice do I have, she thought to herself, ‘He has pictures of me. If I just do this now he will let me go. She was so naïve, she couldnt even imagine the plans he had in store for her.

Jenngirly: Youre an asshole.

Annomboy: Just do it. With tears on her face she stood up and began to take off her shirt.

Annonmboy: Slow down, I want you to enjoy this. Shake your hips and have a little fun. He laughed at this last part, knowing full well she would not.

‘Perv, she thought to herself. But she did as commanded. She slowly took off her shirt, moving her hips and trying to dance seductively. She moved awkwardly, she had never done this before, but that made it all the better. Her innocence was a turn on. He had grown tired of the fake acting in all the porn. There was no acting here, just a true amateur, a true good girl showing herself for the first time. She made it to her pants, slipped them down to her ankles while she bent over, revealing the same blue and green thong that started this all off. What he would give to be next to it right now, so close to the secrets it guarded. She was almost touching her toes, which gave him a real good look at her ass. An ass that would soon be his. She made it to her bra. Slowly, as if hoping someone would come in and save her, she moved her hands to the clasp, but the help never came. She unhooked it, but didnt let it fall down, teasing Nick. She rocked her hips side to side, stalling the inevitable. He waited patiently, watching the innocent slowly leave her body. Finally it came off, reveling the same breasts he had jacked off to so many nights before. This time was different though, she was showing them off for him.Realizing he was watching her, she spoke out loud.

Please, she pleaded one last time, before she was totally revealed.

Annomboy: Do it. You know the consequences.With tears rolling down her cheeks and hatred in her eyes, she reluctantly pulled down her last barrier of protection and revealed to him what she had never shown anyone else. She still was hairy, untouched but not messy. What a sight it was, seeing her like this, something he never thought would happen, but today this was just the beginning.

Annomboy: I want you to go to the shower and shave that bush off.

What? No you sicko, she was drawing the line at that.

Annomboy: Remember, I not only have pictures of you, but your mother, your friends. What are they gonna think when pictures of them in your bathroom come up all over school. You can stop that from happening tho.

‘Why is he doing this to me, her mind was filled with hatred, humiliation, and sadness. She opened the door and walked into the bathroom, turned on the water and stepped in the shower, disgraced by what was going to happen next. She grabbed the razor and some cream. She rubbed the cream on. It was the closest Nick had come to seeing her rub herself.Next it was time for the razor. Stroke by stroke he watched her hair disappear. Slowly, her lips started to appear and finally he could see her pussy clearly for the first time.Her smooth skin, thick lips, it made him mad. Her cunt was everything he wanted and he knew what he was going do next with it. She rinsed off and went back into her room.

Please stop making me do this. Ill give you all the money I have, she pleaded one last time.

Annomboy: Money wont help now, but dont worry. Youre almost done, he lied. This was far from over. He didnt know why he was doing it, but with each stroke of his dick, his guilt faded.

Annomboy: Do you have a vibrator or a dildo?

A what? she was confused, not knowing what either was. Her innocence was both refreshing and annoying.

Annomboy: Never mind, go up stairs and grab a cucumber and bring it back. It was a little odd, but it was the only thing he could think of. Confused, but knowing she had no choice, she grabbed for her robe and went for the door.

Annomboy: No robe, go upstairs like that.

But my brothers and parents are up there.

Annomboy: Then you better be quick. Disgusted, she dropped the robe and slowly peered out the door. As she scuttled out, he watched her ass jiggling out the door.

She walked up the stairs completely naked, feeling especially vulnerable looking down at her completely balled pussy. She made it to the top steps, praying no one was in the living room or kitchen. Luckily, the coast was clear and she sprinted to the refrigerator grabbed a cucumber and turned to head back down stairs. As she did, the door opened behind her, ‘Crap, its my brother. She dived behind the couch just in time. Lying on the floor completely naked, holding a cucumber, she wondered how she would explain herself if caught. Her brother turned into the kitchen. It was now or never. She got up sprinted down the stairs and into the safety of her room.

Annomboy: Good youre back, now put the cucumber on your nightstand, lie on the bed, and start touching yourself. He was blunt, but this was the moment he had pictured for years and he couldnt wait any longer.She couldnt believe what he was asking of her. She had never even touched herself when she was alone, now he was asking her to do it with an audience. Begging wasnt going to work, neither was bartering, but she had to try.

Please stop, she cried. He watched her pain, he felt bad. He thought about stopping. He saw her crying, watched a tear as it fell down her cheek, fell on her breast and slowly made its way to her freshly shaven crotch.At the sight of her bald pussy all his feelings were lost. He zoned in on her nude body, put aside her pleas and stroked away any remaining guilt he had.

Annomboy:Just do it. He was not going to miss this.

‘What more could he want from me after this, she thought to herself, ‘this has to be the last thing. But how wrong she was. She couldnt believe what was about to happen, but she got on the bed, laid down, and went to work. Although this was her first time masturbating, her friends talked about it, and had even shown her some porn videos online. She always thought it was disgusting, watching women play with themselves for others amusement. Now here she was, a little whore herself. But she had no choice.
She started with her breasts, rubbing them together. Pushing them, pulling them, rubbing them.She was just doing what the girls in the other videos had done. It was embarrassing, but she knew it would be more embarrassing when she started touching herself. Unfortunately, she knew this was what he really wanted to see. She could think of no way out. So after a couple of minutes, her hand began to slide down. Her newly shaved crotch felt smooth, so soft.She liked the feeling, but remembered how it had happened and her anger returned. Nick watched as her hand worked slowly down, finally reaching her cunt. She rubbed on the outside; a strange feeling raced throughout her body. She moaned softly from this new sensation, but quickly closed her mouth. What she was doing was disgusting, but it felt ok. She continued to rub around as the feelings grew stronger. Slowly she felt her body building with excitement. She was becoming more aroused then she had ever been and her body was responding. She touched her clit for the first time, sending shock waves through her body.
Ohh, she moaned, surprised by the sudden sensation. Shocked that she was starting to enjoy it, she quickly suppressed any enjoyment she felt. There was so much about her body she didnt know, she wondered what else there was to explore. After touching her clit for the first time she couldnt stop. She experimented with different pressures, different angles, and with each trial came more pleasure than ever before. Her pussy was getting so wet.Her toes curled from the pleasure, and knowing he wouldnt wait forever, she finally decided to enter her cunt. Hesitantly, her fingers waded into her pussy for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, she stuck just one finger at first. It glided in easily. She rubbed her soft, moist walls. As she felt around, her breathing became heavy, broken up by soft moans of pleasure.Humiliation slowly started to give way to pleasure.Instinct took over as she slowly lost control of her body, and gave in to her cunts desires as she inserted another finger. She felt all around, exploring every inch of herself, amazed at what she was missing out on for the past few years. She was disgusted at her enjoyment, but her feelings were too strong.Rolling around the bed in ecstasy, shocked at the plethora of new emotions, she wanted more. As her fingers were busy inside her, her eyes were searching the room until they found what they were looking for.
Back on the screen, Nick was watching, working his body the same way she was hers. He watched her rolling around on the bed, with her fingers working vigorously between her legs. Suddenly she pulled them out. Angered, he went to the key board but stopped, as he watched her grab for the cucumber. He couldnt believe she was willingly going to do it. He thought he would have to threaten her, but this was going better than planned.
She saw the cucumber and realized what it was for. But the small voice in her head was screaming, pleading for her to stop.

‘Control yourself. Dont let him change you. The voice fell on deft ears as she wasnt in control right now, she was a slave to her pussys desires, letting it call the shots. It wanted this. Her naïve, good girl vibe was gone now, or at least suppressed. The cucumber was cold to the touch, but she would warm it up. She grabbed it with her hands and brought it down between her legs, placing it lightly on her cunt. Shivers went through her body as she felt the cold sensation on her clit. She paused for a second, suppressing the voice in her head by telling it that she was being forced to do this. Part of her still believed it, but part of her, the part in control, believed something different.She was a slut, a dirty slut. Nothing like this had ever been inside her, but she knew it would feel right. With one final breath, she slowly stared its descent.As she pushed it in, her hungry pussy engulfed it. The first few inches were in, and she could feel it inside her, wiggling around. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate it as more and more was forced in. What a sensation she felt as it went deeper and deeper, discovering places that had never been occupied before, place on her own body she never knew existed. Finally the pain was too much, she began to pull it out, only to shove it back in. Slowly, she began to go deeper and deeper with each push, speeding up too. She loved the full feeling it gave her, each time she wanted more of it inside her. She pushed harder and harder, making it hurt so good. The pain, pleasure, and humiliation mixed into one feeling of pure euphoria. Her pace was steadily increasing and her hand worked rapidly, in and out.
Her breathing was labored and her moaning was growing louder, so loud she wondered if her family could hear her upstairs. Honestly, she didnt care if they came down to see what was happening, she wouldnt stop, couldnt stop. They could watch too, it actually turned her on a little. This wasnt her talking anymore, her clit had taken over. For the first time she didnt mind that someone was watching. The feelings were building; each stroke pushed her closer to exploding and farther from herself. Into uncharted territory she went. Inside, her blood was boiling, her pussy tightening and her muscles shaking. She was losing control of her body, but never felt so at home. Finally, she couldnt take it anymore; she shoved her makeshift dildo farther than ever before, letting out a scream of joy. Her legs buckled, toes curled, and her pussy exploded. She squirted everywhere, her body convulsing as she soaked her sheets. It wasnt her in control, but she didnt care, enjoying every second of it. For a few seconds she was in pure bliss, knowing nothing but pleasure. She sat there, breathing heavy, but content. It was her first orgasm and it left her feeling high with delight. She wished she could feel this intense pleasure for the rest of her life. Jenn was amazed at the power her cunt had over her, turning her from a shy girl into a daring exhibitionist. Slowly she began to catch her breath and regain control of her body. As her high started to fade and the feelings started to leave, reality started to set in. She remembered her current predicament s and became deftly aware that she was being watched, lying naked, soaked in her own fluids. She became angry once again, angry at whoever it was who was doing this to her. But more importantly, she was angry at herself. Angry at how easily she gave into the pleasure and how quickly she was to let all that she believed go out the door. The embarrassment came rushing back. Quickly she covered up. Nick was slow to type as he was recovering himself. Watching her play with herself, squirting all over the place, was as much enjoyment for him as it was for her.

Annomboy: No, No, Dont be disgusting, clean you self up first. She couldnt believe what he was asking her to do. Her dildo had gotten most of the blow, cum, her squirt. It was oozing all over.

This had to be the last thing, Jenn thought to herself. If she could bear all he had done before this would be no problem. Slowly she raised it to her mouth and shoved it in. She chocked a little as she closed on it but, she sucked off all her cum filling her mouth in the process. A few moments ago this was in her cunt and now she was stuffing it into her mouth. She was disgusted at the thought and even more so at the taste. Nick pictured this being his cock, filling her mouth and squirting onto her face. Then she would lick him clean and only then would she clean her face. The thought alone was enough to get him crazy. As he watched the screen some started dripping out of her lips. She swallowed quickly, without thinking.

Annomboy:How do you taste? She ignored his comment, resenting him for everything he had just put her through.

Are you happy now? she asked to her unknown master.

Annomboy: You can pretend you didnt enjoy that, but we both know you did. You looked like a professional shoving that cucumber in your little cunt. I cant wait to watch your performance again tonight.

She hid her face in disgust, all that had just happened came flooding back. She knew that he would be watching it over again tonight, violating her again. Now her private parts werent so private

Just stop blackmailing me with this shit, I did everything you asked. She had done everything and now he would make his last request.

Annomboy: Youve done good and now there is only one thing left to do. This Saturday night, be at your house alone. I have to get inside you. With this he signed off. With no time to argue, Jenn sat there, naked, stunned at what had happened in the last hour. She was stuck in a nightmare. She just sat there. Crying. Wondering what torture she would be subjected to next.;area=summary;u=24107

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