Reasons for you to take up a job in the UAE

Reasons for you to take up a job in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has always been at the top half of several lists when it comes to wealth, tourism, technology, or tourism. 

While many people have only heard about Abu Dhabi and Dubai the other five emirates are also worth visiting.

Despite being in the middle of a desert, the cities thrive in a successful economy. The cities include modern and traditional aspects and are a marvel to behold.

Apart from tourism, it is also a highly praised destination for job seekers due to the high rates of compensation and job security.

UAE is nothing short of a wonderland for those that seek to build up their personal finances. The UAE is becoming an attractive destination for job seekers.

A very welcoming Culture

91% of UAE residents are foreigners giving it a culturally diverse social environment.

The country is an amazing place to experience different cuisines, festivals, religions, and communities. However, when it comes to business, there is a more conservative approach to it. 

In the UAE they are more forgiving to foreigners as they understand that the culture is more relaxed abroad. Loyalty and respect are greatly valued here so personal connections will help you reach places within the business world. Your weekends are Friday and Saturday over here,

NON-taxable income

The UAE government offers tax-free income, allowing people to increase their savings and investments that help to plan and secure finances for the future.  It is one of the main attractions for job seekers here

Convenient working hours.

The UAE Labour law mandates that companies maintain a 48-hour working week(*hours a day) and is reduced to 38 hours per week during Ramadan. employees normally get up to 30 days of annual leave.

Economy Growth

Meetings were held by the UAE government in May 2020 and several initiatives have been launched to ensure a speedy economic recovery from the pandemic.

With the tourism sector recovering from the pandemic and with the rise in fuel prices, the GDP in growth in 2022 is expected to accelerate to 4.6% this year. 

Things to keep in mind

Work Visa 

Tork within the UAE you will need the following documents,- work visa, health card, labor card, and residence visa.

A work visa is necessary if you plan to work, however, you can obtain a tourist visa in order to look for work and opt for a work visa when you find a job. And since a visa is issued on arrival you do not need to worry about it ahead of time

Residency Visa

You would also need to make contact with Dubai's General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs for your residency visa.

Health and labor card

The department of health and labor will require the following while producing your work visa.

your medical records, a copy of your passport, photo, letter of an employment offer, and visa application while your work visa is being processed.

You would also need a blood test to rule out HIV, Hepatitis C, and tuberculosis which are illegal to have according to law.

In the end, Relocating to a different country is not commonly found in one's comfort zone. if you want to know more about relocation please do read this article about Relocating for your new job.