Reasons - Why Friendship is Better than Relationship

Reasons - Why Friendship is Better than Relationship


I'm sure we've all had a relationship or two. If not, then kudos to the latecomers who have decided to focus on more important things like school and work or just haven't found the right person, which is fine.

It will happen when it happens, and it often happens when you least expect it. But I'm here to talk about why friendship is better than relationship in every way:

1. Friends are Loyal to the End

If you have a loyal boyfriend or girlfriend, that's fine, but friends, and I mean true friends, stay with you no matter how many relationships you have, and they won't judge you for it.

2. You don't have to impress your friends

When you are dating someone, you are constantly worried that you will not meet their expectations.

You become nervous and insecure and experience more heart palpitations than true pleasure. Friends are different.

You don't have to show your friends what car you drive, how many instruments you play, or how many relationships you've had. Everything platonic is already arranged for you.

3. You can talk to your friends with whoever you want

Let's say you are at a party with friends and start flirting with a random girl there. Your friend won't think so, but your partner may say otherwise.

Most likely, they will get angry and leave you in the act. That is, if you're not already cursed.

4. You can have more fun with your friends

You can go out with your friends and no one will sit at home or in your bedroom waiting for you to come home frowning.

5. You can talk to your friends about almost anything

Parting with a lover can also be very therapeutic for those who need someone to talk to, but I doubt you'll find the happy conversation you slept with last night.

That's why you need to talk about deeply moving topics like this with your friends so you can talk about what you've done and not keep it to yourself. This can help alleviate any guilt a person may feel.

In conclusion, if you want to be in a relationship, this is your choice, but make sure you have good friends to catch you when you fall.

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