Real pandemic versus staged pandemic

Real pandemic versus staged pandemic

translated by Corona Investigative

Features group 1 of a real pandemic:

  • In a real pandemic, many millions of people worldwide would die of a proven pathogen that causes disease. (See: footnote 1) 
  • A real pandemic is characterized by real sick people, in which the alleged contagious pathogens can be detected and it can be proven that people died because of these pathogens. (See: footnote 2) 
  • In a real pandemic, people from your immediate and wider environment would suffer or die. Suffering from a cough, a cold or a cold are not conditions that constitute a real pandemic. They are merely harmless symptoms that appear every year and for thousands of years again and again with the beginning of spring.
  • Doctors' surgeries would have to be full and the doctors in the hospitals would be totally overloaded. 

Features group 1 of a staged pandemic:

  • In a staged pandemic, we know from experience and observations during the last proclaimed pandemics that not one person dies from the claimed pathogen, but normal and natural deaths are made pandemic victims. 
  • Victims of accidents, cancer patients who have not undergone surgery, and patients who have died of liver failure, kidney failure, other diseases or even old age are included in the falsified statistics. 
  • Unsuitable, even unauthorized test methods are used to seal off tested people, for example, against an infection with corona viruses. One simply cheats. (See: footnote 3)
  • No respondent is able to say with certainty that people have actually died from the claimed pathogen, or possibly from the incorrect treatment by doctors or other causes.
  • The media assert dramatically and mostly with pictures without real context, victims and scenes that do not exist. (See: footnote 4) 
  • If you look at the official statistics, you would see that there is no excess mortality compared to other years. (See: footnote 5)
  • The medical practices and hospitals are empty. Emergency hospitals set up with taxpayers' money to pretend to the population that everything is being done to counter the danger are never occupied. 
  • There is less death than in normal times, because people go to the doctor less often. (See also here: footnote 5)

Features group 2 of a real pandemic:

  • After a thorough examination of the facts, the government is certain that the declaration of a pandemic was indeed necessary. 
  • All reports, are examined for their truth content and discussed with experts.
  • The files of the federal and state governments are available for inspection by everyone. 
  • It is strictly observed that none of the advisors of the crisis team has any financial or personal interest in the declaration of a pandemic. 
  • Everyone pulls together and does everything possible to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing fiasco of the swine and bird flu (which never existed). They are making sure that the interests of the WHO are not represented again, as in the fake pandemics of the past. Everything will be done to prevent the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates from filling their pockets at the expense of the citizens.

Features group 2 of a staged pandemic: 

  • The government is always informed before the pandemic is declared that a pandemic will be declared. This is a planned pandemic. The basis of the pandemic is not the pathogen, but the financial interests of certain groups. (See: footnote 6)
  • No facts are checked, but one simply follows what was previously agreed in the business game. (See also here: footnote 6)
  • Independent experts are not consulted and do not belong to the crisis team. One uses its "Amigos" and lets these, in regular intervals horror messages into the world set, in order to frighten the citizens. 
  • The media are fully in the hands of the pandemic makers and report only what they are allowed to report. The media have become pathetic vassals of the established.
  • The real experts are furious about the decreed nonsense and are immediately discredited, mocked and thus "coldcocked" by the press on behalf of the politicians.
  • So-called false experts appear on the scene, spread lies and perform conditioning persuasion. (See footnote 10)
  • In order to make the false pandemic a resounding success, lock-downs are staged, the same lies are repeated over and over again and an even more dangerous and gloomy future is promised. You lock up everyone, including the healthy and not just the sick. (See footnote 7)  
  • All measures are directed against the people and aim to satisfy the personal interests of the pandemic makers. The greed for even more money makes people forget everything else.
  • The local economy is destroyed. Global companies such as online mail order companies, financial investors, pharmaceutical giants and communication platforms earn many billions of dollars within a short period of time. (See footnote 11)
  • One promises "redemption". This redemption is generally characterized by the distribution of toxic, often fast-tracked but untested drugs and counterproductive vaccines.

Features group 3 of a real pandemic:

  • The crisis managers do everything possible to end the pandemic as early as possible. 
  • They "prescribe" meaningful, goal-oriented measures that are comprehensible for everyone.
  • One rejects everything that is pointless or even counterproductive. 
  • One uses medicines sparingly. One avoids creating fear in the population. 
  • One observes the course of the disease very closely and decides on the basis of the severity of the individual cases and the frequency of the observed symptoms. 
  • One keeps and publishes relative figures and honest statistics.

Features group 3 of a staged pandemic:  

  • One gives everything to keep the pandemic going. In the second step, the pandemic makers become pandemic feeders.
  • It is not crisis managers with specialist expertise who lead confidently through the pandemic, but only lackeys of big business without any specialist expertise. 
  • The rules and requirements are changed in a way that suits the pandemic-makers. 
  • The critical, freedom-loving people who fight for basic rights are called Nazis, virus deniers or conspiracy theorists. False figures are published, the power of the masses is astonished and the undesired influence of the people is played down. (See footnote 12)    
  • One does not shy away from any senseless and counterproductive measure. The main thing is that you can earn money with it. 
  • The politicians trample the basic rights of humans in these times with feet. The citizens feel like in a dictatorship. 
  • The politicians, the so-called self-proclaimed medical experts, the bought statisticians, the WHO and the pharmaceutical industry stick together and all pull together. 
  • An extremely large number of harmful drugs are prescribed and treatments are used, which are very often fatal, only to create victims who can then be blamed for the virus. The creators of the pandemic generate their own victims through inappropriate over-treatment, which would never have happened without the staged pandemic. 
  • One very often contradicts oneself, since one is completely overtaxed to have to lie permanently. One "lashes out" desperately because one notices that one has been exposed. The contradictory statements of the ringleaders bear witness to this. 
  • One publishes only "adapted" and often even wrong statistics. One avoids relative numbers, and publishes and claims only absolute numbers. All just to keep up the fraud as long as possible. (See footnote 13)
  • Many citizens have "smelled a rat", are dissatisfied with crisis management and are going to the barricades. One feels cheated. 
  • Most communication platforms are forced to censor private opinions and statements. Accounts are deleted without warning. (See footnote 14)

Features group 4 of a real pandemic: 

  • The population is aware of the gravity of the situation. The impacts are getting closer and closer. Everyone is now afraid to die and is panicking. This leads to hamster purchases. Many wish they were far away. 
  • Detection tests are unnecessary, because everyone notices when they are sick.
  • The government intervenes and tries to calm down. They try to mitigate overreactions of the citizens with appropriate and empathetic measures. One is really trying and showing strength. 
  • Many citizens are proud of the government representatives and are helping to bring the pandemic to a rapid end. 
  • Everyone is allowed to speak their mind and is heard. The media are open to everything and report critically

Feature group 4 of a staged pandemic:

  • People no longer understand at all what is happening around them, because nothing seems to be dramatic at all. Nothing is different as usual. 
  • The people who have confidence in the government believe in the legality of the measures and are sure that politicians will do everything to protect them.
  • The people who have lost confidence in the government rebel, but find it very difficult to penetrate. The psychology of the masses is difficult to understand. (See footnote 8) 
  • It comes likewise to hamster purchases. This time they fight over toilet paper or ravioli in a can.
  • Previously innocent citizens become denunciators and even wear a mask in bed at night. 
  • One claims a non-existent excess mortality. In truth, however, only those who have died in the past die, or even fewer people than before.
  • One criticizes those who do not want to play along and have made the right decision. As an example I cite the smart Swedes. 
  • The makers of the pandemic are trying to buy whole countries as competitors and are even succeeding. Money makes almost everything possible. (See footnote 9) 
  • Many do not understand why people are no longer allowed to visit their relatives in old people's homes, why they are not allowed to travel and why governments are ruining the world economy. There are suicides because of loneliness. 
  • Two camps are created. Everyone is afraid. Most are afraid of the claimed deadly pathogen, even if it has never been proven. Others are afraid of the consequences of inappropriate measures. Many begin to ask critical questions and become outsiders. Critics go to demonstrations without mouth protection. 
  • The government does not try to reassure, but imposes penalties for not complying with nonsensical regulations. 
  • The pandemic makers stir up fear in the population and always preach the same thing until it has burned itself into the minds of those open to it. 
  • The politicians betray the people and behave abysmally selfish. The voice and the welfare of the citizen no longer counts. One counts on despair. It comes to coercive measures.
  • The decreed measures produce a great many deaths. The pathogen not one. 
  • The secret leaders of the world, the super rich and the pharmaceutical industry have taken control without the citizens noticing. 
  • The population finds itself in a dichotomy. Only a few still know who to believe and what is happening. The citizens have lost the overview. 
  • Anyone who believes in what the government is saying has learned nothing from the past. The criminal plan has worked.


1 Since there are no pathogens that cause disease, i.e. are contagious, there can be no real pandemic. To date, there has not been a real pandemic. Behind the "Spanish flu", from which many millions of people are said to have died, there was certainly no ominous pathogen (they did not talk about viruses in the modern sense of the word at that time), but most likely the insane multiple vaccinations given to the soldiers and of course the fact that the war had come to an end. Millions of fear of death conflicts (GNM - German New Medicine - Dr. Hamer) were solved almost simultaneously. The helplessness of the medical profession led to the fact that the deaths were attributed to an invented pathogen. The same happened with swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, EBOLA, AIDS, ZIKA, MASTERS and many others. 

2 The proof should be analogous to the four Henle-Koch postulates. See article: "Myth disproved! The Henle-Koch Postulates"

3 Here: The Drosten PCR test. Unsuitable, not validated, stigmatizing and fraudulent in its statement. See the article: "Of groundless virus claims, worthless corona tests and the unsuccessful search for noble intentions. (Part 1 and 2)

4 Images of many coffins lined up side by side circulate on the Internet. It is said that this is the situation during Corona in Italy and warns the citizens. In truth, these are pictures of coffins that were prepared for the victims of the spectacular shipwreck off the island of Lampedusa. 

5 Today it is estimated that of all the deaths, around 30% worldwide are due to medical malpractice and the side effects of drugs. Overmedication, as is the case with SARS-CoVid19 , and the completely nonsensical and almost 40% fatal long-term forced respirations confirm this.

6 If facts had been checked in 2020, there should never have been a pandemic proclamation. So they were probably really just following a secret plan. See information about the business game "Event 201" initiated by Bill Gates which took place in Nov. 2019. The fiction of that time became reality in spring 2020. See the article: Event 201: Was the corona pandemic planned?

7 Currently, this is the second wave, which nobody can really claim, since there have been no comparable events in the past. Only connoisseurs of GNM can know, in contrast to orthodox medicine, that there will indeed be a second wave. Whenever many people in the collective, unpleasant situations or periods of time that have prevailed over several weeks or months, disappear, i.e. when these purely subjectively felt, conflictive events dissolve in pleasure, a biologically meaningful adaptation of the tissues and the psyche to this new phase of life takes place. In the conflict-active phase, in which one is not satisfied with one's existence, for example, many people fall into lethargy and are dissatisfied. In this phase the organism optimizes itself, i.e. it adapts itself. This usually takes place through the breakdown or build-up of tissues. Exactly this adaptation is reversed if a different life situation prevails. The prophecy of the pandemic makers that a "second wave" (my suggestion for the undefined year 2020) is rolling towards us is not based on these findings, but represents pure fear-mongering. The GNM findings can be used to explain, for example, why a "first cold wave" with a cold and cough must generally occur after the winter season or during carnival. The first sunrays of the year help many people out of the "winter blues". At the latest the fun that one experiences during the carnival also ends the last conflict event. Whoever turns this into a Corona pandemic is a fraud. 

8 All great statesmen, but also 20th century dictators, have studied the psychology of the masses and act accordingly. Whoever wants to move something will find that the masses, that is, the people, cannot be inspired or moved to do anything, neither with examples from history nor with clever sayings and logical proofs. Appeals to reason remain without effect and the laws of logic have no influence. Who wants to move something, must himself be inspired by the feelings of the masses, share them himself but also be able to change the feelings of the people. One has to be able to combine ideas or beliefs that are fundamentally contrary to each other. The best way to do this is with vivid pictures and writings. Because these have the power to neutralize the internalized false beliefs. The head is cleared for the apparent reason and one reflects again on made experiences. The makers of the Corona pandemic seem to have not only learned from the defeats of the past, but also understood the psychology of the masses, because they are on the best way to realize their perfidious plans. This is only possible if one understands how the masses "tick" and uses precisely that knowledge against them. But precisely in this looming success of the rotten criminals, lies the chance to suffocate them. Unfortunately, the "truths" of the pandemic makers are still recognized by far too few people today for what they are - as brazen lies. See the book: "The Psychology of the Masses" by Gustave Le Bon 

9 A very good example is the extremely high aid payments and debt relief due to the corona crisis that the IMF recently granted to the states. Strangely enough, only those countries that sell the fake pandemic as a reality in their own country were considered. Belarus was offered $92 million by the WHO if the restrictions were to be introduced, as in Italy. And later on he was offered almost 900 million dollars by the IMF. He received nothing because President Lukashenko, according to his own statements, refused to be bribed.

10 During the claimed Corona pandemic, it is once again precisely those experts who were already active in the past in the context of the staged swine flu and bird flu, and who at that time were already primarily distinguished by lie stories. Names such as Bill Gates, Prof. Drosten, Anthony Fauci and the epidemiologist and statistician Neil. M. Ferguson regularly turns out unpleasant at pandemic times. Organizations such as the WHO, the RKI, the CDC and especially the Johns Hopkins University play vicarious agents and are certainly not by chance always present and sometimes even responsible for the fraud. The press always played along. Pandemics with many millions of deaths were claimed at regular intervals. So far always without resounding success. In 2020, the strategy was changed and became downright dictatorial. 

11 The company Amazon, the world's largest retailer, Facebook with the highest number of users earns a golden nose in pandemic times. Financial investors are filling their pockets. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Marc Zuckerberg have already been able to have up to 50 billion dollars credited to their accounts thanks to the pandemic in 2020. The middle class is going down as planned. It is remarkable that hardly any resistance is sprouting up. 

12 Thus observed during and after the large demonstration on August 1, 2020 in Berlin. The estimated 70-100,000 demonstration participants on Aug. 1, 2020 in Berlin were unanimously and prayerfully estimated by the mainstream media to be 17-20,000 participants. 

 At the same time, the synchronized reporting turned peaceful people who demonstrated for their basic rights, their right to self-determination and freedom into Nazis, alu hat wearers, "covidiots" and criminals. 

The Berlin Senator of the Interior has just issued a decision to ban the "Querdenken - Demo in Berlin", which was approved for August 29, 2020. This decision makes it clear to even the last good faithful that the basic rights exist only on paper and that politicians and their background forces are thinking of replacing the system of democracy in the quiet chamber with a dictatorship. The reasoning that Nazis, virus deniers and conspiracy theorists should not be offered a platform and that it is only about people's health is far-fetched and seems rather ridiculous in view of the fact that counter-demonstrations are allowed, however. This gives hope that all is not yet lost.

13 The corona case numbers, which are expected to increase, illustrate this. Only the false-positive results generated by the unsuitable Drosten test and an increased test volume can increase the absolute numbers. However, the relative numbers show exactly the opposite. This is fraud. There is no pandemic and there never was a pandemic. 

14 In the Corona year 2020, this is indeed the usual practice used by Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. Facebook is one of the main beneficiaries of such crises, which answers the question of why. Many people are therefore turning to alternative communication platforms. The increase in the number of users during the current corona pandemic of currently uncensored platforms such as "Telegram" clearly proves this.

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