Rbrides.com review: can you really find a Russian mate there?

Rbrides.com review: can you really find a Russian mate there?

Latarsha C. Donnelly

Rbrides.com is a dating site where one can find a Russian bride. At least, it claims so. But what about male users’ results on a practice?

Rbrides exists since 2003 but it looks like the site of early 90s and like nothing has changed since. Zero design and primitive interface, low-quality photos of the girls – those are first things you can see when browsing the site. There are no success stories about any marriage or good matching, no articles or online discussions with helpful dating tips, so you feel like in a virtual desert. However, the database of girls is unexpectedly big so it makes you wonder about the rest.

Rbrides doesn’t provide the services we used to when it comes to dating sites, such as translation or organising the real-time meetings. But some men think it’s a good thing: Rbrides doesn’t commercialize relationships too much and doesn’t fool the male users for money. It’s only about true online dating. This site also doesn’t charge its members’ cards automatically, which is awesome. There are already too many victims of this cruel and unfair option on other dating sites and they never stop to complain. Moreover, no one is restricted to send his contact data in messages here. We bet you are already falling in love with Rbrides!

Together with a unique system of credits that allows to save the money and a low cost of services, it creates a pleasant and trustworthy impression. This system of credits also encourages a man to stay concentrated on one woman or several women as he pays 1 credit for contacting 1 lady and then can stay in touch with her without any limits. That’s an interesting strategy: one spends too much only if he’s a playboy! Or, if every girl he contacts doesn’t appear nice and reliable enough.

The only place where one can enjoy the diversity of Russian beauties is a big general video chat with random users. Another original option is quite ridiculous though: Rbrides offers to find a girl by a concrete date when you two want to meet. It’s not very logical considering that she is in Russia and you are in USA or another Western country!

Rbrides.com provides a long list of Frequently Asked Questions. Over 25 popular questions are answered and one can rely on this information. Particularly, the administration explains how to fill the profile correctly, how to pay, how to deactivate or reactivate the profile, how to ensure you will get replies from ladies, how to solve technical issues that may appear, and how to avoid the scam. Regarding the last two ones, the anti-scam policy on the site is super easy and effective: they simply delete the user you complained about! The reasons can be following: the girl has asked you for money or made too clear hints on expensive gifts she wants. One click – and she is out of the database. Let’s be fair though, it should be mentioned that female users’ profiles aren’t checked or verified during the registration at all. So it’s your own job to detect the scammer and report it. As to the technical problems, the site is surprisingly responsive and gets back to the client within 24 hours, usually even quicker.

As you can see, Rbrides has a lot of advantages especially if to compare it with other dating sites. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how the resource looks, it’s more important what it offers. And if you weren’t scared away by poor-quality photos of the girls, a bit of Soviet Union style, and (let’s be honest) ugly design, you may find a Russian girl in no time here, without any stress or wasting your money. Such results are actually nearly impossible on those hundreds of stylish and glamorous dating sites that please your eyes but empty your bank accounts and eventually break your heart.

At the same time, using Rbrides suggests that everything is totally in your hands. You define which girl is worthy of trust, you analyze your correspondence with her and all her photos trying to understand whether she is real or not, you fly to Russia at your own risk as this site doesn’t organize the meetings neither it guarantees a girl will show up; you solve the translation issues, and you take into account all nuances of Russian mentality while dating a girl in real-time. It may work or not work, but as a dating site, Rbrides.com does everything it can: it connects you with real female users in Russia. It’s not responsible for their intentions or actions so you have to be a kind of psychologist and try to master your own happiness. The site isn’t recommended to men with high aesthetic demands who search for elite top-models: they won’t be found here.

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