Ramp адрес

Ramp адрес

Ramp адрес

Ramp адрес

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RAMP, is a well-known market on the deep web. Operating since September it has already outlived its western rivals — Silk Road s and Agora along with many others. It is not quite clear how RAMP survived this long and there are some speculations regarding its longevity. Yet, despite one might say — in spite of everything — RAMP is still alive and kicking! So, unlike other marketplaces, it is not possible to say for sure how many listings or vendors there are on RAMP. What is known, however, is just the classic forum statistic — there are , members at the time of writing this short guide ; , posts within 9, threads; and approximately 42 posts are being posted each hour. So, it is really not an insignificant community…. Indeed, the RAMP website is just that — simple, yet not too much as you will notice yourself in a moment. The RAMP market accepts bitcoins and litecoins as payment methods, and since many transactions happen outside the website, most dealers accept the Russian payment service QIWI. Another important thing you should know is that any attempt at violence or political talk is not just frown upon on RAMP; it will result in immediate ban. So, keep your language clean! They have a market comparison chart so you can see how the markets are different and also it shows how many listings and how much drugs are on each site. In order to get access to the RAMP marketplace, you first need to ensure your security on the deep web, and for this, you will need to have at least 2 tools. Now, when filling in your personal info, it would be a good idea to have these points on your mind:. Certain RAMP vendors have their own threads within the forum, kind of like their own shops and you can simply post within their thread and the vendor will message you directly. This basically means that the payment is often done off site, which may sound somewhat alarming for those of you who are used to the escrow payment system. Many times the delivery is done in person — the item is left somewhere in the public place for the costumer to pick it up. You will find quite a range of items on the shelves; what you will NOT find however are weapons, child pornography, stolen credit cards and hacking services, counterfeit documents. So, RAMP is more or less a drug-related market, and what can be noticed is that there are more light-drug listings than opiates, which is a bit surprising considering the popularity of opiates on other markets. Regarding heroin, its quality ranges from medium to low, according to one of the customers. And these are the basics you need to know about RAMP. We feel it as our duty to warn people against any illegal activities conducted on any of the darknet markets. We have no intention with this article to encourage anyone to take actions that could result in their conflict with the law. The purpose of this article is strictly informational.

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Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)

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