Raincheck-Global loyalty & rewards points exchange aggregator on Stellar

Raincheck-Global loyalty & rewards points exchange aggregator on Stellar

🔊 Want to be able to transfer your existing reward/loyalty points into one digital unit that can be used at any scheme? How about accurately monitoring your points, with the flexibility of transferring them at any time, on a fast and secure network? RAIN Token will give you this power at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Built on the Stellar Blockchain your secure transactions will go through within seconds at the cost of one cent per 100,000 transactions, whereas Ethereum based projects still cost around $0.20-1.45 per transaction. RAIN Token is the seamless and inexpensive experience you’ve been waiting for.

🔹 Built by a team with diverse backgrounds in full stack software development, data/cyber security, global payments, retail, travel, finance and investment; Our two founders pioneered the internet in the early 90’s, founding several tech startups and have a combined 50+ years experience in the ICT sector. The RAIN Token team recognises the faults in current loyalty/rewards schemes and with their wealth of knowledge, and experience, have created a solution.

🔸 Plus, unlike some exchanges, RAIN Token has your back if you get stuck. A dedicated customer service team is available 24/7. No more submitting a support ticket and waiting 2 weeks to get an automated response.

🔹 The RAIN Token is all about simplifying the reward/loyalty point systems and giving power back to the consumer, allowing them to attain the best value - Creating opportunities for retailers, and customer, alike. Get in on this awesome project before it takes off.